What is Casino War and How to Play?

With a huge variety of online casino games to choose from, you might wonder which one you should choose.

Well, if you are looking for a fast and simple card game it is worth taking a look at Casino War to see what it offers.

The Basics

This is a straight-forward card game where you don't need to worry about making many decisions. Once you start playing, the dealer gives you a single card then deals one for themselves. The highest card wins, so in a matter of seconds you will find out if you have won or lost this round.

Standard card rankings are used, with the ace being the strongest card you can receive, followed by king, queen and so on through the deck until the lowest card of 2. It is a game of chance where the outcome is always completely random, so you don't do anything to affect the outcome of the game. If you win, you are awarded 2x your stake as a prize.

The only big decisions you have to make on most games are on the amount of your stake and whether to place a side-bet on the tie option. If you wager on a tie occurring, you get a 10 to 1 payout if both you and the dealer are given exactly the same card.

When a game ends in a tie your main bet gives you the choose of folding and getting back half of your stake. The other option at this stage is to go to war by doubling your stake. When you choose this approach, the dealer gives you another card and another for themselves. Win this time and you get the cash prize, but lose and you lose both wagers.

How Do You Play It?

What is Casino War and How to Play?
What is Casino War and How to Play?

You need to decide first of all how much to wager, based on your overall playing budget and style, with a wide range of stakes typically accepted. It is then time to place your chosen chip on the betting area. At this stage, you can also decide whether to put some money on a tie being the outcome.

The cards are dealt and if you win the money is credited to you automatically, before going to the option to playing again with the same bet or choosing a new amount. When you and the dealer get the same value on your cards, the options to fold or go to war will appear on the screen.

Is It Worth Playing?

There is no doubt that the speed and simplicity of this game appeals to a lot of players. Casino War offers a way to quickly start wagering without having to learn a lot of rules or strategies.

If you choose the standard bet, you can expect to win close to 50% of the time, as this has one of the lowest house edges you will find in a casino game. This means that you should expect your bankroll to last you for longer.

The tie bet gives the possibility of a bigger win but it comes up far less often. It also has a higher house edge, so there is more chance of you losing in the long run with this wager. Having said that, you might like the excitement and the possibility of big wins that are offered by going for the tie.

Overall, Casino War is an attractive game that gives every type of player a chance to place some wagers. You can play Casino War Online at TwinSpires Casino here.

With easy-to-understand rules and a low house edge, this is the sort of game that is ideal for a newcomer who is looking to get started without any fuss or delay.

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