How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number Verification 2023

Whatsapp Without Verification Code

by Karen Todd

How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number Verification 2023 (Whatsapp Without Verification Code 2023) : Nowadays, many people are still curious about how to use WhatsApp without phone number and if that’s even possible. WhatsApp itself is a platform used for chatting and relies heavily on phone numbers to use it.

Turns out, there’s a method that can be used to activate WhatsApp without verification code through some steps. By using WhatsApp, anyone can send and receive messages in real-time and initiate free calls/video calls. Users can also send various files like pictures, documents, locations, and other media. WhatsApp can be used in both mobile devices and through desktop. This freeware was released back in January 2009 precisely 9 years ago.

Through here, ways nohow to use WhatsApp without phone number is going to be described entirely. Users would have to free up some storage space first to install an additional application to help with WhatsApp login without phone number.

Note that these methods would be easier when executed through Android-based devices. Two different methods have been tested so that anyone can use the method that feels most convenient. Both methods are going to be explained in detail down below.

How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number Verification 2023

Install TextNow Application to Verify WhatsApp

First possible method onhow to use WhatsApp without phone number is by downloading an application named TextNow. This messaging application gives users a specific phone number that can be entered to verify WhatsApp.

1. Download TextNow into mobile device

Download TextNow Application that is available for free through App StoreGoogle Play Store, or Windows Phone Store. If using WhatsApp through PC, then open an installed Android emulator then search for TextNow through emulator Play Store.

2. Open TextNow application and note phone number

Once TextNow application has finished downloading, open and complete its setup process. Once it’s all set, note down given phone number. TextNow number can be rechecked at all times through the application in case of losing note.

3. Open WhatsApp to verify phone number

The next step onhow to install WhatsApp without verification code is by opening WhatsApp on preferred device.

  • Type TextNow phone number into WhatsApp: Once agreeing to conditions and terms of WhatsApp, users will then be asked to enter phone number. When prompted, pick a country and fill out TextNow phone number into the provided box.

  • Wait until SMS verification fail: Wait for about 5 minutes until SMS verification fails. After failure of SMS verification, users will be asked to call phone number instead. Tap on Call Me option to receive automated call coming from WhatsApp.

  • Get WhatsApp verification number: Open TextNow application on device and an automated call from WhatsApp should be received. Answer WhatsApp automated call and WhatsApp automated message will repeat specific verification code plenty of times. Make sure to take note of the verification number in case of forgetting.

  • Enter verification number in WhatsApp application: Next step is to enter verification number received from WhatsApp automated call in WhatsApp. There should be no issue to this if previous steps have been done properly.

  • Finish WhatsApp setup: Last step onhow to use WhatsApp without phone number through method 1 is to finish WhatsApp setup process. After entering verification number entirely, users have successfully made a WhatsApp account without SIM. In case if this method did not work, other application like textPlus can be used too.

How to Activate Whatsapp Without Mobile Number 2023

Use Available Landline Number to Verify WhatsApp

How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number Verification 2023: Use Available Landline Number to Verify WhatsApp
How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number Verification 2023: Use Available Landline Number to Verify WhatsApp

This alternate method can be used if first method did not work properly. This is possible by using existing home landline/phone number for WhatsApp verification process. Steps below can be followed without any SIM card or mobile phone number to use WhatsApp normally. Keep in mind thatWhatsApp login without verification code is impossible since that process cannot be skipped.

1. Open WhatsApp on mobile device, PC, or tablet

2. Enter home landline/phone number

When asked to enter phone number, pick a country and simply enter existing home landline/phone number into dialog box.

3. Wait until SMS verification shows failure

After waiting for about 5 minutes, SMS verification will notify failure and a Call Me option is then available to choose. Tap on Call Me option to receive WhatsApp automated call to home landline/phone number previously entered.

4. Enter verification number given and finish WhatsApp setup process

When receiving automated call from WhatsApp, an automated voice can be heard stating a 6 digit verification number plenty of times. Note verification number down carefully to enter it for WhatsApp verification process.

Once verification number is entered and WhatsApp account has been verified, finish setup process. Soon after finishing setup process, users can use the application to start chatting friends or calling them. All of this can be done without needing a SIM card or regular mobile phone number.

Additionally, WhatsApp is headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States. This freeware chatting platform is founded by both Brian Acton and Jan Koum with Koum as its CEO. Facebook then acquired WhatsApp back in February 2014 approximately for an amount of US$19.3 billion.

WhatsApp became the most popular chatting application as of February 2023 since it had over 1 ½ billion of user base. This messaging application has grown widely in numerous countries such as India, Brazil, France, and United Kingdom. WhatsApp is available for free in various operating systems including iOS, Symbian, Android, and Windows Phone. People commonly use WhatsApp for quicker messaging instead of other instant messaging apps.

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After learning how to use WhatsApp without phone number, anyone can still use it in case there’s a SIM card related issue. Steps given above are not complicated and pretty easy to follow since there’s not much needed to finish it.

Be sure to only follow those steps and be thorough as issues may unexpectedly occur if not followed correctly. Instant messaging should be made easy and hassle-free even to those that may not own a SIM card or mobile phone number. You can now try these methods as well and experience it.

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