3 Ways to Create a Gmail Account without Phone Number 2023

by Karen Todd

Email is the most famous and fastest method to do communication online. Before email, we used to send manual mails. These manual mails were very slow. We used to wait for months just to get one reply back. But, thanks to technological advancement, now we can send and receive electronic mails.

E-mails have been here since the beginning of the internet. It was developed by military and universities to communicate with each other. After some time they made it public. Now, we can send and receive emails instantly. We can also send attachments with these emails like documents and even media files.

As Email was the first online technology to be popularized. It became compulsory to have an Email before registering on new websites like Facebook or Youtube. You need Email to register on any new website you visit. But, to make email on any email provider website you must have a phone number. This phone number is required for verification purpose. But, there are some ways using which you can bypass this. Today we will talk about how to create Gmail accounts without phone numbers.

Before talking about that, let’s talk about what is Gmail? Gmail stands for Google Mail, which is an email service from Google. Google started with their Google Search Engine but soon expanded into Emails, Google Docs and many other fields. If you love to use Google products, then you must register on Gmail. All the other Google Products are directly or indirectly linked to Gmail. You need a Gmail Account to register on these different products.

To make sure Gmail was secure they have added various security layers. Before, they used to ask questions like “What was your school name?” to verify a person. But, with little social engineering, it was very easy to bypass this layer. Thus, they added another security layer which is related to your phone number. You need to have a phone number to make a Gmail account.

How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2023

Gmail sends a verification code to the mobile number you have entered. You need to enter this verification code at the time of registration. This can be a problem if you don’t have a phone number or want to create multiple accounts. You can’t use the same mobile number to create multiple accounts.

This is a great way to increase the security of Gmail Accounts. It becomes very hard for hackers or scammers to hack your Gmail Account because of phone verification. But, it can be annoying if you want to have multiple accounts. We have found some easy ways using which you can create Gmail Accounts without a Phone number. You can use these methods to create as many accounts you want.

1. Create a Gmail Account via Android devices

Android is another product of Google. Android is a mobile operating system owned by Google. As Android was made by Google it is very easy to bypass phone verification using Android. To avoid verification using Android follow below steps:

Disconnect your Google Accounts from your Android Phone

If you are logged into any Gmail account then log out from it first. There is no need to delete your Gmail Account. Just log out from the Gmail id you are currently using in your Android Phone.

Register a new Gmail account

Now you need to start registering for a new account. Open your Gmail App. After that, click on register for a new account and enter all the details. You don’t need to fill your phone number if you have removed your other Gmail Account from your phone.

If you have an Android phone then these two steps are enough for you. But, for Apple users or window users this method won’t work. Also, if you don’t have other Gmail ID linked to your Android device then it won’t work. Don’t worry because there are still a number of ways using which you can bypass phone verification.

2. Use a random phone number generator

You can also use a random phone number generator to bypass this security feature. Gmail doesn’t have a two-step security feature, thus you don’t need to enter any verification code. Also, they won’t contact you on this number in the future to check if it is legit or not. Many accounts on Gmail have fake or random phone number linked to them.

This can be dangerous in some situations. If you lost access to your Gmail account then you won’t be able to reset your password. Also, if Google found out that you are using fake mobile number then they can ban that Gmail account. You can lose all your data in that account in an instant. But, if you still want to try this then follow below steps:

Find a good generator

There are many random phone number generators online. You can first try them and then find your favorite generator. Some of these can also generate personal details like address and name. You can use these details during the registration time.

Start generating numbers

After you have found a perfect generator for you open it. You will see a “Generate” option on them. Click on “Generate” option and fake details will get generated. Now, you can use these fake details to sign up for a new Gmail account.

Use the new number

Now, open Gmail on your desktop or phone. Enter all the required details which are required during registration. Also, enter the number you just generated. You don’t have to worry about verifying it as Google won’t send any verification code to this number. Make sure you don’t forget your password because you won’t be able to reset it.

This was the easiest method to create a Gmail account without a Phone number. But, it is not a safe method because you can’t reset your Gmail Password. Google will send a verification code to your fake number which you can’t access. After which your Gmail account will get locked. Thus, you won’t be able to access it in the future.

So, you must only use real details while registering a new Gmail Account. If you don’t have new phone numbers then don’t worry because there is one more method left. There is one loophole in Gmail which you can still exploit.

3. Delete caches, cookies, and relevant history of your browser

Google won’t ask you to verify your phone number every time. Even if you are using the same phone number, Gmail won’t check it in their database. Hence you can use the same number to register for a new account. There is only a probability of 3 out of 10 that Gmail will ask for phone verification. Gmail mostly ask for this phone verification if you have logged in any Gmail account using that browser. You can delete cache and cookies from your browser. If you do this then Gmail will think that you are visiting their website for the first time.

These cache and cookies are made automatically by browsers. It is used to load web pages faster when you are visiting them next time. These cookies also tell the websites if you have visited their website before.

You can easily delete these cookies and caches. These files don’t contain any important data so you can don’t worry about anything. By following below steps you can easily bypass phone verification.

Register a Gmail without doing anything

Try to register for a new Gmail account without clearing your cookies. If you are able to create a new Gmail account without phone verification then you can continue. If you get a phone verification step then go to step 2.

Open settings of your browser

If Gmail asks you to verify your phone number then close Gmail first. Now open settings of your browser. If you are using Google Chrome, then click on the three dots and select settings from the menu.

Delete cookies and cache.

After opening settings, search for cookies and cache using the search bar. You will find it in every browser. Now just click on “clear cookies and cache” and they will be deleted. This won’t delete any important data from your browser so don’t worry about it.

Restart the browser.

After following all the above steps just restart your browser.

If you have done all the above steps then open Gmail.com for registering a new account. Enter all the details required and you won’t be asked for phone verification this time. If Gmail asks for phone verification then again delete cookies and cache. You can also download some other browser and use it to skip this verification.

If you have a legit phone number, then it is better to use it for registration. There are many security issues if you are using a fake number. You can lose access to your Gmail account if you forgot your password. There is no way to reset your Gmail password in such cases. You will also lose access to all other accounts which are connected to your Gmail. Still, if you need a new account for some different purpose then you can use any of the above methods to skip phone verification.

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