How to get free Amazon Prime account 2021

The e-commerce technology based website known as Amazon has been so popular since quite some time now. So much so that the entire world is now familiar with this online store. With that said, Amazon still strives to improve its services and features to make it all the better to give its clients the best shopping experience.

Introduction to a Free Amazon Prime Account 2021

Amazon Prime is a service provided by Amazon that’s gaining speed that provides a whopping 2-day shipping to anyone who orders from it. Plus, this service also provides so many other perks and extras. An example here can be your own library in Kindle, their e-book service and Prime Video.

As you know, Amazon requires a payment of $119 annually for its membership. Keeping that in mind, it is tremendous news that free Amazon Prime accounts are there for you to claim! The question is: how do you get yours?

This alleged free Prime account lets you bask in the glory of all the extra perks and features of Amazon Prime without paying a dime. Knowing how great of the service Amazon Prime offers its members, it is no secret many people out there would love to get a free membership account.

Are you one to enjoy a free Prime account? Given that Black Friday has ended, there is no reason why you cannot still treat yourself to an offer worthy of a bargain. Keep reading to learn how to get an Amazon Prime account for free.

Benefits of Free Amazon Prime Account 2021

Benefits of Free Amazon Prime Account 2021
Benefits of Free Amazon Prime Account 2021

You ever think about why so many people are trying to get their hands on a free Amazon Prime account? The saying goes, if you get an opportunity, you better grab it with both hands. Amazon Prime was created with all the features that would make anybody do anything to get one.

Now, before we get any closer to you sealing the deal with Amazon Prime, we want you to know exactly what Amazon prime is. It is basically a paid service which charges $119 annually for its membership. This membership comes with a lot of perks. Let’s be honest, with $119 worth of money you’re entitled to exclusive deals that cannot be available to the average client.

What do these features entail, you ask? Why should you be getting yourself into this sweet deal of having a few Amazon Prime account? Check the reasons below to answer all your questions:

1. Offers free 2-day shipping:

A deal-breaker offer for all its members. It ships any item ordered from within the US within 2 days and for some lucky ZIP code havers, it even has same-day delivery! Perfect if you’re super impatient with your online purchase like the rest of us.

2. Prime Pantry:

If you have not heard about this, let us enlighten you to the possibilities. Prime Pantry offers its members exclusive

discounts on grocery, household and pet care products! All by ordering them from the comfort of your own home.

This membership allows you to be a little thrifty with your spending but keep in mind, Prime Pantry charges $4.99 in addition to your Prime membership. But, Amazon does not disappoint because when you are a member, you qualify for free shipping with any of your orders exceeding $40.

3. Deals and Discounts:

Prime offers exclusive, hard to beat discounts for baby registry. This includes you getting a 20% discount for baby products like diapers and other baby care. What is more is when you use your Rewards Visa Cards for your purchase of whole foods, you get a 5% cash refund! All this AND 2-day delivery in eligible cities? What a bargain!

4. Kindle First

A special treat for all book-lovers. This service from Amazon (provided you have a free Amazon Prime account) gives you early access to download new books every month for free! Can you even handle knowing that that new release is just a few steps away from being in your procession?

5. Entertainment

Amazon Prime is famous for its service of entertainment. This service is called Prime Video and it gives unlimited access to you to stream TV shows and even movies in the US.

Another entertainment service is Prime Music. Available for bringing you unlimited Prime playlists which have millions of songs.

These services aren’t all that are being offered. There’s:

· Prime Photos

· Thursday Night NFL games

· Free Games Twitch Prime

Methods to get free amazon prime account free 2021

Methods to get free amazon prime account free 2021
Methods to get free amazon prime account free 2021

So now that you know what bounty awaits you, let’s get in to how you can score a membership for yourself, absolutely free! There are so many ways to get a membership as Amazon itself gives people methods for how they can join. All that’s left for you is to simply take this up as the silver lining it is and get yourself an account. Here’s how:

30 day free trial

Like it says in the title, all you have to do is join Amazon’s free 30-day trial.

Remember though, after this allotted time (30 days) amazon will start to charge you $13 a month which will then add up to being $119 a year. Therefore, be sure to cancel your membership before that time ends.

But how do you get the free 30-day trial in the first place? You must know if you are eligible for the membership. When you do have a regular amazon account simply sign in and go to the Prime membership page.

When there, click the “start your 30-day free trial” button. If you are unable to see the button, make sure you’re logged in and are eligible for the Prime membership. When you see the “Get Started” button this means you now have your desired free 3-day trial. Remember to cancel it before the time runs out though. When you have concluded your account, you will have to wait for another trial from your account.

Prime Student with a 6-month free trial

Calling all students! Amazon has a special program just for you which includes a whopping 6-month trial. When you get this membership, you get a 50% discount on off of the Prime membership. This is truly a very nice deal for you to not miss when you gear up for your next school year. But how does this method work?

You need to check if you are eligible for it, first. To be eligible you need to be enrolled as a student in at least one educational institution in the US. This can be proven by your enrollment documents. You are also required to give an ‘.edu’ email address which will prove your identity as a student. If you qualify, just go to the Prime Student page.

From there, click on the ‘start your 6-month free trial’ button. When the trial ends, Amazon will charge you with $6.49/month which adds up to more than $60 a year. This way, you’ll get 50% discount on all Prime products and when the trial is coming to an end, instead of paying just cancel your trial.

Other Ways Getting Free Amazon Prime Accounts

Other Ways Getting Free Amazon Prime Accounts
Other Ways Getting Free Amazon Prime Accounts

As said before, there are so many ways one can get an Amazon Prime membership. But, the methods mentioned from here on out might not be as to the point as the ones mentioned before. You may need to take some measures before getting your free account.

An example here can be how you can use a different email ID to create a new Amazon account. What to keep in mind here is that this new ID should not have any information of any kind of payment or even a bank account.

The other way can be is by simply sharing. Did you know that Prime has a feature which allows its members to share their membership with their family? This family can include teens aged from 13-17 year olds and an adult. This method requires you to share the same confidential payment information so be sure to keep it with people you trust.

Plus, for the advantage of American Express cardholders, they can now take advantage of the 3-month Prime membership feature for new members. If you are one of these American Express cardholders and want to see if you are eligible for this feature, just sign in to your Amazon account and check the Amazon Prime page.

The benefits and features of Amazon Prime for Free

So. You’re well educated on all the ways to get your free Prime account by now. The first method, 30-day trial method is probably considered the best and easiest way to get your membership. Even if it offers a short-term solution.

On the other hand, Prime Student is also a very viable option for any and all students.

But, in all cases, the most important thing to remember is to cancel your subscription BEFORE it ends, $119/year.

How to Cancel your Free Trial from Amazon Prime

While we all agree that Amazon Prime is a highly versatile necessity to have in today’s day, some of us cannot afford to stick with it and start paying what it charges. Here, cancelling your free trial is the best option you have before you get charged with a hefty sum.

To do this, you must find your account’s username. It is mostly in the upper right corner of your screen. Hover over the name, enable the dropdown menu and select the ‘your prime membership’ option and click on that. This will lead you to a new page where the ‘cancel your membership’ option is available. Click on this and your membership is successfully cancelled!

Another way to end your trial is to go to the help page on Amazon and find ‘end membership’. Just click the button and your membership is over! So easy!

Now, there are no strings attached, you’re a free man and can do so as you please. Just without the membership of Amazon Prime.

So here you are: all the benefits, features and perks of not only getting an Amazon Prime account but having it free of charge!

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