Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022

How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022 - Charity is an act of voluntarily giving people the help they need. The form of charity is typically in the form of financial assistance—means money. Well, this activity can be motivated by many things, mostly it involves around humanitarianism. In line with this, fundraising—for the charity itself is important for those nonprofit communities who gather the money.

For you who works for a nonprofit organizations, it must be rather devastating when the target of charity couldn’t meet the expectation. That being said, this article is written in purpose to help you as tohow to contact rich people for money.

First and foremost, as the title might be rather misleading, this tutorial is only recommended for social purposes. It is because, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to ask people for money just for the sake of personal purposes.

Also, you have to understand that in doing this, there are some manner aspects that you should pay attention to. Below are the steps on how to get rich people to give you money.

Why to Ask To Ask Rich People for Money Online 2022

Why? – Do you know what kind of disaster that does not happen to nature? Well, it is a personal financial crisis—it happens to you.

You lost your job, having an accident, or somehow and suddenly your house broke down. Thank God that you are living in a digital era; we can ask rich people for money online.

I can tell that there are a lot of millionaires who like to donate their wealth to people in need—of course, millionaires are rich.

Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022

1. Make your donor list

First thing first, make your donor list. You cannot expect yourself to have no list of the donors that you want to get because that way, it will be difficult for you later to organize them once you get the result.

So, the first step ofhow to contact rich people for moneyyou need to get done is listing the name of possible donors—the people you are asking for money in the name of charity or donation.

However, you can’t also blindly add their name to the list. There are things that you need to consider in listing them. For example, you might want to put those who have a history of doing charity in the top part of list since they most likely will do it again for the present charity.

In addition to this, spend some time to research on things that they are interested in. If the purpose of your donations brings good impacts to the things they are interested in, it is possible for them to donate a sum of money to your charity.

2. Dig your information

Dig your information
Dig your information

This step can be called as the latter part of the first step. If previously you only gather general information for the listing purpose, in the second one, you need to research on the donors more than before. An easy example for this step is by drafting the reason as to why they should contribute in charity as well as the contact or connection to them.

The latter is very much important since it will be kind of awkward if you don’t have any connection to them when asking for their money. Aside from digging the information of the other side, you are required to also dig the information regarding your community. This particular step ofhow to contact rich people for moneyis a good thing to do since more information means more preparation.

As a good illustration, let’s say that your community has done this activity on some other occasions. Now, with this kind of information, it will be easier for you to know which strategies are the best for your appeal later. Clearly, it also saves you some troubles.

3. Prepare your speech

The third step is to prepare your speech for when you get to meet the donors. Obviously, this can mean everything because yes, this step includes almost everything which becomes the key to this tutorial.

Therefore, to make it simpler, let’s list the things you need to pay attention to this part of the tutorial. In which, those are presenting your community and purposes, addressing their question and any reservation accurately in a respectful manner.

In presenting yourself, for those who are already familiar with community, they wouldn’t have many difficulties in understanding your position.

However for someone who doesn’t, then you must consider which material that you can use to help presenting your community well in front of them. The key in this is that you need them to know well about your community for you to also understand them better.

As for addressing their question and reservations, make sure that you answer their question in detail and addressing the reservation in a good manner. Make notes of everything that they are reluctant with and find the best alternative way of their concern.

Empathy is one of the most important aspects in this appealing step ofhow to contact rich people for money. Just as you need to bring out their empathy towards your community, you need to also use yours in addressing any of reservations.

4.Mind your manner and basic ethic

The fourth step of this tutorial is the last one. It goes without saying that this step is done once you get to meet your donors.

Together with all the previous research and preparation, which you did in the previous steps, this is the determination of all your effort. No, this is not at all exaggerating because manner is everything.

All those information and preparation will go to waste once you can’t keep your manner well. What is being said, wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable to donate your money to some rude person? The point is that they wouldn’t either feel comfortable to trust their money to someone who doesn’t represent themselves well. So, all of them have to complement each other.

Those are the steps onhow to contact rich people for money. Actually, this tutorial is not recommended and appropriate for charity only. As long as what you do is a social activity which brings the good cause to people, this tutorial can be your way to do the fundraising.

However, please keep in mind that not everyone might be able to contribute even if you have done these four steps well. You also need to note that everyone has their own reason for contributing or not, and you need to understand their reasons.

How To Ask Rich People for Money Online 2022

How To Ask Rich People for Money Online 2022
How To Ask Rich People for Money Online 2022

These people called philanthropist, it is a term for people who have an enormous amount of wealth and they like to donate their wealth.

And Thank God again, we live in a digital era where each part of the world is connected by internet. But, the question is, I’m undergoing personal financial crisis and how do I ask rich people for money online?

You are lucky, philanthropist is going online as well and you can ask them for money. It is not quite hard and not quite easy, but it’s worth to try.

For your information, this not only works for your own personal crisis. You can ask rich people for money online not only for that matter; but you can also ask them for business things.

Is that Possible How To Ask Rich People For Money Online

As we know that not of all people perhaps want to inform you about making online, because they actually have own privacy and sometimes it is related closely to competitors.

More people try the similar strategy means that will more competitors will be. But it doesn’t dismiss the possibility that there are still many kind people want to share their strategies for you as long as it brings benefits for them too.

Some rich people might make and share e-book at free or paid version, it doesn’t matter if you want to try buying it to improve your knowledge as long as it is on the budget and affordable enough.

Beside that, some popular sites also contain rich people who will be ready to give you money with certain and term conditions.

But you also needs to be careful because not of all people are kind. Some of them are fake people who pretend to be rich to cheat you.

So, make sure that you visit the right place / site and then if needed, browse the site reputation, is that safe for you?.

The user and customer reviews will lead you to know the truth. If you are invited to do illogical things, throw it away and leave.

That person might try beating you up. In the other hand, if you feel that you can everything they want, just do it as long as he/she promises to give you money as it told before.

Things You Need To Pay Attention To

There are plenty ways to ask rich people for money online. You need to choose the right way(s) that suits you or you can try all of them. These things are important to pay attention to:

– You need to be convincing, consistent, and well prepared.

– Be careful of fraud and make sure that the donation provider is trusted and genuine.

– Check the contact person of the websites.

– Never lose hopes.

The Procedures You Should Follow In Giving Away Money Websites

  1. Visit the website and create an account, mostly they don’t charge enlistment expense.
  2. Tell your story with a clarification of money related inconvenience. You need to tell it straight forward and make sure your story is relatable.
  3. Send the story to the website’s mediator or create a campaign.
  4. There will be advertisements posted in the site to advance the story.
  5. Donation will begin to be received once the story has been promoted; and you somehow you can win money instantly.
  6. These sites typically requires the requester to have a PayPal account previously for the cash exchange.

Sites Where You Can Ask Rich People For Money Online


Best for: individuals who undergoing personal financial crisis

Funding rules: –

Cost: Standard PayPal fees per transaction

This Websites provides help for people who undergoing financial problem. When you take a visit on the site, you probably think that it might be a scam because the design is noticeably outdated.

Well, the reason why they lack in design is because they make up for in no fees being taken out of your transaction when people donate to your cause; the only fees are only taken from your Paypal transaction.

Before you take further action on CyberBeg, you can take a look at the FAQ. Take a note of the points they mention.


Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: FundMyTravel
Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: FundMyTravel

Best for: individuals who need money to travel

Funding rules: –

Cost: free

FundMyTravel provides you to give your own platform for raising money. Mostly it is about people who want to study, intern, volunteer, or just travel abroad.

Just visit the website, they will welcome you with clear information about how they work. For your information, every one people donate, FundMyTravel takes a 5 percent cut; but do not worry, it’s free to create your account and share your campaign.

Boost Up

Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Boost Up
Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Boost Up

Best for: individuals who have long-term financial goals

Funding rules: –

Cost: free

BoostUp is a combination of donations and a saving account, as they help you with your long-term goals too. Before you start, you need to have a savings account in order to start a project with BoostUp.

Every one can donate, whether it is your friends or family and along with various brand partners the company works with. For example, for a limited time, they offered $1000 boost toward the purchase of a new car.


Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: GoFundMe
Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: GoFundMe

Best for: individuals

Funding rules: you can withdraw your money even if it is only partially funded

Cost: a 2.9 percent processing fee and 30 cents per donation

GoFundMe requires you to state your case and explain why you need donation. It can help you raise your money for just about any fundraising campaign and there are no deadlines or goal requirements.

No need to worry about how to share your campaign, GoFundMe is mobile-friendly and easy to share on social media.

This website will take a fee on per donation, which is 2.9 percent processing fee and 30 cents per donation. In case you want to know further about GoFundMe, you can visit the website and take a look at the FAQ.


Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Crowdfunder
Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Crowdfunder

Best for: small business that need capital

Funding rules: you need a term sheet and pitch deck

Cost: it’s subscription-based that starts at $299 a month

Are you starting a start up business or any kind of business? Well, Crowdfunder can be a helping hand for you and it is exactly what they do. But, make sure that your business ideas are fully planned with all of the necessary documents, such as a business plan.

Basically, they help connecting you to investors who are going to want to fully understand how your business is going to yield them a return that’s worth it for them.

If you want to know more about how Crowdfunder works, you can take a visit on their website.


Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Fundly
Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Fundly

Best for: anyone

Funding rules: you can withdraw your money even if it is only partially funded

Cost: Free to create and share your campaign, but they take a 4.9 percent fee from each donation, plus a credit card processing fee of 3 percent

Fundly provides you flexible ways to create your campaign and it is quite simple. If you want to know more about Fundly, take visit on their website and pay attention to the information they mention on their homepage.


Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Indiegogo
Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2022: Indiegogo

Best for:individuals and nonprofits

Funding rules: you can withdraw your money even if it is only partially funded

Cost: 5 percent fee

Indiegogo provides you with campaign to raise money. They also open provide campaign for entrepreneurs. Visit the website to understand and know more about what Indiegogo is.

There are a lot of sites out there which will help you to get money, not only those in the list.

Online Begging for Donation

Beside that you can also do begging for donation. This site is designed to make one people connect to others and ask for money online and even without any taxes.

Begslist is one of the most popular site to beg money online. This is a free online panhandling site which consists of variety of different categories that you can sort based on your request even it is like a social-media which allows you to share and to get the word out.

So how ask rich people for money online?. At first, you need to tell a real story about you. For example, “ Well, I’m having financial trouble and need some help”, allow me connect with your donors and tell them how you reached the point you’re at.

Lost a job? Had a baby? Or even medical bills?. Find a way to stay connected to people who are care about you and your needs as well. Be honest about with your recent condition and your aim as well although just paying the bills.

Beside of Begslist, you can also try another web to beg online known YouCaring. It helps you to find fundraisers with more than 5 photos collect twice as many donations.

You need to post a photo from many people who get benefits. Then, if needed, you can also post some pictures yourself at workplace or homes which will make your donors believe that you are a real person who needs their helps, especially their money.

Another Methods How To Ask Rich People for Money Online is by E-mailing

Websites are just one of the medium to as rich people for money online. You can also try another method, which is e-mailing certain people.

This is could be harder than websites, because you need to know about the person you ask for help—you need to know their profile.

It can be their life which include their profession, their life-style, their identity, and everything about them. Yep, it sounds more complicated, but this worth to try if you really need help.

Here is the challenge, most of millionaires are social media inactive. So, how it possible to find their profile? Here comes the internet.

Even though they do not have social media account, you will still able to find their profile on the internet or you can try find it on magazines or books.

Here is the biggest challenge, you have known their profile, then how do you get in touch with them? It is easy to say but hard to do, you need to get involved in their life-parts. Here are the things you need to know and possibly try:

E-mail them

After you having contact with them, take the chance to e-mail them. Whether you are offering a project proposal, ideas, or if you really desperate for help then go straight forward but that only works if you are already familiar with the person.

Work for them

In case you have a high self-esteem that makes you forbid the act of begging, just work for them. Wise man say and wise man have a name, it is Will Smith, “If you want to be rich, work!” That is the best you can do.

That is how we possibly as rich people for money. Whether you start campaigns, telling stories, or even e-mailing them it is your choice.

Choose your best and do not forget the things you need to pay attention to. You need to remember this and hold in your heart “tell the truth and be wise”.

It is okay to ask help if you cannot do anything and you have tried everything. Tell the truth, do not made up stories just for your own good.

As the fact,How To ask rich people for money online 2018 is possible and you can try it. It doesn’t have to be shameful if you don’t want it to be, after all.

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