Top Sites Similar to Pubfilm 2023

by Karen Todd

Top Sites Similar to Pubfilm 2023 - Nobody is going to dispute the fact that Netflix, Hulu, and other premium streaming websites are worth the money. Nobody is also not going to overlook the fact that there are online streaming websites that provide premium contents for free. These free websites make it possible to catch up on favorite TV shows or watch Movies at any moment we feel like.

Pubfilm Website Discussions

Pubfilm is one of the websites that bring premium and popular movies and TV series to users at no cost at all. It is fast becoming one of the largest streaming websites out there thanks to its frequently updated library. One of the reasons for this is because it is very easy to use. In addition, a lot of the content on the website has subtitles which only serves to make the website even more fantastic. Honestly, Pubfilm is an amazing website but you already know that since you are here to know if there are other websites that share its best qualities.

List of Top Sites Similar to Pubfilm 2023

Today we will present showcases some of the best streaming sites similar to Pubfilm in terms of content library and usability. They are all free to use and also provide premium content.

Putlocker - Site

Putlocker –    Website link
Putlocker – Website link

There is almost any movie you won’t see on Putlocker. It is one of the best alternatives to Pubfilm. It has a streaming site where you can watch movies and series without any cost. Accessing Putlocker is legal because all the movies you watch are not hosted on the website. The site only has the links to them but the actual files are on third party websites.

The movies library collection of the site is very impressive. All the movies are sorted into groups based on their genres, year of release, and the number of times people watched or downloaded it.

There are ads on the site they are very few and you might not even notice if your browser’s ad blocker is good. Once you visit the site, there is a big search bar that allows you to quickly search for the title of the movie you want to watch. This makes it very easy to use.

Key features

- Very High video quality

- The content library is very big

- Very few ads

- Easy to use and very intuitive interface

123 Movies - Site

123 Movies –    Website link
123 Movies – Website link

123Movies has been around for a while and shares lots of similarities with Pubfilms. It has one of the largest content libraries and is always getting new movies uploaded every day. From horror movies to action ones to comedy movies, 123Movies has you covered. As a matter of fact, movies that are in theatres are already available on the hours after their release although they are usually in poor quality. For movies no longer in theatre, the video quality is superb. The video quality of any movie you want to watch is always displayed for you to see. You can also watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV series on the site.

The site is user-friendly and contains few ads that your ad blocker would deal with without you even seeing it. There are different filters you can use to sort movies on the website. The filters make it easier to find the movie you are looking for quickly. There is also a search bar you can use to instantly locate the movie you have in mind.

Key features

- New movies can be found on the website

- Video quality ranges from high to low depending on the Movie


Hotstar is Indian’s biggest premium streaming platform and is one of the best alternatives to Pubfilm even though it focusses only on providing content for the Indian audience. Notwithstanding, even if you are not Indian, you can still enjoy the content thanks to the subtitles that come with the movies. Although the best experience is when you hear the real actress or actor’s voice, the movies can be translated into different languages for people who do not speak Hindu.

One of the best talking points about Hotstar is its large Bollywood movie library. There are over 50,000 movies on the website not to talk of the numerous other content on the site. The video quality of the movies and Tv series is very impressive and the site even allows you to thinker with the quality. This means that you can still watch the movie or series episode you want to watch even when your internet connection is poor.

Another important thing worth mentioning about the site is that it has mobile apps which you can download on the Google Play Store or on the App Store depending on the make of your smartphone

Note: Although it is a premium streaming website which means you have to pay, you still have access to tons of movies as a free user as long as you are okay with a few in-movie ads. The subscription is only there if you want to enjoy unrestricted access.

Key features

- Best website to get Bollywood content

- Has mobile apps which makes it easier to stream using smartphones

Vumoo - Site

Vumoo –    Website link
Vumoo – Website link

Vumoo is another streaming website you should try out. it is easy to use and has lots of movies and TV series for you to watch. The website also contains lots of movies that are still in the theatres although the video quality of those movies is not that great.

Vumoo has a very easy to use interface and there are no ads on the website. You can start watching any movie you want as soon as you click on it. A brief description of the movie is added beside the movie you want to watch just to give you an insight into what to expect in the movie. The site’s loading speed is also very fast.

Popcorn Time - Site

Popcorn Time –    Website link
Popcorn Time – Website link

Popcorn Time is a streaming website that also allows you to download movies you want to keep for offline reference. The content provided on the website is always in high quality. The movies library is not very big but it will take some time for you to discover a movie that is not available on the site.

There are ads on the website but not enough to become annoying. Popcorn Time is available for Android and iOS devices as a mobile app. The mobile app is unique in that it allows you to download movies to your smartphone. You can also download through the website by using the downloader built-in by the site’s developer.

The streaming speed on the site is very fast compared to other sites on this list but it all depends on how strong your internet connection is.

Key features

- Movies can be downloaded easily

- Supports mobile apps

- Movies are in HD quality

YahooView - Site

YahooView –    Website link
YahooView – Website link

YahooView is the product of the partnership of Yahoo and AOL. The partnership gave rise to a website that provides videos and movies for free in order to entertain people. While the site is not easy to use, there are some filters in place that allow you to easily sort through the movie collection on the website.

There is one little issue with using YahooView. Not all the shows are available to every country. Some shows are only available in the United States. Movies, however, are available to everybody.

Gowatchseries - Site

Gowatchseries –    Website link
Gowatchseries – Website link

This site has strong ties to 123Movies which is also a streaming website. there are tons of high-quality movies on the streaming website. The website provides lots of high-speed servers through which you can watch any movie you want. This makes it easier to stream movies without experiencing any lag.

Another thing worth pointing out is that the site does not need a very strong internet connection before you can stream a movie.

Key Features

- The website does not require a very strong internet connection

- Multiple links which reduce lags when streaming

- Movies and Tv series are in HD quality

FMovies - Site

FMovies –    Website link
FMovies – Website link

FMovies is another website very similar to Pubfilm. The website has millions of users because of how good the website is. The website is well designed and user-friendly. There are very few ads which are usually handled by the ad blocker of the browser being used. The library is updated daily and hosts lots of popular movies and TV series. There is even a section where users can make a request for any movie they want but are not on the website.

The streaming speed is excellent and the website is never down. FMovies is the best site you can use as an alternative not only to PubFilm but also to Amazon Prime, Netflix and some of the top premium streaming site.

Key Features

- Very large database

- The links provided are fast

- Very similar to Netflix and Hulu in terms of content provided

Kanopy - Site

Kanopy –    Website link
Kanopy – Website link

Kanopy has lots of similarities with Pubfilm. It has a very good collection of movies alongside other educating videos. It has content for all everybody from old to young. There are cartoons as well as action movies for adults.

To use Kanopy, you have to create an account on the website. There are ads on the websites but they are not too disturbing.

Key Features

- Easy to use interface

- Provides content for both old and young audience

- There are Few ads on the site


1337x –    Website     link
1337x – Website link

1337x is a streaming website but is a little different from the other websites on this list. The website provides torrents instead of links but they act the same way. All the movie torrents on the website are supplied by other users. The best thing about using the site is that the streaming speed is fast.

1337x does not provide only movies. It also provides documentaries, music, TV series, anime, cartoons, and software.

Key Features

- The links are always fast and stable

- Tons of movies and videos to stream or download

Conclusion of Best Pubfilm Alternatives in 2023

Whatever your reasons are for looking for an alternative, these are the best sites you can use. They all have a large database. they also have good streaming speed.

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