7 Ways To Block Cryptocurrency Mining In Your Web Browser 2019
7 Ways To Block Cryptocurrency Mining In Your Web Browser 2019

7 Ways To Block Cryptocurrency Mining In Your Web Browser 2019

7 Ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser is needed to look up to and learn the ways to block Bitcoin mining malware from any website if you want to save the life of your computer. Cryptocurrency miners can mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through your computer, which later will cause your computer to slow down and its battery life will reduce dramatically.

Not only that, your electricity bill will increase tenfold but receive no profit whatsoever. Why? Because the cryptocurrency miners uses your computer CPU power to earn Bitcoin. Sometimes, the browser of yours doesn’t block any mining attempt. That is because the developers are still debating ways to block any crypto-miners. They do not want to just blacklist the web pages which use cryptocurrency mining, but also prevent them from constantly using your CPU.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Nowadays, digital coins have become popular and the value is getting higher and higher in markets. That makes cryptocurrency mining practice, such as coinhive, has raised in fame. Cryptocurrency mining is not a cheap and easy piece of cake though. Mining cryptocurrencyusing a regular PC and adequate electricity is no longer possible.

You will need necessary hardware, powerful processor, and substantial electricity that constantly run 24/7 to successfully mine, which means you will need lots and lots of money to do this. That is why many web owners turn to cryptocurrency mining and plant the codes in their web pages secretly to steal your computer power and electricity.

Some people do not even realize that their favorite website use their CPU power to gain profit. This mining requires lots of power and electricity for it to work since verifying transaction is an intensive task. To hack and steal your computer power is a piece of cake. Web pages are embedded with JavaScript code that will run on your web browsers and the crypto-hacker can mine cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and many more) using your computer without your knowledge or permission.

So, how does cryptocurrency miner work? As I have state before, cryptocurrency miner uses the help from malicious JavaScript codes, which are everywhere on the internet, to hack your browsers. JavaScript can be found in any web browser since almost all of web pages use JavaScript (or known as digital language on the internet). And to open the malicious JavaScript code, you do not need to install anything; only opening a web page and the malicious code will do the rest. It is no wonder that hacking your computer is easy, right?

The Signs that Your Computer has been Cryptojacking

The first thing you need to do before blocking the cryptocurrency miners is to check and test your PC performance. If your computer is acting differently than usual when you are browsing the internet, then it is possible that your computer has been Cryptojacking.

This is the most obvious sign that you need to quickly find ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser, especially when your computer system’s performance drop drastically and unexpectedly.

Sometimes, your system crashes too often or takes too long to switch windows; these signs can be indictor that you need to do something as soon as possible. To test your PC performance, you can use Task Manager from your computer. Then click on Performance and then the Resource Monitor.

You can go to Overview tab and let the tab to run for about 20 minutes. When the baseline is set, you can open your usual websites and keep an eye on the performance. If there is a sudden constant spike in performance, then that site is obviously using your computer power.

The other sign that can indicate your computer is being hack is the sudden increase of heat of your computer. When your computer is hotter than normal, then you need to do performance check as well and try to prevent such activity by finding the correct ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser

How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Browser?

How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Browser?

When you have experienced constant symptoms above too often, then you have the right reason to look for any information about the ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser. There are many ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser.

Antimalware Software

There are some antimalware and antivirus program that can block coinhive or other cryptocurrency miners. Some of them can automatically block cryptojacking on any webpage. For example, the premium version of Malwarebytes. You can use antimalware program for any browser as another solution, since some of the browsers (such as Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) can’t install cryptocurrency mining blocker extension.

No Coin Extension

No Coin Extension
No Coin Extension

No coin (cryptocurrency mining protection) is one of the automatic cryptocurrency mining blockers, which is a browser extension. This extension is free and update regularly. It is also reliable and safe to be installed in your browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Mini.

Once you open a web page, No Coin will automatically detect and show you if there is any cryptocurrency mining activity going on through its red symbol. You can either block or whitelist a certain website for any period of time of your liking. However, if you use Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer as your browser, this extension won’t be available for any of them.

MinerBlock Extension

minerBlock is another extension browser that automatically blocks cryptocurrency miners in your browser. This is similar to No Coin extension; it is also an open source extension that allows you to block any coinhive or other crypto jackings. This extension will also show you a red symbol as a notification if there is any cryptocurrency mining activity in a webpage.

NoScript Extension

NoScript Extension
NoScript Extension

NoScript Security Suite extension can be used in Mozilla Firefox browser to block malicious JavaScript codes. Be careful when using this extension though, it can break lots of websites since it will disable all JavaScript running on web pages.

There are still many ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser, such as editing and redirecting your hosts file manually to prevent the web pages from loading the malicious JavaScript codes. You can edit the hosts file, such as coin-hive.com, and redirect it to coin-hive.com. Using AdBlocker protection can also help you to block coin mining in your browser.

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Some of the websites that use cryptocurrency miners inform you that they are using your CPU power, and if you are okay with it, then so be it. But some do not even notify, let alone asking your permission, to use your CPU power. This is the real problem with this practice and that is why you need one of those ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser.

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