How to download MP4 YouTube videos on a Mac

YouTube is a massive part of modern-day society, with people all around the globe regularly using the platform and finding themselves stuck down a YouTube wormhole. It's a platform that has well and truly made its mark, that's for sure.

The online video-sharing platform is loaded with content, from dancing cats to endless clips of your favourite soccer goals. There is quite literally everything on there and for practically every type of audience too. Gamers can watch the action from the latest Millionaire slots from Mansion in the United Kingdom, or the various accounts that specialize in Fortnite and Minecraft. Then there are cooking channels where you can learn about some of the best recipes from around the world, alongside other channels which millions of children around the world watch, enabling the birth of the 'YouTuber' tag. The content is endless.

There's a slight issue with YouTube, though, especially for Mac users - just how do you download MP4 YouTube videos on a Mac? It's been touched on how you can do it for Android here, and it is obviously possible on a Mac too. So, without further ado, here's a brief look at how to download MP4 videos on Mac.

How to convert YouTube videos to downloadable MP4 files for Mac

How to convert YouTube videos to downloadable MP4 files for Mac
How to convert YouTube videos to downloadable MP4 files for Mac

There is an abundance of websites you can use to help you achieve this, but a common one many Mac users go to is, although that can be hit and miss at times. Other popular choices have beenOnlineVideoConverter in the past but that is no longer in operation. Essentially, there are several choices out there. Google is your friend.

How to capture video from YouTube on a Mac

Taking a video straight from YouTube and onto your Mac has never been a problem, but it never comes with audio, which is obviously an issue. To avoid this, you need to access the screen-capture tools built in to macOS. It's slightly different for macOS Mojave, where users need to hit Command + Shift + 5 and then from there you'll then get taken to the screen-portion selector. From there, drag and drop to select the video and simply click the "Record selected portion button" tab which will then take you through to the next option, where you can simply click "Record". Then all you need to do is play the video you wish to capture, then once it has finished, click the stop button. Easy!

How tocapture video from YouTube on a Mac (Image via
How tocapture video from YouTube on a Mac (Image via

The best app for downloading videos from YouTube to your Mac

As always, there are plenty of options for this type of job. Probably the best of the lot, though, is Parallels Toolbox, especially in 2020. At the time of writing it costs $19.99 a year to get it but you certainly get what you pay for in terms of a reliable service and a smooth all-round process. Once you have installed the app on your device, open up the Toolbox by clicking on the Toolbox Menu bar icon. From there, you have the option of downloading the video and installing Toolbox's safari version. Obviously, if you're a Chrome user, ignore it.

Then, from there, follow these easy steps:

1) Copy the YouTube URL of the video you'd like

2) Open up Toolbox via the Menu bar

3) Download the video

4) This is when the safari plugin option will appear, but ignore that if you're a Chrome user by simply clicking cancel

5) Click the Settings icon for more options

6) Once there, options around video quality will appear, alongside file destination.

7) Finally, all you need to do paste the YouTube URL into the utility and then the download will begin.


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