How to Make Money from YouTube Without Uploading Videos 2023

by Karen Todd

How to Make Money from YouTube without Uploading Videos 2023 - Starting in 2014, YouTube became known by the wider community as one of the coolest video platforms, even until today. With the various developments, some creator content called YouTuber finally joined and competed to make video content that varies. Nowadays, YouTube has developed into a cool lifestyle to capture the moment with friends and family.

In addition to sharing moments, it also provides some sort of rewards for YouTuber that has lots of views and subscribers (the term for people who subscribe to YouTuber). The rewards are obtained through ads. Google ads will place ads on the video of YouTuber. The more ads you see, the more rewards you get.

This time, let's discuss how to make money from YouTube without uploading videos. Well, technically, you cannot make money without uploading videos. However, we are going to look for another workaround for that issue.

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Unfortunately, money has created a destructive effect to the creativity of YouTuber. Many YouTubers end up making videos at random just for the sake of making a lot of profit from ads that exist on video.

Finally, many low-quality videos, such as prank videos, reactions, and even reuploaders, spread wildly on YouTube. For that, it's a great idea if we can take advantage of the potential ads and money to make better changes to the video content.

The Best Ways to Make Money from YouTube without Uploading Videos 2023

This is the workaround we talked about earlier; how to make money making activities positive in the context of YouTube. Here are the ways.

Make Money From Youtube Being a reviewer on another platform

You just need to choose one or more creative YouTube account, and just review the video or account. Suppose you choose speech animation account. You can review how the animations in the video, how many views are achieved, where they get the source, etc. For the platform, you can use your website, blog, or Facebook page to type in your review. Many YouTubers hirereviewers as a tool for introspection of their own performance. This is perfect for those who are embarrassed to appear in front of camera.

Make Money From Youtube Being a reviewer on another platform

There are many sites that host video review services. You do not need to upload your video; just write and link from the video you review. The greater the impact it has on the reader, the greater the rewards you get. You can check these sites for how to make money from YouTube without uploading videos.

Make Money From Youtube With Promotional event

Exposure is the key to success of a YouTuber. No matter how good the video is, if they are unknown to people, then the result will be the same. You can use this as your advantage and contact some YouTubers that you think are less known. You can see it in the infographic section.

Make Money From Youtube With Promotional event

There will be how many subscribers they have or how many views in one video. You can do simple calculations and see how average views they get. If less than 1000 views, then the account is not known to many people. You can use this for your advantage. Just remember, you need to choose a good enough YouTuber, so your promotion can be good.

For the promotion itself, just use your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote the account. YouTuber that's less exposure is usually low on demographic, so you have to reach the layer viewers that are not reachable by them. This is an option for people who don’t know how to make money from YouTube without uploading videos.

Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Videos Being a Screenwriter

If you notice, YouTuber who has reached the popularity level of middle and above will definitely have his own team, especially if the account discusses the latest data and issues.

The team usually consists of various people who collect data, analyze, and even arrange the script for them to read in front of camera. Here you can go in and volunteer to be part of their scriptwriter. This is a creative way on how to make money from YouTube videos without actually need to upload videos yourself.

Being a YouTuber scriptwriter is a pretty complicated. You are required to understand the YouTuber explanation style, so as to be familiar in the eyes of the loyal viewer. In addition, you must also understand their target audience. That's why you need to pay attention to detail about the demographics of videos.

The age of audience, gender, and region, all have a role in delivering quality video. If you succeed, sometimes YouTuber will pay you with decent money, without you need to upload your own video.

Another Way on How to Earn Money from YouTube Without Uploading Any Videos 2023

If you still can’t run the ways mentioned above, there are several easy ways on how to make money from YouTube without uploading videos.

Make Money From Youtube With Converting Long Videos into pdf

Through some sites, you can change the video that contains about tips or information and other education into pdf eBook. As we know, there are some people who don’t have time to watch 10-15 minutes long YouTube video. This is where your services will be appreciated.

Converting long videos into pdf

You can use the guides provided on the website to turn those videos into short, solid, and clear eBooks. Make sure you also write in a complete and interesting way in order to facilitate others. Well, it leads to the many rewards you receive. This is one of the best ways on how to earn money from YouTube video uploading.

YouTube has become a global consumption, so language is still a major obstacle. Some YouTuber will ask you to translate their video, or simply give the caption, so the sound in video is easily heard by viewers. In this way, a small amount of fortune from said YouTube videos will fall under your account. Moreover, this way is considered legal, because YouTube itself allows others to translate video from YouTuber.

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From the above explanation, you can see various ways on how to make money from YouTube without uploading videos. By following these ways, you have contributed to improve the quality of YouTube contents, in return for money. It's quite lucrative without having to go through the exhausting process of uploading video, right?

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