How to change your Minecraft Name
How to change your Minecraft Name

How to change your Minecraft Name

There was a time when Minecraft users could not change their username. Really, yes. Believe me. During those times, if you had a bad sounding name, the kind you thought of in a hurry, you get stuck with it forever.

But since 2015 all of that changed and users can now change their user names using Mojang. I know, you would rather you could change it in Minecraft itself, yeah? But, no worries. We have outlined clear and detailed step-by-step instructions to follow to make changing your Minecraft name on Mojang an easy process.

Username/ Profile name Change Rules

it is vital that you are aware of the rules surrounding changing your username on Minecraft. As these rules apply to all Minecraft account.

So, here are the rules involved in username change on Minecraft.

· If you created an account within the last 30 days, you are not allowed to change your Minecraft name. So, you have to wait until over 30 days.

· You can only change your name once every 30 days. So, every time you change your name, you have to wait another 30 days before you have permission to change it again.

· Your name change can only be to one that is not currently in use by another user. If the name is in use; well, you have to think of another one.

· Changing your in-game username is not the same as changing your Minecraft profile name.

Requirements in creating a username

Now, if you are about to brainstorm a new username, there are some specific requirements I think it is wise you know.

· Your username needs to have between 3 to 16 characters

· There should be no spaces in between the characters

· The allowed characters are the letters A- Z and numbers 0- 9

· The only special character allowed as part of a username is the underscore (_)

What if the name I want is not available?

What if the name you want is not available, what do you do? If that is the question that you have, well, here is the answer. Minecraft cannot have two users with the same, sadly. And if the name is not available it merely means someone else beat you to it.

So, go back to brainstorming a new name. And while at it, don't forget the requirements for a name as we stated earlier.

Don't bother, we believe in you. We have no doubt that you would think up another awesome name. Don't get discouraged, go for it.

Step by step Instructions to changing your Minecraft Username

By following these steps, using Mojang, you should be able to change your Minecraft name. Notice that we have clearly outlined the steps to follow, you would not miss a thing if you follow this.

Really, the process of a Minecraft name change isn't hard at all, once you know what to do. Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow to change your Minecraft name.

Step 1 : On your browser, go to the Mojang site. The Mojang official site is

Step 2: On the top-right hand side of the home page in the Mojang site, you will see the Account tab. Click on the Account tab.

Step 3: In the new page that comes up, you will find on the top-right side the log-in tab. Click on the Log-in tab.

Step 4: Now, in this step, you have to enter your login details into the fields as labeled. Enter your email address and password.

Step 5: When you have entered your login details as instructed, click on Login .

Step 6: When you have successfully logged in, now is the time to change your profile name. Look out for the section labeled Profile Name . This section is somewhere in the middle of the page.

Step 7: When you click on Profile Name, your current profile name will display. Along with a link to change. Click on the Change link.

Step 8: A field for your New Profile Name will appear. Type in the new profile name as you want it. Put the username that you want. Remember you don't have the luxury of changing username very often or as you like. So, think this one out well.

Step 9: To the right of the New Profile Name, there is a button to check availability. If the name is available, the button will turn green with the message "username is available." But, if the username is not available for use, it will turn red. And a message "username in use" will appear. If this happens, then you have to think up a new username, sadly.

Step 10: Once your username gets cleared for use on Minecraft, it is time to lock it in. To do this, you need to enter your password. Enter your password in the indicated field to confirm the changes to your account.

Step 11: When you have entered your password, look out for a button labeled Change Name below. Click on the Change Name button.

What happens to my old username?

Well, after you make a name change, you now have a new username. However, your old username gets held for 37 days before it is finally made available for another user who wants to use it. The reason your old username gets held on that long is:

· If the change in username was a mistake

· If you change your mind and prefer your old username back

Whatever the reason for a change in name, 37 days is enough time to decide if you want a reversal. Isn't it?

Error message after a successful username change - what to do?

Usually, after following the outlined steps, you may get an error message saying "not authenticated with"

Well, do not panic. All you need to do is fully log out and log back it. Doing this refreshes your profile authentication. It also refreshes the connection to the servers.

To Log out and log back in, follow these instructions.

1. In the Minecraft game launcher, click on your username or your email address. You would find this on the top-right hand corner.

2. Then, click on Log Out . By doing this, it logs you out successfully.

3. Click on Log in. Enter your account details.

If you follow these steps, you should have this error solved seamlessly.

Can I contact Mojang support service to help change my username?

Can I contact    Mojangsupport service  to help change my username?
Can I contact Mojang support service to help change my username?

Don't be lazy! The steps are not hard to follow. And we even outlined them so well and easily that if you follow it step-by-step, the whole process is like walking in a park. Simple.

Also, Mojang support service is not set up for change in username. So, do it yourself.

If someone got blocked on my server, do they stay blocked even if they change their name?

Well, a change in Minecraft name does not make them automatically angels. So, they stay blocked. Whether they changed their username or not. Except you decide to unblock them. In that case, it is all on you and none on the name.

So, they stay banned because the system uses profile unique ID and not the username.

However, only the scoreboard gets a little confused with a change in Minecraft username. This is because the scoreboard uses the username. Also, the scoreboard was never made to store lots and lots of player data long-term.

Well, before we leave you to be with all the knowledge about changing Minecraft profile name and more. Let us remind you of the awesomeness that is Minecraft. Even though we know you know. Isn't that why you are a Minecraft user?

Everyone is playing this game, or talking about the game or watching videos about the game and of people playing it. And, of course, there is that person who is doing all three. This 3D game is genuinely addictive. That is why its gaming community is so large, and it keeps selling so many copies of the game on multiple platforms. And it has many reasons to be so.

Minecraft is what we call a sandbox-style game. The game setting is an open world where characters roam, selecting tasks, and completing them. In this game, the player gets to construct buildings using textured cubes. All set in a 3D world. The game is so great as players have to continually stay creative at the same time, maintain their health and survival. Also, crafting their own weapon and armor.

And let's not forget Minecraft maps and how unique it gets. It is so unique their games have different locations for the components in them. No two game is the same when it comes to maps.

Then, Minecraft is one huge social tool. As it supports multiplayer mode. Also supports players sharing their maps and allows players to create maps also. Finally, this game is just about compatible with any device, imagine it, and you can bet it is compatible with it.

Minecraft is compatible with the following devices:

· PC - macOS, Windows, Linux

· Smartphone - iOS, Android

· Consoles - PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, New 3DS, Switch.

· Fire TV

· Kindle Fire

· Gear VR

Final words of How to Change your Minecraft Name

So, there you have it, Minecraft lovers. All the information you need to change your username on Minecraft.

Now, I have just one last advice for you - Be wise and choose an eye-catching name.

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