200+ Free Minecraft Accounts List August 2019
200+ Free Minecraft Accounts List August 2019

200+ Free Minecraft Accounts List August 2019

200+ Free Minecraft Accounts List August 2019 - Every year, a new game is released that takes the attention of everyone. One of these games in Minecraft which got so popular that the game developed a whole fandom. There is merchandise sold for the game and the game even has its own language. Fans of this game are everywhere, belonging to different age groups.

Minecraft is a really popular game since it offers great experience to the players. Players can use their imagination to make new things and just indulge in their own world on the screen. There are various features and models of the game. Since its initial release, it has a gotten many updates. This game is available for your computer, tablets and phones so you can enjoy it even on the go. IN 2017, Minecraft was the bestselling video game which shows that it was quite popular. To play Minecraft, the users need to have an account.

Why Would you Need a Free Minecraft Account?

Making an account on Minecraft and playing the game is already free so why would you need a free account? Actually, there is a premium version of the game. It has enhanced features and if you want to access that account, you need to pay.

However, there are also ways to get free Minecraft account to play in Premium versions. Minecraft is played by all kinds of players around the world including children. They cannot pay the cost for these accounts so they go for free accounts instead.

Features of Minecraft Accounts for Free 08 2019

Playing Minecraft requires a lot of creativity. You have to be creative and make new things from the raw material that you mine in the game. Along with that, you have to interact with other players in the game and make everything more exciting. There are different modes in the game and one of them is the Spectator Mode. In this mode, you can just walk around and look at the buildings that other players have made in the game.

There are many other features of the game too. These include:

· Custom skin: This feature helps you to customize the skin for your character

· New Character: This feature brings more characters in the game that you can choose

· You will be able to save the game anywhere

· You can access other modes

How to Get Free Minecraft Accounts 2019

However, you cannot access these features if you do not have the premium account. For that, you have to pay $26 for one time. If you cannot pay that much, you can go for the Free Minecraft account option.

Migrating to Mojang Account

Migratingto Mojang Account
Migratingto Mojang Account

This is considered a great way to have access to the premium features. There are so many players who have gotten more features with this method. This process makes it easier for you to access the game and play it. To migrate your account from Minecraft to Mojang Account, follow the steps given below:

· First of all , go to this link on your browser.

· Then, you will see a page where you have to enter details like your email and password.

· Also, enter your username and then pass the robot verification on the website.

· Tick the box which says accept terms and conditions.

· Once you have confirmed that the information is correct, you can click on Migrate Account to make the migration.

· This will lead you to the next page where you have to give verification.

· A verification code will be sent to your email address. Write that 4 digital code in the box and click on Verify.

· Your free account will be migrated .

Using this account, you will be able to gain access to the paid things without having to pay for them. When you play with this account, you can access different features that are offered in the game.



If you want to get free Minecraft account, there are different websites that you can get it from. One of these websites is MCleaks where you can get a free account for yourself. With this account, you will be able to enjoy many features.

· You will have unlimited alts in the game

· You will be able to preview your skin

· The account is very easy to use with the official service

· It is working 100% and many players have used it in the past

To get your account, you have to complete the captcha first and then head over to the next page. For using the account, you will need authentication. Just write in your username and you will see the alt token. A new account is generated every 60 seconds.

MC Premium

MC Premium
MC Premium

Another way for you to get a free account is from this website. They have not partnered with Mojang or Minecraft. When you enter the website, you will see visuals from the game. With the free account, you will be able to enjoy all of these features in your daily play.

Read the terms of service before you get a free account from the website. It will take just a few seconds to get the Minecraft Login credentials. The best part is that you do not have to pay even a penny for it.

Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels
Telegram Channels

There are a lot of crazy fans of this game out there and they are ready to welcome everyone to the fandom. On the Internet, there are certain telegram channels where Minecraft queries are discussed . Fans talk about their love for the game and all the new features. From these Telegram channels, you can actually get free Minecraft accounts from the players.

Free Account with Nulled.to

FreeAccount with  Nulled .to
FreeAccount with Nulled .to

There are also methods to get a free Minecraft account that do not involve migrating. One of these methods is to use Nulled.to from where you can get a free account. To start this process, you have to go to Nulled.to. Here, you have to make an account with your email address and set a username. If you do not want to use your original email address, you can make one just for the game.

· After that, find the Gaming Menu on the home page.

· Select Other Games from the menu.

· There are different games on this list. You have to select Minecraft version that you want and then click on it.

· On the next page, you will see a whole list of Minecraft accounts.

· Some of these accounts may not even work so you have to give them all a try.

· If you are lucky, you will soon be able to find an account that works.

· Once you have found an account that works, you can go to the Profile Name option.

· Here, create your new profile and start playing the game in Premium version.

Minecraft Account Generator

If migration does not work for you, you can generate accounts. These accounts are generator by online websites and you can just use this information for playing. There are some old accounts too. On the website, you will see the email, username and password for the account. Just copy this and you are good to go.

Generate Alts

Generate Alts
Generate Alts

You can easily generate alts from this website. The owner says that their website is not like others and the accounts generated by it are different from others. They check every account before generation so that you do not waste your time

· The format is simple so you can use any password

· The accounts are checked

· You will not run into dead alts any more

· You will not have to be frustrated by majong blocks

· The only downside to this website is that it is only available for Windows and does not create accounts for Mac or Linux.

With this free account, you will get unlimited alts. You can generate as many alts a day as you want. Also, you will get alt information like the capes, username and skin. If you are a premium user, you can choose 10 alts as your favorite. These alts will not expire. The website has support at all times so you can contact them for assistance if you have a query. Also, if you are a premium user at the site, you can keep 10 alts private. These alts will not be generated for anyone else.

Using Free Minecraft Accounts

When you use these Free Minecraft accounts, you might face dead ends too. As we have already mentioned, you need to try multiple accounts to find the one that actually works. Some of them work while others might not. This is because many users might be using it at the same time.

If you do not want to have this problem, you can just go to the Minecraft site and register legally for an account. However, if you do not want to pay, there are multiple methods that we have discussed above. You can either generate an account from the websites mentioned above or migrate your account. Once you have a Free Minecraft Account, you can enjoy all the features that you see in the YouTube videos of the game.

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