How to Get Free RDP Accounts

Best Free RDP Account List 2023

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Remote desktop protocol or RDP is a secure network management protocol. It is designed for remote communications. It is also used for remote access to applications and virtual desktops. RDP allows network admin to remotely resolve any problem.

It is available on both Windows and MacOS. But, it is excessively used on Windows platform. All the remote communications on Windows platform are governed by RDP. In simple words, RDP is a secure network protocol that lets users communicate with the server. You must have an RDP account if you want to connect with a server. In this article, we will tell you how to get a free RDP account

How to Get a Free RDP Account in 2023

RDP is a very important feature in Windows. It is responsible for securing the remote communication between any server and user. It was made by Microsoft to improve the remote technology. But, now it is also available for the Mac platform. Microsoft keeps updating the RDP technology to improve security.

RDP is very similar to FTP or HTTP networks. You can easily connect with any remote server with the help of RDP. All you need is an active internet connection and RDP account. Now, we will discuss the basic features of any RDP. After that, we will tell you how to get free RDP accounts.

What about Getting Free RDP Trial Accounts 2023?

How to Get Free RDP Accounts: What about Getting Free RDP Trial Accounts 2023?
How to Get Free RDP Accounts: What about Getting Free RDP Trial Accounts 2023?

First, you must understand how RDP works. The installation process of RDP is very complex. Although, after installing it you can use RDP for your work. Once you have adjusted all the setting, RDP will be ready. You can use it to securely connect with your server. In the next section, we will tell you what RDP account and RDP is.

1. Getting Started with the RDP

The meaning of remote is that the server and client are not connected by LAN wires. In simple words, there is no direct network between the client and the server. They are connected through the internet.

The server may be installed in the same place where the client is. But, still, they are not connected directly with cables. All the communication happens through the internet or via RDP. The protocols are the set of rules which are defined for better communication.

Every communication is governed by some protocol. For example, file transfer is controlled by the FTP protocol. HTTP is used to control the communication between the browser and the website. Similarly, RDP is used to control the communication between the client and the server. It is a specific signature which validates the connection.

In RDP your desktop gets connected with the server. All the network connections can be managed through RDP software. You can download the RDP application directly from the Microsoft official website. After that, the installation process is really easy.

If you want your computer to act as a server then you need to install a Windows server. But, if you just want to use RDP then there is no need to install Windows server. The backend of this application is supported by the .NET framework. Thus, you must also install the latest version of the .NET framework. You can use RDP software for free. But, if you want to build servers then you need to buy an original license from Microsoft.

2. RDP Settings and Gotchas

Why RDP is so famous? The main reason behind RDP popularity is the features that it offers. The basic feature of RDP is communication and networking. You can connect your computer with the server. It is similar to a forum website. You can join as a member and do certain activities.

You can also connect two separate computers with RDP. Thus, you can remotely control a computer from some other location. This may sound like hacking to you. But, it is completely legitimate.

RDP is mainly used to send files from the user to the server. It is also used to control the system and manage data. It is very easy to send files using RDP. The server will provide you with different folders on the server. You can download files from the server or upload files to the server.

You can also manage your data. Managing data means that every file and data will be checked by you. You can authorize access to every file. Thus, RDP can be used to manage files and data. You can also supervise what the user is doing. Thus, the server will have full control of the connected users.

3. RDP Credentials and Authentication

RDP accounts are used to connect clients with servers. An RDP generally consists of a server, user, admin, network and terminal. Admin is responsible for giving all the power to the user. The RDP account of the user acts as a key to access the server. Without RDP account, you can’t connect with the server.

We have discussed the basic features of the RDP. Now we will tell you how you can easily get a RDP account in 2023. RDP accounts are of two types: free and paid. The type of account will depend on your usage.

Virtual private server or VPS is an example of RDP. You can create a VPS server for your users. There are two protocols using which client can connect to your server: by RDP and browser. If your client is using a browser, then he will automatically use FTP and HTTP.

On the other hand, he can also use RDP to connect with your server. But, he must have an RDP account. An RDP account comprises only of the username and password. After logging in, the user can easily connect with your VPS.

How to get Best Free RDP Account in 2023

How to Get Free RDP Accounts: How to get Best Free RDP Account in 2023
How to Get Free RDP Accounts: How to get Best Free RDP Account in 2023

Now, we will tell you how to grab free RDP account. It is very easy to get a legit RDP account in 2023. Also, you don’t need to pay anything for RDP account. Just follow every step to get your free RDP account.

RDP Prerequisites

Your computer must meet the preliminary requirements to run RDP. Microsoft has released many versions of RDP. The old versions of RDP are full of bugs. Thus, you must install the latest version of RDP in your computer. However, don’t forget to check the software compatibility list. The new versions of RDP won’t work with old Windows. Hence, it is important to check if your computer is compatible or not.

You can also update your computer to latest Windows first. The latest version of windows will support RDP for the next 5-10 years. If you can’t update your Windows, then choose RDP which is compatible with your OS.

If you are going to set up a server, then you need to install Windows server also. All the applications in Windows server are owned by Microsoft. Thus, you must buy a license first from Microsoft. After that, you can install the latest version of the Windows version. Your windows server must also be compatible with RDP. If they are not compatible, then you must upgrade your PC first.

RDP Hosts

Now, you need to select a VPS service provider. You may have to pay a little for VPS server. Although, a lot of VPS companies offer free VPS services. But, they have very limited features.

RDP Registration

Once you have found the right service provider, you need to register your account. Don’t forget to read the disclaimer before signing up.

The signup process is very easy. All you need to do is enter your name, email, and password. After registering, you can use your RDP account.

Network Accesses

After registering, you can easily access the VPS server. You need to enter your username and password to login into your RDP account. The RDP will set up a connection between you and the server. Even though, browser protocols are different from RDP. But, still, you need an active internet connection. Hence, make sure that your computer is connected to the internet.

After some time, you will see a success box. Now, try to enter the network. You don’t need to enter your username and password again in the browser. Thanks to RDP, you will automatically get connected to your VPS server.

You might be wondering why people use RDP and VPS? There are many reasons. Some people use it for incognito browsing and for removing any geographical restrictions. Many web developers used it for hosting their websites. RDP only acts as an imaginary cable which connects your computer with the server. However, you still need to use a browser to access the internet. The security features of RDP are also very good.

What about RDP Security Measures?

Many people think that RDP connections are not secure. But, Microsoft and VPS providers have done a lot of work in the security field. They have increased the security level of RDP communications. It has become almost impossible for hackers to hack your pc using RDP.

Each year, Windows release new patch notes for RDP and Windows server. They fix all the new security bugs. Thus, no one can use old bugs to hack your computer. You can still enable your firewall to increase your connection security.

Top Free RDP List 2023

admin: Password1@

administrator: 64.88.596.202:3391

admin: Password1@

administrator: Password@

administrator: 1224 63.184.584.71:3391

administrator: 12345@


username: password 677.586.123.65:3390

reception 65.195.784.2935:3390

admin: user@

scanner: scaenner@

administrator: daeny@

administrator: oliever@

You can easily connect your Windows computer to RDP. But, how does Linux computer connect to RDP? Linux is the best OS for servers. Almost all the servers are running on Linux. But, there is no direct support provided by Microsoft for Linux users. You can download many third-party apps and software to use RDP.

It is a complex process to install RDP in Linux. But, Linux users already know how to deal with complex installation. You will also get a guide by your VPS server provider. Just follow that guide to install RDP in your Linux computer.

If the official application of Microsoft is not working, then you use alternative software’s. There are many apps available which can give RDP access to your computer. Most alternatives are free for client users. But, you need to pay if you are having a server. This is the last resort which can take to get RDP access.

How to verify if RDP is Working 2023

Third party apps or software has many limitations when compared with Microsoft RDP. They lack in security, flexibility, and stability. Most of the third party software is not compatible with old windows. Thus, first, you need to upgrade your Windows version.

In this article, you learned about what is RDP and how to use it. Also, now you know about all the basic features of an RDP. You can easily get a free RDP account now.

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