Best Texting Apps and SMS Apps for Android
Best Texting Apps and SMS Apps for Android

Best Texting Apps and SMS Apps for Android

Texting or sending messages to friends has always been boring for Android users. A lot of users are already accustomed to the boring interface which comes with texting apps. But what if there was a way to change all that?

External apps are the perfect solution! Today, a lot of Android users have abandoned pre-installed messaging apps. This they have done in favor of external ones.

Why Should You Download External Texting Apps?

When talking about texting applications, one question pops up always. Why abandon the pre-installed app for external ones? Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you are big on texting, you would definitely want to enjoy an amazing texting experience. But how can you do this if you relate with the same interface every day? It's almost impossible.

This is why external apps are so sought after. They provide you with an improved texting experience and you can text your loved ones all day long. You can do this without getting bored.

External texting or SMS Apps come with customization features. Thus, you can change your interface with ease and make the texting process more fun. Imagine having your favorite superhero or movie star as your wallpaper. Amazing, right? Well, these apps give you the opportunity to customize your themes. You even get to use any wallpaper of your choice. You can as well create customized stickers and send to your contacts and close friends.

Why you should consider downloading external apps is because of the wide range of texting options they offer. Most pre-installed texting apps on Android smartphones are quite boring. They only offer a limited number of options. As a matter of fact, most of them offer only options such as sending texts, emojis and in rare cases, pictures.

What are the Best Texting Apps and SMS Apps for Android?

Have you finally decided to download a texting app? Congratulations! But, this is only the first phase. Android users who have made the decision to download an external texting app are immediately faced with the task of choosing an app.

If you belong to this category, it is important to note that there are tons of apps for texting out there. As such, making a decision could be tricky and difficult. But not to worry! Here is a list of the best texting apps which you can choose from:

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS
Chomp SMS

Are you a lover of customized themes and wallpapers? Then this texting application is for you. Chomp SMS is one of the best texting applications out there. For starters, it is completely free. You do not have to spend a dime on downloading this app. All you have to do is visit Google PlayStore, search for it and voila! You can download this app within minutes. Take note that there are few in-app purchases. Some features and options are premium. As such, you may need to pay before you can use them.

Another advantage of Chomp SMS is the wide range of customization features it offers. With this texting application, you can choose from a variety of themes and wallpapers. You could create your own unique wallpaper too.

With Chomp SMS, messages pop up on your screen and you can reply them through the notification bar. In the same vein, you can block certain contacts from sending you messages.

Ever since its launch, Chomp SMS has evolved with new updates to suit new Android versions. Currently, you can send multimedia messages as well as group texts with this Chomp SMS.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS
Textra SMS

Textra SMS became rated as one of the best and most sought after texting apps for Android users. This is because this application lets you do about everything. For people who love customized themes, this app would fulfill all your needs.

For starters, it comes with a theme picker. This means that you can switch themes and wallpapers with so much ease. It comes with options for users to switch from the normal interface to dark mode. Thus, if you aren't comfortable with the bright custom theme, you can switch to a darker night mode with no stress. Fantastic, right?

Textra SMS is user-friendly and as stated earlier, you can change any feature to suit your taste. When using this application, you can either choose to increase or decrease the font size. For users who love to create special notifications for their loved ones, you can do this on Textra SMS. Here, you could change the notification icon for your special contacts and loved ones.

Another advantage of this application is that it comes with text delivery reports. Thus, you can get notified when the recipient gets your message. In the same vein, pictures are automatically saved to your gallery once you receive them.

With Textra SMS, you get to transform your texting experience with floating notifications. Watch your screen come alive with notifications floating across it.

While this texting application has a lot of advantages, the best part is that it is completely free. But you would need to make in-app purchases of $2.99 to get the Pro version. For users who want to get the most out of Textra SMS, take this piece of advice. Get the Pro version as it offers a wider range of features and texting options.

Google Messages

Google Messages
Google Messages

Do you love an organized and uncluttered interface? Then Google messages was created for you. This texting application comes with a clean and friendly interface. It offers users the opportunity to organize their mobile view. Google messages also offers basic customization tools. Thus, you change the themes to suit your tastes and needs.

For users who love to create a colorful and engaging texting experience, you're in luck. This application comes with a wide range of new emojis and stickers. It also allows you to search for previous messages and contacts. It can be difficult to locate them at times.

Google Messages is very ideal for people who are away from their mobile phones during work hours. With this application, you can still text friends and loved ones even while you're at work. All you have to do is to connect the application to your computer or tablet. In no time, begin to enjoy swift texting with your contacts.

This application's advantage over others is its ease of use and organized interface. For users who want a swift, user-friendly and organized application, this is the go-to app for you.

Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS is a new texting application gradually gaining popularity among Android users. It is better than any pre-installed texting app. This is because it gives users the opportunity to customize notifications to taste. For starters, you could download themes and apply them. Apart from notifications and themes, you could also customize every aspect of the app.

In the same vein, Evolve SMS also lets users send and receive GIFs and videos while texting. So you can enjoy a new and engaging texting experience with this application.

While texting, it is important to safeguard your private information and chat history. Evolve SMS helps you guard your private texts by providing security measures. When using this application, you can secure your messages by locking them with a password.

Finally, this texting application is in great demand because of its backup options. With this, users can always keep their text messages in case of phone theft, loss or damage. While you can't get the application on the Google Playstore any longer, a clean Google search will reveal websites that still have its apk files up for download.

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS
Pulse SMS

At first glance, Pulse SMS could pass for the regular pre-installed texting app. Yet, this application is way better when you take a closer look. It comes with unique features that will spark your texting experience.

For starters, users of Pulse SMS can block or blacklist any phone number of their choice as fast as they can. You can back up important messages for a very long time with the application's backup options.

Pulse SMS is completely free. But, it comes with several in-app purchases. For example, to use the application on PCs and tablets, users would have to buy the feature at a certain price.

How to Change Your Text Messaging App

If you have not downloaded any external texting app, the pre-installed application would serve as the default SMS app. But if you have selected and downloaded a texting app of your choice, you will need to make it your default app.

In some smartphones, a notification will pop up right after installation. It asks if you want to make the application your default texting app. You can then make it your default app by clicking on "Yes".

But if this notification does not pop up, then you'd need to set it up by yourself.

To do this, visit your phone settings and search for default SMS app. Once you have located this feature, you can then switch to the texting app which you have downloaded.

Conclusion of Best Texting Apps for Android

Every smartphone comes with a pre-installed texting application. But if you need an app with more features and customization options, then you can download an external texting app.

We hope you enjoyed our piece on best texting and SMS apps for Android devices. Kindly leave us your thoughts in the comments section so we can read from you. Also, help us spread word on social media by clicking the Share buttons on this post.

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