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PayPal is one of the most famous methods to do payments online. You can buy from merchants, send payments and even receive payments. It is the safest method to do transactions online. Even if you get scammed while doing a transaction then you can chargeback and PayPal will get your money back. PayPal is linked to your bank account and acts as a moderator when you are doing payments online. Since PayPal is so famous, a lot of people try to get Free PayPal Gift Cards. They can either use them to shop online or just transfer the cash to their bank accounts. First, we will discuss what gift card is and why it is important.

Introduction on Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2023

PayPal Gift Cards is just like any another gift card you might have. It contains a certain amount of cash which you can use online. Also, you can use this card to increase your prepaid balance and you can cash it out after that.

You can buy these gift cards from either PayPal themselves or from other merchants also. You must have a PayPal account to use these gift cards online. All of these cards are usable online only and you can’t use them in offline stores. These gift cards can be a great gift from you for your friends.

How to Get the PayPal Gift Cards Free in 2023?

As we mentioned already, you can buy a PayPal gift card online. But, there are many methods through which you can get free PayPal gift cards. If there is a method to get gift cards for free then you will go for it. Most of these methods are legal and you don’t have to worry about any consequence. You can use these free PayPal Gift cards like a real one without any worries. You can go through this list and find the perfect method for you.

Online Giveaways

A lot of famous social media personalities keep doing giveaways on the internet. They do it to increase their subscribers and in favor, they give 5-10 PayPal gift cards for free. You can find these giveaways on YouTube, Instagram or even Facebook.

Registering in these giveaways is very easy. You can sign up from your email and have to follow some simple steps. You might have to like their Facebook page, follow them on twitter and subscribe on YouTube. All these giveaways are points depended and you get several points for doing a task. You can share their giveaways on your Facebook ID and Twitter to increase your points. If you are having higher points, then chances of you winning will be high.

You can find these Giveaways using a search engine or by searching hashtags like #giveaway. A lot of these giveaways are fake and might ask for private information. If any giveaway is asking for private information then it is a scam and you should not take part in it. To increase your chances of winning take part in as many legit giveaways as you can.

Online Contests

Participating in Online Competitions is another free famous way to get free PayPal gift cards. A lot of these competitions are held by websites or by Facebook pages. You can take part in various competitions to increase your chance of winning.

If you are interested in writing then there are various article writing and essay writing competitions. You can take part in them and try to get in top 3 to win PayPal gift card.

If you are interested in modeling then you can take part in display picture competitions. Here, you have to upload your best pictures on the Facebook page and people with most likes and share win this competition. This is great for those people who have a lot of friends on Facebook as they can get a lot of likes.

If you are interested in photography then you can compete in photography contests. Here, you have to upload your photo albums on the contest holder Facebook page. You will get points on each like, comment and share. This is also great for those people who have a good social reach online.

There are many more contests which are held online every day. A lot of these are fake also so you have to be careful before participating in them. Make sure that the website or Facebook page holding the competition has a good reputation. If they don’t have a good reputation, then you better avoid such competitions.

Task Rewards

There are many websites and mobile applications which pay users to do some small tasks online. Instead of paying direct cash they give out PayPal gift cards which you can either cash out or use to buy products online. There are many types of easy tasks which you can do on these websites and get 100$ worth of free PayPal gift cards every month.

All you need to these tasks is either a computer or mobile and a working internet connection. You can do these tasks in your free time after work. Of course, these apps can’t substitute your real work. But, instead of wasting your time watching Netflix you can use these micro-tasks websites and applications to get some free PayPal gift cards. A lot of these tasks pay very little but after doing it for some time you will have a good balance in your account.

Some of these tasks include surveys and downloading apps. You will get paid just to download some apps and keeping them active for some time. If you are from the USA, then doing surveys will be best for you. You can get paid up to 10$ per survey if you are from the USA.

Local Participations

You can also get these free PayPal gift cards while hanging out at your local parties. A lot of the event organizers host games during these events just to spice up the event. They give out free PayPal gift cards to people who win these games.

This is one of the most enjoyable methods to get free PayPal gift cards. You can find these local events through social media or some other event tracker websites. You can use this opportunity to make new friends and win free PayPal gift cards at the same time.

PayPal Gift Card Generator

This method doesn’t work most of the time. If you have a lot of time in your hands then you can try this. A lot of online tools claim that they can generate PayPal gift cards. You don’t need to do any task and this is a completely free method to get a free PayPal gift card.

Most of these PayPal gift cards are randomly generated so they may not work. Also, some of these cards are already used. To use these generators, just open any PayPal gift card generator and click on Generate. After some time, a list of PayPal Gift Cards will be generated. Now, just open PayPal and use these cards to claim your free cash.

Active but Fake Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2023







How to Redeem PayPal Gift Codes 2023?

We have already discussed various methods to get Free PayPal Gift cards. After getting these cards you can easily redeem them online which we will discuss now.

What about the physical prepaid Paypal gift cards ?

If you are having a physical prepaid gift card then you can use it to add cash to your PayPal account. Just follow steps mentioned below.

• Open your PayPal account

• Open “Wallet” from the menu

• Click on “+” to add your free gift card

• Click on “Link a debit or credit card”

• Enter your gift card information and click on “Link card”

• Now balance will be added in your account and you can use it to do buy things online

If you are having a prepaid card for a certain store then above method won’t work for you. It can’t be used to add cash in your PayPal account instead you have to follow below steps to use it.

Other methods for your gift cards

• Go to the offline or online store where the card will work

• Select items you want to buy and add them in your cart

• Use your gift code during the payment time

• The amount will be deducted from the gift card. If you have more cash left in your gift card, then you can use it in future also.

If you want to check balance left in your gift card then you have to follow steps mentioned below.

Redeem On Paypal site for your free gift cards

• Open your PayPal account

• Open “Profile” section from the menu

• Open “My Money” section and enter your card number by clicking on “Get Redemption Code”

• Balance of your card will be shown

You can also buy these cards from PayPal. These PayPal gift cards are the best gift to give to your dear one if you are not sure about what to get. You can also use one of the free methods we have discussed to get free PayPal gift code and then gift it. This will save a lot of your money and also will make your friends happy.

Now, you can easily get free PayPal gift codes using any of the methods you like. Some methods work better for some people. People who are living in the USA will get cards easily by doing surveys on micro-task websites. People who have some specific skills can take part in competitions online. You can also take part in a lot of giveaways online and win PayPal gift cards. If you are low on time then you can also try free PayPal Gift Card Generator tools.

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