Showbox Alternatives 2023

Best Apps Like Showbox For Free Streaming

by Karen Todd

You probably clicked on this link to quench your burgeoning thirst. Thirst for movies to wine down time. Welcome!!!!! this is the perfect place to find out what you treasure. You probably have heard or used Showbox. And you know how good it is. But are there any alternatives? Yes, you guessed right. We will discuss about the alternatives of Showbox. Before then for those newcomers, who haven't heard of Showbox but are curious. Let's first introduce what Showbox is and what it is used for.

What is Showbox?

Live streaming of movies at the comfort of your couch. On your mobile phone or tablet nothing comes close to Showbox. Its one of the most widely used app. It's a terrific app that streams latest movies and TV shows on any device. With it's simple and slick UI and well defined layout. It almost works too perfectly. Well, Showbox is one of the apps you should really have on your device.

Why a Need for Showbox Alternatives 2023?

But you may need alternatives for various reasons. Nothing is perfect, everything usually have a downside to it's greatness Showbox too. This is one the reasons users have backup plans. Showbox servers might be down for a period of time. Or you probably tired of same old stuffs. You want a new feel and something different. This article is here to help, presenting great alternatives to Showbox.

List of Best Free Sites like Showbox?

These alternatives have been considered under availability. Availability on multiple platforms. So let's scroll down and find out what you want.

1. Crackle - Site Link


With over 200million users on it's app. Crackle is one the most popular app around. Its movie streaming service that is well established. It couples its popularity with a couple of standout features. It offer services that are unique only to its app. Services like playing very high quality videos and creating a playlist. For TV shows, playlist is awesome for binge watching your series.

The Crackle app is simple and UI friendly app. Neat and straightforward design. Easy simple to use and navigate. Movie streams are usually in the frontpage. You can sort and search for movies and series you are interested in. It rivals Showbox in terms of content available.

Pros about Crackle

· Free to use.

· Quality subtitle support available.

· Bonus Save Later feature

· Satisfying and Quality content for viewers.

Cons about Crackle

· The monthly content updates might be an issue. You may wait for 30days before getting new contents on the app.

Download App -



2. Stremio - Site Link


Looking for the perfect alternative to Showbox ?. Stremio is what you looking at for now. Its a bit different from Showbox as its organises legit streams for its users. Collects all the legal streams under one app, making it easy to access. A simplistic and UI friendly interface. Content-wise, it has a large catalogue. Endless movies to stream on the app. Its reliable and a stable app to use. One big thing about it is, allows you to add locally stored content.

Pros about Stremio

· Provides multiple source for streaming.

· Quality subtitle support.

· It offers Chromecast support.

· Allows for cross-device synchronization.

· Provides Notifications on new episodes of TV shows.

· Apk installation allowed

Cons about Stremio

· No login option provided. This may be of concern to some new users.

Download -



3. CinemaBox - Site Link


Sounds like Showbox in name. All copies the functionality of Showbox. The look, theme and feel so much parallels Showbox. If you have used Showbox before, you will find it easy to use this. One great thing about this app is it allows offline viewing. This feature is useful when you out of data. Or you are not connected to a WiFi. UI and design layout is minimal and simple to navigate. Sections Trending Movies on its front-page. Nothing special to make it unique. But its good at what it does.

Pros about CinemaBox

· Free application to download and use. No subscription needed.

· Wide range of subtitle support available.

· Offers Movies in HD quality.

· You can download movies, to watch later.

· Kids mode is available to monitor what your child watches.

· Get regular updates about new TV shows episodes and movies.

· Offers supports cross-platform

Cons about CinemaBox

· Content Update is normally slow.

Download -



4. Hulu - Site Link

Showbox Alternatives 2023: Hulu
Showbox Alternatives 2023: Hulu

This needs to be added to the list. Its a web-based app that you will enjoy. You will enjoy this app, with a stable internet connection. It has loads of content that you will definitely enjoy. Offers offline mode, and you can download movies. They update their content regularly. .

Pros about Hulu

· Offers wide range of selection of movies and TV shows. You are just one click away.

· The app is compatible with Chromecast. You definitely going to enjoy your streaming experience.

Cons about Hulu

· Millions of user might affect streaming service.

Download -



5. Popcorn Time - Site Link

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time

Welcome the king of the castle. Termed as the King of Movies streaming. Its competitors unable to catch up with it yet. But now its a different case scenario as other projects have developed remarkably. Its one of the longest movie streaming site that is available online for users.

A simple and slick design that is easy to use and navigate. With a large catalogue of contents. You sure never going to regret using this app.

Pros about Popcorn Time

· Support multiple platforms such as IOS Android and Linux.

· Quality subtitle support. Because of some international movies require subtitles.

· Support Smart TV connection.

Cons about Popcorn Time

· The app sometimes crashes occasionally and a bug is involved. Though they are working to better.

Download -


6. Bobby Movie box - Site Link

Bobby Moviebox
Bobby Movie box

Though, it has a weird name. Booby Movie box is an accomplished movie streaming app which is an alternative to Showbox. Its has wide catalogue of movies. Works well and has stable streaming ability. Features trenung movies on its main page. They offer a search box, to quickly search for your favorite shows. It has simple layout and UI friendly interface.

Pros about Bobby Movie box

· Free app download.

· Large database of movies.

Cons of Booby Movie box

· Available only on iOS.

Download -


7. Movie HD - Site Link

Movie HD
Movie HD

Movie HD is like a clone of Showbox alternative for Android, iPhone, or iPad that you should really try out. When we tall about contents. It offer a large variety of contents for its users. It specializes in quality HD content, but offer lower resolution for users. Users that can't afford to watch HD. Movie HD has one unique thing about it. You can download movies on your device to watch later. So you don't need to worry about streaming movies. You can play your videos offline from your device.

Pros about Movie HD

· UI is simple, slick and easy to navigate.

· Fast access to the latest shows and movies release.

· Available on multiple platform.

· Well sectioned categories of movies and a search bar for easy access.

Cons about Movie HD

· Similar to Showbox.

Download -


8. Megabox HD - Site Link

Megabox HD
Megabox HD

Its an app, available only on Android-only. Its rated as one of the best alternative to the popular competition. This app specializes in HD quality content. It doesn't upload low quality . Though, Megabox HD usually gives users the option to choose the quality once you select to stream a movie. So you can watch movies in lower resolution of your choice. Lacks any unique features, to make it stand out.

Pros about Megabox HD

· Streaming is smooth

· Design layout is simple. It can be easily navigated.

· Content is large and wide.

· Free download and no subscription needed.

Cons about Megabox HD

· Similar to lots of apps. Since it has no unique feature

· Available only on android.

Download -


9. PlayBox HD - Site Link

PlayBox HD
PlayBox HD

This is one the best alternative to Showbox. Available both on Android and IOS. It has this Showbox feel and works just as good as it. Lots of HD contents for its users. UI design is kept simple and easily navigated. Streaming is very fast and smooth running. PlayBox HD, contents are ones to die for. They are so smooth and of high quality. What are you waiting for ?!!!!.

Pros about PlayBox HD

· Smooth and non-buffering stream.

· Simple UI interface for users.

· Lots of HD contents.

· Updates on content regularly.

Cons about PlayBox HD

· Similar to other apps.

Download - Download

10. Kodi TV - Site Link

Kodi TV
Kodi TV

One of a kind movie streaming app. Its an open source and free movie media player. Streams are for free. Makes use of Add-ons. Some handy add-ons it uses are; Exodus redux, Yoda, 13clowns, and Seren. Kodi TV is one of the apps you should really try out. Its media player and layout makes it a great app.

Pros about Kodi TV

· Free movie Streaming app.

· Simple and friendly user interface.

· No subscription needed.

Cons about Kodi TV

· Add-ons are required.

Download -



So that's all folks, hope you find the one which suits you best. These sites are one the best you can find online. Download and try them out. You can download as many as possible.

When you have multiple apps on your device. You don't have to worry about missing out on a new release. Or the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. Well, that's all for the best alternatives to Showbox. Yes, Showbox still is one of the best out there.

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