Email Rich People for Money 2019
Email Rich People for Money 2019

Email Rich People for Money 2019

Billionaire Contact List

Email Rich People for Money 2019 - You might be shocked to realize that there are loads of rich folks out there who are willing to spend out of their fortune to help out those who really need it. We have people who look help people out of their enormous wealth. As a matter of fact, a lot of people really on these philanthropic act to survive.

Why Email Rich People for Money 2019?

Why Emailing Rich People for Cash
Why Emailing Rich People for Cash

Rich folks often give out money and donate to people in different ways. Some make use of fundraisers to give out cash or some like to organize some sort of events to raise awareness for their donations. Donations also can be in different forms, from goods and materials given to communities and societies to sponsorship in the form of scholarships and grants. With this knowledge of generosity from rich folks in mind, people are tempted to seek assistance from people who are willing to help. They go about this in different ways, there are some who would result to sending emails to these rich folks asking for money.

Sending out emails isn’t totally a bad idea when you are genuinely in need of help and you know people who are available and genuinely ready to help out. It is alright to seek such help. That said, there are points you need to consider and pay close attention to when sending out these emails seeking for help.

One of the most important thing to look out for is to be sure that these emails represent the message you are looking to pass and get the attention of the intended recipient. You do not have a 100 percent guarantee that the person would get to read your emails. However the point I am about to discuss below might help in conveying your messages in a more effective and efficient manner.

Tips on How to Email Millionaires for Money

Sending emails to rich folks cannot be composed haphazardly and sent in a hurry, this can be a very terrible decision. Before sending emails you take time and focus on the following below;

Goodness and affection

First thing first, ensure that you have good intentions. This I consider to be the most important thing to look out for when thinking of sending out emails. Your emails must clearly state that you are really in need of the said assistance and you would be an ideal person to receive such generous donation. It is of no use indicating in your email that you need funds to get a sports car. You must have good intention and these intention must be clearly stated and be convincing enough to get the reader to be willing to part away with his money.

Honesty andWorthiness

Honesty is an important trait that you shouldn’t take lightly, this means that telling lies in your email is totally out of the question. It is possible that you may face the temptation to exaggerate your story and sound pitiable, I would strongly kick against this, as this isn’t such a good idea. You cannot get rich folks by telling sad stories, this is the main reason why you need to be direct and honest when dealing with them.

Clear and Smooth Writting

After stating your intent and making your request clear, the next stage involves preparing your email. Sending mails for rich folks you need to be clear and go right to the crux of the matter. This is an email and not an article as such keep it simple and go straight to the point. Avoid writing long epistles, just ensure your sentences are clear and concise. Make sure you do not leave any important information behind. Your email should be present in this format, a brief description of yourself, without leaving out any important information. As a guide, it is important you go with introduction, main body and conclusion as a standard format when writing your email.

Manner and Politeness

To be polite is very important even though you are writing an official email; you should sound as polite as possible. Your email should be written with the right grammar and diction, ensure you leave out all the ambiguities in the mail. It is very important that you show your gratitude at the end of your message whether or not you receive a response. You should always say thank you, at least they have taken the time out to read your message.

Always as the First Person

When writing your email you should adopt the first-person perception. It is important you follow this format so you can properly articulate your reason for sending this email, you should also employ a story format so it can be interesting to read.

Good subject

One of the first things that you should take care of when writing a good email is the subject of the mail. The subject of your email should not be very direct and rude. It is never a good idea to go with statements like “you are the only one to help me”, or “I am in need of your help”, and “please give me money as soon as possible”. Not only in the subjects should you avoid these messages but also in the content of your email. It is always good to go for a polite approach to convey your message across.

Proofread as the Rich Reader

As soon as you complete typing your message, you should endeavor to go through them thoroughly. It is never a good idea to send an email to rich folks without ever looking through them for a second time. You should always try and check, cross check and recheck your message before hitting the send button. Ensure you do not leave any stones unturned, and correct all mistakes. it might also be a good idea to give your email to friends to cross check and vet to ensure that there are no errors. It is always helpful to get another perspective just to be sure that you have covered all grounds.

You need to take all the points we have explained above into consideration. However, there is no guarantee that they will read your messages or give you the prompt response you need. That said, these points are useful to getting a better understanding and conveying your message in a clear concise manner.

Some Billionaire Contact List




Bernard Arnault

Mr. Arnault's company website with full details

Paris, France

Larry Ellison

Mr. Ellison's infamous Oracle Corporation

Woodside, California, U.S.

Warren Buffett

Mr. Buffet's program for grants

Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Jeff Bezos

Mr. Bezos's investment company

Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

Bill Gates

Mr. Gates 's personal blog

Medina, Washington, U.S.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Zuckerberg's fan page with tons of fan. The page is on the legendary social platform Facebook created, run, and controlled by the mastermind Zuckerberg himself

Palo Alto, California, U.S.

People Who Give Money Away Online List

After considering these points, the next step would be to look for those who might be willing to help. It makes no sense writing an email with no intended recipient. If you already have a recipient in mind, you'll need their email address so you can send your message across. Let’s take a look of some of the world’s billionaires famous for their philanthropic efforts.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet Money Email Request
Warren Buffet Money Email Request

Top on this list is Warren Buffet. Warren is the Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway. This company is known to give out loads of cash in help promote philanthropic cause. Buffet says that he would donate a certain percentage of his shares in Berkshire a decade after settling his estate. In addition, Buffet has also established the Giving Pledge social organization. This is just one of Buffet organizations; aside giving Buffet also encourages his friends to do same.

Bill Gates

Email Bill Gates for Money
Email Bill Gates for Money

Bill and his wife, Melinda are one of the most active philanthropists ever to grace planet earth. They do their charity activities through their foundation, the Melinda Gate Foundation.

Mark Zuckerberg

Email Mark Zuckerberg to Ask for Money Help
Email Mark Zuckerberg to Ask for Money Help

Facebook CEO, Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan also partake in philanthropic donations and causes. Mark has even indicated that he intends to give over 90% of his wealth to charity.

Chuck Feeney

Email for Money to Chuck Feeney
Email for Money to Chuck Feeney

Chuck is a famous philanthropist. He is a go-to guy if you are searching for those to send an email to ask for help. For Feeney, helping the needy is a thing of joy. He says that as long as he is alive he intends to keep doing that. He says philanthropy is a way to show how grateful he is for his life.

Tim Cook

Money Request to Tim Cook
Money Request to Tim Cook

Just like Mark and Bill, Tim is another tech icon that has decided to help the poor from his enormous wealth. For those who don’t know, Tim is the CEO of Apple. He has donated generously to so many charities and foundations. Tim has also indicated a willingness to share his fortune with several charities all over the world.

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