How to Create a PayPal Account Without a Credit Card 2023

by Karen Todd

How to Create a PayPal Account Without a Credit Card 2023 the easy, simple way - PayPal becomes major online payment that replaces credit or debit card for sending and receiving money. You can send money anywhere regardless bank account as long as it's linked into PayPal account. How to Create PayPal account without credit card? This is common question for users to know whether their account is able to do anything without verification.

Before taking further to explore how to register PayPal account without credit card, there are few things to consider. PayPal is virtual and online wallet where you use for financial transaction that limited only for credit or debit card.

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People use this payment for many things such as shopping, sending gift card, sending and receiving money from different countries, and purchasing goods. Today, PayPal provides three types of account such as standard, premiere, and business. Each of them has the same functionality, but business is suitable for merchants or online stores.

How to Create PayPal without Credit Card 2023

Register Paypal Account via mobile app and website

First thing on how to register PayPal without credit card is go to official website or mobile app. Both provide the same instruction and you can do anywhere as long as the internet access is available. Mobile app requires installation on user smartphone. You can have PayPal app free at Play Store forAndroid users and App Store for iPhone.

Installation process is simple, straightforward, and less time. Another way is website where it can be accessed from laptop or desktop-based device. You need proper browser to open this website. Smartphone users may consider website-based registration if they do not want to install the app.

Basic information and email verification

You need to complete several things when asking for how to create PayPal account without credit card, such as the name, address, country, zip code, phone number, email, and password. Make sure your email and phone numbers are valid. At homepage, choose sign up section then the page will turn into registration area. For mobile app, you can do the same thing, but the interface is quite different. Lastly, you should create strong password for security purpose.

After the information is fulfilled, next thing is verification. PayPal offers two ways for verification: by email and phone number. For smartphone user, using phone number is much recommended due to fast and easy process. You also may choose email as verification tool. Check email immediately to make sure your PayPal account is activated. If you do not receive email, check the spam section.

Bank account and credit card

Your account is done after the verification process. So, how to create PayPal account without credit card? You just do the registration step and skip the section that needs credit card. In general, registration does not need bank account or any financial information as long as you fulfill basic forms, such as identity, name, email, etc.

How to Create a PayPal Account with Debit Card and Bank Account

You have PayPal account, but not enough to do many things. Account without credit card has limitation. You cannot send money or do shopping at online store. Moreover, account is only available at limit time and PayPal will urge users to add credit card.

Create a Paypal Accouunt By Using Virtual credit card

How to register PayPal with virtual credit card? There is another way for solving such condition. You can use virtual credit card to obtain full feature on PayPal account. Many providers offer tempting way to get credit card virtually. You need to be careful because only few of them are eligible and have validity to create credit card. PayPal gives strict rule regarding this process and users have to pay the attention carefully.

Visit virtual card provider then register after fulfilling the basic info. Verification will be done via email or phone number then wait until the card is ready. Virtual card has limitation and only valid at limited period. Certain provider offers virtual credit card, but it comes from prominent companies, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Create a Paypal Account with Debit Card

How to register PayPal with debit card? It is easy step to follow. You just visit wallet section then add basic info related to your credit card. PayPal will verify, so the account is ready to purchase. Credit card is necessary when selecting business account to do several financial transactions. This kind of account is capable to let more users to access it. Users may use mobile app or website for adding credit card verification.

Keep in mind that debit and credit card is different, but the function is similar. Debit card lets you pay based on the amount inside your saving. You cannot buy goods with the price more than what you have. On contrary, credit card is eligible to pay everything because the bank lends money. However, you need to pay monthly payment for that loan.

Create Paypal Account with Bank Account

For how to Create PayPal account with bank account, you do as similar to credit card. Fulfill the basic info then wait until your PayPal is connected into bank account. You need to provide routing number before clicking ‘continue’. Therefore, PayPal is ready for sending and receiving money. This is the main purpose for using bank account that's different from credit or debit card.

When sending money, you receive directly on PayPal balance then it's transferred into bank saving. It is faster than regular transfer via bank, particularly for different bank account. All process will be inside PayPal and recipient does not have to wait too long for completing the process. This is how PayPal works to serve as online payment and transaction.

From explanation above, credit card or bank account is necessary for having valid PayPal account. For your information, PayPal is not bank where you can save money then get interest. It is tool to let people pay the online store or merchant easily without add credit card frequently. It saves time and very secure that helps buyer and seller for preventing unexpected situation.

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Online store becomes popular for people to sell and buy everything. It needs the secure and safety platform as payment tool. This is where PayPal takes place for such goal. There are similar apps or platform on this industry, but PayPal is still at the top list. Therefore, you understand why how to register PayPal account without credit card is possible.

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