How to Get Free Skins in CSGO 2023

by Karen Todd

How to Get Free Skins in CSGO 2023 - If you are into gaming, you are probably wondering how to get free skins CSGO 2023 method that would also improve your gaming enjoyment. After all, who wouldn’t love it when they can enjoy the game while improving the visual appeal (and also functionality) of the game itself?

About CSGO

How to Get Free Skins in CSGO 2023: About CSGO
How to Get Free Skins in CSGO 2023: About CSGO

Keep in mind that the name is actually CS:GO which short for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game was originally developed in 1999, introducing first person shooter with team based operation. The idea is to have two teams competing against one another in several rounds of game modes objective. The purpose? To win the rounds, naturally.

The CS:GO is the expansion of the original game, having new characters, maps, and weapons. You can also find classic maps such as Train, Nuke, Inferno, and others. In this new game, however, you will enjoy the game through various new gaming modes, such as Wingman, Flying Scotsman, or Arms Race. Online matchmaking as well as grouped competitive skills can also be found here.

About the Skin

Because CS:GO is basically a combat and fighting game, you will need to have the firearm or some sort of weapons, right? And that’s when the term skin started being introduced in this game. A skin is basically a finish, which refers to the visual design or cover of the weapon. Whether you have a knife or a gun or anything like it and you want to improve its visual appeal, then you will need the skin.

What is the function of the skin, anyway? Well, basically, it has zero function. Its only function is to make the weapon looks different and good. And keep in mind that the skin only affects the visuals, not the ability of the power itself. For example, the submachine P90 gun has the same function as the regular type even though it has Sand Spray or Leather skins. And that what creates the fuss over how to get free skins CSGO 2023 of the game.

Despite the regular and almost zero function of the skins, there are some interesting facts that you may want to know about them. First of all, the skins can be quite handy in terms of tactical benefits. Some skins can provide good camouflage benefits that will help you hide from your enemies’ sight. However, not all skins have this kind of advantages. Some of the skins have super silly and absurd design, pattern, color, and form. They will make your weapon different from the others, but let’s not forget that your enemies may be able to see those weapons of yours.

The skins are coming with different grades, which lead to its rarity and value. Covert or Gold are super rare when compared to those of consumer grade which is pretty common. Some skins are even coming with its own features or categories. For instance, the Souvenir skins are usually dropped during the tournaments while the StatTrack ones will ‘record’ the kills you have made with it.

Getting the Skins

One of the most common ways to get the skins is to buy them. You can also get a reward when you are playing the game – whether in the community or official servers. If you spend quite a lot of time playing the game, chances that you will be rewarded with it. You can also get the skin from the loot drops so expect yourself to be lucky while playing the game.

The Various Methods

If you think that you need to be tricky or cheating or probably doing something illegal just to know how to get free skins CSGO 2023, think again. There are always safer ways that won’t require you to violate the regulations or break the rules. If you want to get the skins for free, there are some possible alternative ways to try. Remember, in most cases, there are loopholes in any system. If you know it, that access can be your way into the system – no need to jailbreak or do anything illegal.

There are steps on how to get the free skins, even with every tradable items without worry. You won’t be required to gamble or risk anything. The methods are guaranteed to be 100% safe with also perfect success rate.

Going Idle in CSGO Servers

Going Idle in CSGO Servers
Going Idle in CSGO Servers

The first one to try is idling the CSGO servers. As the name suggests, you need to go idle on the CSGO game server. However, this one would be different from the regular idling servers where you ‘wait’ for the drops – these are pretty limited because it is only for every player in the weekly basis. So, how do you manage it?

  • You see, when you are on the server, you get points automatically. That’s what you are idling for. What should you do then? Nothing, really. Simply join the server and wait. You can still do other activities while waiting but keep the CSGO game minimized
  • When you join the server, you need to collect points. These points will be exchanged to COINBASE or OPSKINS – they are the places having limitless skin collections. Again, aside from staying idle in the server, you aren’t required to do anything else.
  • Keep in mind that you will get one point a minute if you stay idle.
  • Just make sure to minimize the game CSGO and do other things instead. While idling, you can wash your dishes, do the laundry, clean the room, or other stuff.
  • Here is how to join the server: Press ‘View’ and then choose ‘Servers’. Move forward with ‘Add a Server’ and then enter the IP. Click on the option ‘Add this address to favorite’
  • Once it is done, you will see the idle server displayed on the tab. Simply double click it to connect to it.

Going through with Videos and Surveys

If you want to know the fastest method on how to get free skins CSGO 2023, then you should take part in videos and surveys. The game administrator is now working together with 12 survey providers, and they are offering the users to take part in their activities. All you have to do is to complete the surveys and you can get the points to be exchanged with the skins.

What about the videos, then? They are also the same. You only need to watch the videos prompted by the providers – make sure to watch the videos till the end. And once you are done, you will be rewarded the points. As easy as that! For now, the providers are: Personaly, SuperRewards, TrialPay, Offer Toro, KiwiWall, MinuteStaff, SaySoRewards, AdscendMedia, PenutLabs, Wannads, AdgateRewards, and AdWorkMedia.

You can expect a faster result in collecting the points if you combine the first method (idling the servers) and the second one (watching videos and joining surveys). For some people, they can turn it into a part-time activity that can actually generate something worthy – the skins for your game.

Getting the Skins

Once you have collected the points and you know that you now already have enough, it is time to purchase the skins and make use of them.

  • Go to OPSkins and click the option ‘Withdraw’
  • You will have to fill in the numbers of points you want to exchange for the withdrawn money
  • Once you have it, simply choose the skins that you want. Voila! Your new skin is now ready!

Learning how to get free skins CSGO 2023 isn’t hard at all, is it?

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