How to Get Netflix Free Trial without a Credit card nor PayPal in 2023

by Karen Todd

Netflix is the most well-known streaming website with a ton of great contents to watch from. They contents are original Netflix series, TV shows and movies which you can entertain form to relieve your stress.

Netflix is not available in all countries. It asks for your payment card information which they auto-charge it every month once your free trial is over. Here are a few ways through which you can use Netflix for free even if it is not available in your country.

How to get Netflix Free Trial without a credit card nor PayPal 2023

To get content on Netflix, one has to pay the membership fee. The fee is high for some countries. However, we have found simple tricks through which you can watch the content on Netflix for free. With these methods you can watch all the content on the Netflix without even having a credit card.

After using these methods, you can watch any show or movie on Netflix for free. You don’t have to worry about sharing your credit card info anymore.

Simple Methods of getting Netflix Free Trial without any credit card nor PayPal 2023

As mentioned Netflix is not available in all the countries right now. They are expanding their business to make it available in your country. Till you can use our methods to bypass the restrictions and watch HD Premium content on Netflix with no worries.

By using below methods you can enjoy:

• Enjoy Ultra HD video quality content

• Unlimited movies and TV shows

• Special Netflix shows

• You can enjoy Netflix in multiple devices

First, download a VPN from the internet to use Netflix for free. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network to hide your IP Address so you can access content restricted in your area. This step is very important for those who are living outside the Netflix zone.

After VPN software helped hide your IP Address to a USA address. Or any other country where Netflix is working. You can remove all the geographical restrictions and now can access the site. Although Netflix banned many VPN providers, still many are working fine.

After finding a good VPN, you need to install it in your device and so select the server to the United States. Soon you will visit Netflix which previously blocked on your computer. Now you need to sign up for a free account but be careful and use a fake email-id with location set to the USA so you don’t get banned. You will see a Demo Page when you will open the Netflix website just click on the “JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH” button to sign up on the website. You can select any plans which you want to use.

Now Netflix will need a credit card and PayPal account during Signing up and this is the trickiest part of getting your free Netflix account. But we have come up with some ways through which you can bypass this step without using your real credit card.

Debit cards

You can use your Debit card instead of a Credit card on Netflix. Countries like India have more Debit card users than a Credit card and thus they can use it for using Netflix instead of getting a credit card.

Some people think debit cards are more secure as you will get only charged if you have enough money in your card. Although if Netflix does not charge your card, you won’t be able to enjoy the content on the Netflix.

Netflix gift cards

One more method to use Netflix without a Credit card is by using a Netflix gift card. You can buy Netflix gift cards on Amazon or eBay and you can also get them as a gift from your parents or friends.

After grabbing your gift card, you need to enter your voucher id to activate it and use Netflix.

Fake credit card numbers

This is the most famous method which people are using to get free access to Netflix content. There are several online services which generate fake credit card number which you can use on Netflix. Most of the people use it to get a free trial for 30 days and repeat the process as long as they want.

The fake credit card will work fine like a real one but you don’t have to give your information to use Netflix. However, not all the fake credit cards will work on Netflix you will have to try several cards to check which one is working? Try this method only if you have a lot of time in your hands. Make sure that the name on the card and your Netflix account name are same to avoid any bans.

Share Netflix an Account

Netflix believes in “Sharing is Caring” thus they allow five profiles to link with the same account. This method is 100% legal and safe to use Netflix for free. All you have to do is convince your friends or family member to share their Netflix account with you and you can watch Netflix without sharing your credit card info. Out of all the methods discussed above, this is the safest method where your account will never get banned.

Although, the basic plan of Netflix only allows one device at a device so the other person must have a premium or standard plan. This method is the safest out of all the methods discussed above.

As we have discussed, there are many methods for you to register a free Netflix account. Even with no credit card nor PayPal. Even Netflix is not available in your country. You can enjoy all the premium Netflix content without paying a cent to them.

When the Free Trial gets over, you need to repeat the above steps to get a new account and continue watching shows and movies. Although it might take time and look impractical but it’s free after all and you can enjoy premium content for free.

Netflix Free Trial without a credit card or PayPal 2023: Paid Account

Although all the methods we discussed above to get Netflix free trial without a credit card and PayPal are working but people who are busy won’t find it practical. You need a lot of time to get the free trial and you need to repeat the process every 30 days which is not possible for everyone. So if you are living in Netflix zone and can afford the subscription then go for a paid account. You can use it anywhere from any device with no worries. Below are the methods to set up your Netflix account.

Use compatible device

Most of the devices are now compatible with Netflix. You can access Netflix using your laptops and PCs, media players, smartphones, Blu-ray players and console devices. You can enjoy Netflix on any of these devices

Visit the website

You now can open Netflix official website after grabbing a compatible device. If you are living in Netflix zone, then it will work otherwise use VPN services to access Netflix.

Choose the plan

Next, select your Netflix plan. You can select the Premium plan and enjoy the benefits free for a month with no charges. There are three plans which you can choose from on Netflix from which you can choose whatever suits you best.

With Basic Plan, you can stream at SD Quality. But you can watch Netflix on one device. If you are not the only one who wants to watch Netflix, then this plan is not for you. After one month, Netflix charges you $8 / month.

For Standard Plan, you can stream at HD Quality. Here you can stream at two devices at a time. This is the most famous plan for Netflix. After one month Netflix charges you $11 / month.

For Premium Plan, you can stream at HD + Ultra HD Quality. This is the best out of all the three plans if you are thinking to share your Netflix with your family as you can stream Netflix in 4 devices at once. If you stream through televisions, then Premium Plan is for you as you can watch the content in Ultra HD Quality. After one month Netflix charges you $14 / month.

Create a Netflix account

The last step is to create your new Netflix account after that you will be to stream movies and TV shows. Once you have selected the best plan for you enter your Email address and password to complete the sign-up process. The browser then will redirect you to the payment page where you have to enter your credit card/debit card details. For the first month Netflix is free but after that, they will charge your card every month to continue Netflix Service.

We have already discussed how to get Netflix for free without using Credit card and PayPal in 2023 but paid method is for those who don’t want to invest their time in doing all the tricky methods discussed above.

Netflix Free Trial Accounts without Credit Cards 2023 in random order

We are providing you with some pre-activated accounts to use Netflix for free. You don’t need to perform any method to get Netflix for free, just log in using below accounts and enjoy free Netflix.



Subscription Plan









hfhtugnjg@gmail.comcataleah25180-Days cdefgahc180-Days

Enjoy your free Netflix if you are living inside the Netflix zone. Otherwise, you can follow the VPN method to get access to these accounts. If accounts stopped working, then you can just create new free accounts and continue to use Netflix for free using no Credit Card nor PayPal.

If you have the Credit card and have enough money to pay for membership, then paying for Netflix will still be a more convenient way of accessing Netflix.

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