Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022

Pros and Cons Reviews

7 Best Online Credit Card Processing 2022 (Pros and Cons Reviews) - Payment system changes as the time goes by. Nowadays, we are quite familiar with online credit card processing that allows us to pay without cash. This is actually helpful for both buyer and seller.

Moreover, if you just run a new business,online credit card processing for small business is all you need. There are many credit card processors that provide good service and features to help you dealing with this. However, finding the real best one is not that easy.

To begin with, it is necessary to find out what kind of business you are running. It is actually more about the services, features and processing fees.

Best Online Credit Card Processing 2022

For instance, small business and non-profit organization surely get different features with big business, and are also charged with different fees compared to big business. In other word, thinking about online credit card processing fees comparison is also needed.

Different Online Credit Card Processing for Different Purpose

Specific organization needs specific credit card processor. To find the suitable online credit card processing for suitable business is really important. With many choices out there, you surely do not want to be misled into the wrong one. Here we have several options for card processor based on some criteria.

Stripe for startups

Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: Stripe for startups
Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: Stripe for startups

The very first credit card processor is Stripe. This is known as the best processor for startup businesses. Stripe is available for both in-app purchase as well as websites. They offer many features including API which is easy to deal with. This processor also has good framework which is praised by many developers. Stripe provides good support for various sites such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Java and other.

Being good for startup, Stripe offers lowest pricing compared to the other online credit card processor. This is of course suitable for small business or new company. It is noted that Stripe charges only 2.9% plus $0.30 per swipe without monthly fee. 

Nevertheless, Stripe also comes with shortcoming. The fact that this online credit card processing is prone to fund and account freezes, you need to be aware of it. Furthermore, Stripe which is known as processing aggregator, they tend to be more aggressive especially in anti-fraud department. It means they will flag purchases. Not to mention the absence of phone support that makes it almost impossible to get immediate assistance for client’s account.

Payment Depot

Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: Payment Depot
Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: Payment Depot

If you are running a big business and need online credit card processing with high volume, Payment Depot should be taken into account. This is popular as wholesale processor which is more affordable compared to others. Payment Depot is designed for large sales volume for internet. They charge flat fee which ranges from $0.05 to $0.25 for each transaction. This is surely good amount for website transaction more than $3,000 each month.

PaymentDepot offers different membership levels ranging including basic, most popular, best value and premier. Different membership type charges different monthly fee with basic type as the lowest.

The minimum processing limit is $20,000 for basic and unlimited for premier. To get the features, you need to sign up for membership. For premier members, the ultimate feature is the access to representative of dedicated account. Once your account is frozen, you can bring it back by contacting dedicated account. Therefore, big loss due to credit card payment problem can be avoided.


Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: PayPal
Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: PayPal

Who does not know PayPal? This most popular online credit card processing is used almost anywhere around the world. What makes it become people’s favorite is none other than the simple and low pricing and easy to set up.

The most important, PayPal does not need high skill of technology. To experience best features of PayPal, signup is needed. You do not need to worry since membership does not charge any fee. However, if you want to customize the account such as building custom checkout, you have to pay $30 each month.

Shortly, PayPal comes with strength and weakness. The fact that you do not want to code any checkout on website, this credit card processor is recommended.

Nevertheless, PayPal also comes with some weaknesses. If you want to keep your customers on their site during entire checkout, PayPal is not really good.


Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: CDGcommerce
Best Online Credit Card Processors 2022: CDGcommerce

CDGcommerce is known as the best online credit card processing for nonprofits. Unlike the other processor, they work with nonprofits and charities. CDGcommerce will also work with your organizations develop pricing plan that fits you best.

Good thing of this online credit card processing is the transparent version that is beneficial for most websites. For qualified transaction, you need to pay 1.95% plus $0.30. Meanwhile, 2.95% plus $0.30 fee will be charged for non-qualified transaction.

CDGcommerce includes premium, corporate and national cards. If you are nonprofit organization that wants to dedicate to customer service, this processor is quite recommended. However, in the event you organize charities and nonprofits with fixed pricing, CDGcommerce is not really good to choose.

Take a Look at Online Credit Card Processing Fee Comparison

Online credit card processing costs more significantly compared to offline. The reason is because the higher possibility of fraud. Someone who steals a credit card tend to use it online rather than directly in store. This fraud is in fact rising recently.

When we are talking about processing fee, we are also talking about the estimated cost of processing transaction of each credit card processor. Here is the estimated monthly fee of processing $10,000 with average transaction size $100.

There are Stripe, PayPal and Square which are in high position of $320. Meanwhile, Payment Depot and CDGcommerce are in the position of $235. We can see some variation in the case of monthly cost.

To sum up, various kinds of online credit card processing allows the organizations or companies to opt for the best and the most suitable one for the business. Before deciding, it is recommended to compare the services and features as well as processing fee of each processor. Choose one that matches your business volume and purpose of your business

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