How to Get PayPal Account Number 2023

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PayPal is currently the most famous online payment systems. It has currently more than 150 million users registered. Also, it has more than 10m active users. PayPal is used by almost all of the online merchants and stores. Thus, users can easily do transactions on any online e-commerce stores.

PayPal is great for those people who are working as a freelancer. They can receive their payments through PayPal. Also, PayPal has changed the life of remote workers. Now, they can work from anywhere and still get paid without any worries.

You can also use PayPal to do shopping online. Almost every international e-commerce website accepts PayPal. You can also do payments using your credit or debit cards. But, you should prefer using PayPal due to its security features. There are many more benefits of using PayPal for doing online payments.

We are going to discuss about PayPal credit in this article. Also, we will tell you how to get free PayPal account number.

How to Get your PayPal Account Number in 2023

PayPal credit is actually the combination of the installment system and the credit card. You can use PayPal credit for online payments. Also, you don’t have to pay any annual fees if you are applying for a VCC or virtual credit card.

If you are using any other VCC, then you need to pay an annual fee. Also, most Virtual credit cards are not accepted everywhere. PayPal VCC is accepted on all the major platforms like Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce websites.

But, PayPal Virtual credit card has a very high-interest rate. It has around 20% interest rate for normal or ordinary purchases. Also, virtual credit card won’t help you in creating a credit history. Thus, your credit score won’t improve if you are using a virtual credit card. The main reason for this is that the Virtual credit card is connected to your PayPal account only.

PayPal is doing collaborations with many credit card providers like Mastercard and Visa.

Easy and Proven Steps on How to Get PayPal Account Number in 2023

Every credit card has a credit card number. It is used to identify the issuer of the credit card. Also, it is used to identify the owner of the credit card. Many people think that this credit card number is randomly generated. But, it is a complete lie. All these credit card numbers are generated using a special algorithm. Hence, they follow a similar pattern.

This algorithm is different for different providers. All these algorithms are approved by the government. Thus, they can be used internationally to identify your credit card.

Now, we will tell you how to obtain a PayPal account number or PayPal card numbers.

1. PayPal Prepaid cards

PayPal Prepaid is used by more than 100m PayPal users. It is the best PayPal service. Thus, it is also recommended by the PayPal team.

PayPal prepaid is a free service. Thus, it is used by most of the PayPal users. Also, you can easily send funds from your PayPal account to credit card or from credit card to PayPal account. It is accepted on all the major merchants and e-commerce website. Thus, you can also use it to do shopping online.

You can also use PayPal Prepaid to do offline shopping in some stores. If the shop is associated with PayPal gateway, then you can use PayPal for offline transactions also. There is no expiration date of this card. Thus, you can use it for a lifetime.

2. PayPal Debit cards

How to Get PayPal Account Number 2023: PayPal Debit cards
How to Get PayPal Account Number 2023: PayPal Debit cards

You can also apply for a PayPal debit card. But, this card can’t be refilled with money. Thus, this card will indirectly act as your bank account.

It is hard to get a PayPal debit card. You must have a good credit score and history if you want to grab a PayPal debit card. Thus, very few users are using PayPal Debit card. The best thing about using a PayPal debit card is that you will get 1% cash back offers on many online purchases.

3. The Credit card providers

If your application gets rejected, then you can also apply to bank or credit card provider. Most credit card providers can give you a virtual credit card number. You can use Citibank and Bank of America to generate credit card numbers.

You can use these Virtual Credit card numbers to do online shopping. You can directly contact these banks to apply for Virtual credit cards.

If your provider offers virtual credit card services, then you can apply for them. You can also use their credit card number generators to get free credit card numbers. There are many providers like NetSpend and MaskMe who are providing these kinds of services.

4. Using PayPal Credit card generators

You can also use online Credit Card Generators to get free credit card numbers. Also, credit card generator is officially linked with PayPal. Thus, you don’t have to worry about malware or viruses. But, this generator is made for testing purpose only. You can’t use these credit card numbers for transactions purpose.

It is very to use generate Credit card numbers. All you need to do is open the PayPal generator website in your browser. After that, select the credit card provider and click on “Generate CC” button. You will get a list of credit card numbers with their CVV and expiration date.

5. How to find my PayPal account number

Many people don’t know how to find their PayPal Account Number. Thus, we are going to tell you how to find your PayPal Account number.

Follow the below steps to find your PayPal Account number.

• First, open in your browser.

• Now, login into your PayPal account.

• Go to your Account’s summary page.

• Now, click on “PayPal Credit”.

• Next, you need to click on “See Statements”.

• Now, you will find all the PayPal transactions and your statement cycle.

• You can select different cycles and see your PayPal account activities.

• You can also download the PDF version of your PayPal statements.

• The account number is written on the left corner of your statement. Note it down for future transactions.

6. How to use Add and Manage money

Next, we are going to discuss about how to manage your Money in PayPal account. It is important for those users whose PayPal card is connected with their PayPal account.

First, you need to login in your account. Now, click on the Account center from the menu. You will see an option “Add/manage money”, click on it. After that you will find various options, you need to click on “Direct Deposit” option. Now, you will see your credit card number in a grey box.

7. PayPal Messaging Services

You can also use the alert services of PayPal to obtain your PayPal account number. All you need to do is open your messaging app and send “DIRECT” to 22622. PayPal will send you account number in your inbox.

8. PayPal Hotline Calls

You can also call PayPal to obtain your PayPal account number. They have started a hotline service for their users. All you need to do is call (866) 756-6440 from your number. Then, you need to choose the “Other services” option in the menu.

Steps on How to obtain your PayPal Account Number 2023

Pick the perfect service which is suitable for you

These were all the services which are offered by PayPal. You can select the best services according to your needs. Every service has some disadvantages and some advantages. You should also consider various factors like how easy it is to shop before selecting any service.

Also, you must learn how to use your credit card sensibly. If you are using PayPal then there won’t be any credit card history. Thus, many people use PayPal credit card carelessly. But, you must use your card responsibly. Otherwise, it can badly affect your financial situation.

Use your PayPal account carefully

There are many more features which are offered by PayPal. We have already discussed some important features like how to find your PayPal account number. Using this feature you can easily find your PayPal credit card number. You can also call PayPal hotline number to know about more features.

But, don’t forget to use your PayPal account carefully. Don’t share your PayPal account password with anyone. Otherwise, anyone can use your PayPal account for shopping online. Your PayPal credit card number is used to identify the user. Thus, you must never share your credit card number in public. This will provide extra security to your credit card and PayPal account.

Free Random PayPal Account Numbers for Testing

CC Tbl

Virtual Credit cards are very similar to real credit cards. You can use it to do payments or online shopping. Thus, you must use it wisely. Don’t share your Virtual credit card details with anyone. PayPal Credit is actually a combination of installment system and credit card. Thus, it is used by many merchants and consumers.

Paypal Account Numbers till 9 Digits for App Test & Validation & Verfication

CC Lst

The best thing about PayPal credit is that you don’t have to pay any Annual fee. But, the APR or interest is very high. The interest rate is around 20% on annual transactions which are very high compared to other credit cards. But, Virtual Credit cards provided by PayPal are very secure. You can use them on any online e-commerce website. Thus, you must consider getting a new PayPal Credit card.

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