Best Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android 2023

by Karen Todd

Music is one of the best things us human beings use to relieve or unwind built up pressure or stress. It helps to rid anxiety while also lifting the spirit and emotions. There are different ways one can download music/songs from the internet. The most common way is by using internet browser applications or programs on your smartphone or PC. Through your internet browser, you will then have to access different websites before you can get the song. Also, if you have a long list of songs, using a browser will definitely take some time. While there is nothing wrong with this, there are faster and easier ways of doing this.

Why a Need for Music Downloader Apps for Andriod

Today, smartphone has been a friend to human. There are many people who cannot live without it. It is indeed such a help in human life nowadays. Some people believe that it puts several works at ease such as mobile banking, online shopping, and many more. As you might know, there are many apps for both Android and iOS. You can get both knowledge and entertainment from those apps.

Musicdownloader apps make it easier to download music without having to visit tons of websites. You can easily download as many songs as you want as soon as you type its name in the search field of the said apps. While some Android devices come with their own music downloading apps, a lot of them do not. There are many apps that you can use for downloading songs without having to pay a dime while there are some that will charge you a token. Both types give you the same result which is to download a song on your android device.

List of Best Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android 2023

Without further ado, here are just of the best apps for downloading music on Android devices.

Google Play Music - Downloader Link

             Google     Play Music
Google Play Music

Google is, and continue to be, an integral part of every technological breakthrough in the world. The tech giants are always developing and inventing gadgets, tools, and software that improve our lifestyle. One of the reasons why Google Play Music should be your go-to music downloading app is because Google and Android are closely woven together. In fact, this is why there are lots of Android devices that have this app pre-installed.

The app is completely free to use but has a paid version. The free version does not offer much other than listening to music online and offline. The paid version does much more and even compares with the likes of Apple iTunes and Spotify. The app will be automatically downloaded in Android gadget. It is also included in the list of the best free music downloader MP3 for android 2023. In the database itself, there are more than fifty thousand songs which you can listen to every single day.

Again, it is connected to the podcasts, so you are allowed to discover and also subscribe. It enables you to discover more songs which match your taste. It will give the recommendation regularly. How about the cons? Basically, it has no specific cons that will make you dislike the app.

Google Play music can automatically play songs for you. It uses Google’s Advanced AI to predict the kind of song you want and plays it. The truth is, it does this pretty well. With the app, you can download and play songs in different formats including OGG, FLAC, MP3, etc.

Best Features

· It also comes with an in-built radio that works offline

· Can use one Google Account to sync your playlist over multiple devices

· Download or stream music from a very large database

· Has a feature called “Now Listen”. This plays all the latest songs people are listening to

The Google Play Music app comes pre-installed on some Android devices. In case you do not have it on your device, you can download and install it yourself.

Download Google Play Music from Play Store

4Shared Music - Downloader Link

             4Shared     Music
4Shared Music

Some people must have been recognized this app. It was available on website only back then. As the time goes by, it is available as an app and also on Android. It is free to download as long as you have internet connection.

Moreover, 4Shared has features such as searching space, music streaming, and music player which is available in pre-install mode. Speaking of the cons, there are no difficulties in using the app. It is a friendly-users app.

4Shared Music has one of the best and biggest music databases where you can get any song you want. It is a product of popular file-sharing website, 4Shared. As long as you know the title/name of the song, 4shared has you covered. In other words, it makes downloading many songs easier and faster. It is not only available for Android devices. iOS device users can also download the app.

Another impressive feature of the app is the User interface. it is very simple to use with no ads at all. Anyone will get used to the workings of the app within minutes of use. The App has more than 50 million users which is proof of the app’s productivity and usefulness. 4Shared provides 15GB of cloud storage which you can use to store songs, movies and any file you want to keep.

4Shared only has one small drawback. Not all the songs are available in a high-quality audio file. This is not much of a problem if you are using a headset or earpiece that has bass. Also if your music player has a bass booster, you should be alright.

The app is not available on the Google Play Store due to copyright issues. You can download the app by visiting the official website of the app’s developers

Download 4Shared Music from Apkpure or Uptodown

Free Mp3 Downloads

This is a simple and direct music downloader app. You only need to search various songs from some artists you want and they will be brought to you easily. FreeMP3 Downloads has simple user interface in which it helps you to easily use it.

Does it allow downloading the music? Yes, it surely does. The app also gives selection in the language. Furthermore, there are several languages you can select based on your language. This is another app you definitely have to try. It has a simple user interface and can find almost any song you have in mind. It has a search field where you have to enter the title of the song. It then allows to download and listen to the song.

All the songs you download on the app are sourced from public domain websites. This implies that copyright issues are non-existent . The use of public domain websites is also the reason why Free Mp3 Downloads has a large database.

You can also use Free Mp3 Downloads app as a music player. There is a section that allows you to listen to all the songs you have on your android device.

Best Features

· Stream or download your favorite songs

· All the songs in the database are available for free i.e. those you can download without facing any copyright infringement

Free MP3 Downloads App from Apk Pure or Play Store

Wynk Music - Downloader Link

             Wynk     Music
Wynk Music

This app is a popular one. It has many users and has been surely downloaded by many people. Rating is one of sources you will know whether this app is good or not. In fact, Wynk Music has good ratings on the PlayStore.

It implies that many people like this app for sure. If you are currently looking for the best free music downloader MP3 for android 2023 which provides songs up to 1.8 million, this one is worth to have. However, you have to pay to use all the features. If you decide not to pay for subscribing the app, there will be many ads popping up here and there.

Wynk Music is another awesome music downloader app. It is perfect for lovers of Indian music because it has loads of them. As a matter of fact, with over 2.6 million songs in its music collection, there is absolutely no trending song you won’t find on it. From retro songs to the latest pop music, there is no genre of music you won’t find on the app.

Wynk Music is developed by Airtel and is a paid app. You have to pay a monthly fee of 99Rs (about 1.5 USD) in other to access the songs. The app is definitely a buy for that price. The app was previously only available to Airtel subscribers but can now be used by everybody.

Wynk Music currently offers 30- days free trial to new users. This gives you unrestricted access to download and stream music as you see fit. All the songs are of high quality and you can also use the app as a music player. The app gives you buffer-free streaming even when you have a slow/poor internet connection

Best Features

· Over 2.6 Million songs in its database

· Features One-click music downloads

· Comes with an advanced search engine

· Allows buffer-free streaming even when on a slow internet connection

Download Wynk Music from Google Play Store or Uptodown

Napster Music - Downloader Link

             Napster Music
Napster Music

Napster is another streaming website with an incredibly large database. There are over 30 million songs you can access on Napster. The app only provides a subscription-based service which you have to pay for. The app offers 30 days free trial to new users. Once the free trial period ends, you will be charged for using the app unless you cancel the subscription in case you cannot afford it.

There are no ads or popups in the app even when you are using the free trial. You can stream music on it or download it for offline use.

Download from ApkPure, Google Play Store, or Uptodown

Rock My Run - Downloader Link

             Rock My Run
Rock My Run

Having this music downloader means you will get the best workout music on the planet. You have to give it a try since it is claimed to provide the best music when you are doing workout. The music brought to you has been picked well to match the rhyme in doing workout. It comes in various genres, so you still have a chance to select your taste. You can stream or even download the songs to listen to.

This app is not like other apps on this list. The developers of the app created the apps for individuals looking to stay fit. The developers claim it has the best workout music in the world.

Before you use it, you have to sign up or create an account in the app. Only then will you be able to access all the cool features of the app. There are different tweaks you can use do to the songs playing from the app. One worth mentioning is “ MyBeat ”. This allows you to sync and rhyme the beats of the music to your heartbeat. Cool right? Well, you have to be a fitness junk to truly appreciate the feature.

A lot of the songs are western songs. The apps also have a Notification control panel that serves as a shortcut panel where you can access a lot of things easily.

Best Features

· Stream and download music and songs designed to boost and motivate you

· Sync your music on multiple devices by simply logging in

Download Rock My Run from Google Play

Spotify: Music for everyone - Downloader Link

             Spotify: Music for everyone
Spotify: Music for everyone

There is a very high chance that you would have heard of Spotify one way or another . It is a premium app although you can use it for free too. It is an app that provides music in every genre and language. Its debut was in India but it is now used all over the world as a source of high-quality songs.

Spotify brings many incredible features that can be pretty useful when needed. It has Google maps integrations which you can use to find your way in a new environment. Other features include fade, gapless playback, offline listening and lots more.

The reason why this app comes last of the list is because of the high amount of money you have to spend on its subscription. It is believed to be good for Indians because of the amount of content they now have access to. However, if you are not in India, there are different apps you can use which offers the same service like Spotify. Nonetheless, it is one of the best apps you will find for Android devices.

Download Spotify from Google Play Store

iTubeMusic - Downloader Link


If you are looking for a great music downloader, iTube Music can be the answer. It is a good app as it allows you to download music and stream it as well. Providing a search feature, you will be able to look for music you want to listen to and download it for free.

One greatest thing about it is you do not need to upgrade the app by paying some money to enjoy all the features. Therefore, it seems like it has no cons.

Gaana - Downloader Link


Music in Gaana is listed according to the Indian taste. In fact, you were only able to stream all the music at the beginning of the application. Now, you have access to download the music too. You only need to upgrade to get pro features.

If you like Hindi songs, this app suits your taste the best. Moreover, it still has English songs. The cons of this music downloader are similar with others. You do not get to listen to all the music you want. It is limited and you might not really like it.

SoundCloud - Downloader Link


Do you know SoundCloud? This is another music downloader which has been around for years. You must have known the app, right? The popularity of SoundCloud is no doubt. As a good music downloader, it also enables you to access podcast and audiobooks. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? That’s why you need to download this music app soon if you haven’t had the app on your Android.

By using SoundCloud, you will be able to create a playlist based on your taste. You can connect to your favorite artists and friends as well. One and only drawback from SoundCloud is that you have to upgrade to the pro version in order to enjoy more features.

Anghami - Downloader Link


Although it is favorable in Arabian countries, it is still included in a popular music downloader. It gives Arabic songs mostly, but you can still search other songs you want. Several features you will get include liking, streaming, and also downloading the songs. One and only drawback is you better look for another music downloader to get more English songs.

Music Paradise Pro - Downloader Link

   Music Paradise Pro
Music Paradise Pro

As you can see by its name, it is such a paradise for music lovers. There are many songs you can download for sure. In addition, you can even download ringtones, short clips, and also sound effects. Music Paradise Pro is easy to use and there are only three tabs to use.

Those three are search, library, and downloads. Speaking of the cons, you might not like the pop ads which appear several times.

Which is Best Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android 2023

  • Microsoft Groove
  • Gaana
  • Pandora
  • Free Mp3 Downloads
  • SONGily
  • Anghami
  • Free Music
  • Slacker
  • MP3 Music Downloader
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Wynk Music
  • Google Play Music
  • Hungama Music
  • Napster
  • Saavn
  • RockMyRun
  • Download Mp3 Music
  • Jam Music
  • 4shared
  • Deezer
  • Radio Player from Audials
  • Free Music Downloader
  • Video/Music downloader
  • Music Downloader
  • Free Music Player (Download Now)
  • SuperCloud Song Downloader
  • Noise Trade
  • Audiomack
  • FrostWire

Conclusion of Best Music Downloader MP3 Apps for Android 2023

Those mentioned above are the top 35 best free music downloader for Android users. Each app has pros and cons that you can see on your own. You might not get a perfect app, but still have an almost-perfect one.

Truly there is nothing wrong with going the old way of using Phone or computer browsers to download songs. However, using music downloader apps makes it easier and faster to download songs. Since a lot of them are free to use, you should definitely give these apps a try.

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