Best 1337x Proxy Server list 2023

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Best 1337x Proxy Server list 2023 (100% working) -1337x provides a series of torrent files and magnet links. These files are for peer file sharing. It is a free torrent directory. 1337x proxy servers make these torrent sites accessible. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the client and other servers. Some torrents are illegal to download because of copyright laws. Downloading the torrents without proxy servers makes your IP address known thus critical action is taken against you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Best 1337x Proxy 2023

With 1337x you can access millions of torrent files. Videos, songs, and other types of file formats are easier to download. These files are more comfortable to download and are offered free of charge. It is important to note that the 1337x sites miss in various countries due to copyright issues. However, you can still be able to access the website when you browse the internet anonymously. For this reason, everyone look for the best 1337x proxy servers' sites in 2023. When downloading the torrent files, one can also access mirror sites for these files.

Best 1337x Proxy 2023
Best 1337x Proxy 2023

Tips on the Best 1337x Proxy 2023

Torrent can download many different types of files.1337x plays a vital role in downloading these torrent files. With this site, you can access millions of torrent files. There is an advanced search mechanism which enables you to search your preferred files easily. Due to legal issues, this site misses in various countries. However, it should not worry you since other choices of the best 1337 proxy 2023 are available for you.

1. Mirror and Proxy Sites.

To access the torrent files, try the proxy mirror sites. Mirror websites are replicas of original sites. They have the same content to original sites but have different URLs. Their primary purpose is improving access speed, reduce network traffic, and improve the availability of the original site. Websites with mirror sites include Kickass Torrents, WikiLeaks among others. These mirror sites have similar features and interfaces among other things.

1337 mirror sites have better traffic management. Due to high traffic load, the domain and server of the websites are generally slow. When many people access a website, it becomes slow. The mirror sites share and divide the traffic so that all the sites are accessible. This also makes the torrents download faster.

Despite the inaccessibility of the site, the mirror sites will act as a gateway to access the contents of the blocked website. These proxy servers will give you an upper hand in avoiding government tracking and legal issues. Mirror sites are just the replica of 1337x hence you can access similar contents.

2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network is a network that connects a private network to a public network. Users can be able to share their data within a public network. A VPN is usually encrypted. Users typically need a password to access the VPN.

Some websites are inaccessible by openning the normal way. This is because governments usually block them. However, these websites can still be accessed using VPN. VPN hides the IP address hence making it difficult to be tracked down.

When mirror and proxy sites do not work well, VPN is the solution. There are many preferred VPN services out there on the internet. Others have a limited service but are worth giving them a try. The user will need to use the mirror sites then access them using VPN to hide IP address to make tracking down of location difficult and avoiding copyright penalties. When you combine these processes, you are at a better position to access torrent files.

Alternatives for Best 1337x Proxy 2023

Alternatives for Best 1337x Proxy 2023
Alternatives for Best 1337x Proxy 2023

Despite the above methods governments can still catch up with copyright violators. Due to advanced mechanisms employed by governments, accessing 1337x and VPN is impossible. Therefore you might need other alternatives. These alternatives enable you to bypass the encryptions put by governments.

However you should not worry, when governments employ smart teams, smarter teams come up to make it even harder for them. Torrent leech sites are alternative solutions. They do not have connections to the torrent sites. They have a lower chance of getting banned.

1.  - Url is a freemium torrent downloader that makes the user stay anonymous while downloading torrents. Through seeding and leeching, the user can access files as a direct link download. SSL encrypts the link giving another level of protection. features mass zip downloading, file streaming, FTP access, antivirus checks encryption, CDN servers IDM support among others. Sometimes it can take a lot of time to get the torrent from magnet files which can waste time and is not suitable for emergencies.

The servers download your torrents while your IP address operates incognito. Your safety is guaranteed. Also due to the free cloud storage, you can access your files from any place using any device. Large torrent files download within a blink of an eye with Also, you need not to download a torrent client; the only thing that you need is a browser.

2. - Url

It offers download capabilities based on the HTTP system. Due to this, it is easier and faster to download torrent files. You can only download selected files only. This site has over nine hundred media sites that you can select.

A user can also download video and audio files, magnets and torrents from the available sites. You can, later on, store the data to the cloud storage offered by The user can also transcode files that have been downloaded and can stream media from any device. The stream quality adjusts for smooth streaming even on slow internet connections.

Since does the downloads on your behalf, you browse anonymously. File sharing is not encouraged; therefore your private files are secure. You can also earn from the site by creating an account. When you invite your friends to use this service you end up earning up to around 10% from every payment made by your ISP

3. - Url offers secure storage for personal files and lets you stream media files after fetching for you. You can listen to music or stream videos. allows you to download the files via HTTP protocol. Direct VLC media player link allows you to stream online videos. Since downloading takes more time than streaming, it is better to stream the videos. has an open API feature which provides access to other features via third-party tools. These third-party tools include media centres plugins likeXMBC and desktop publications. You are also able to transcode your video files into playable formats. You can play videos on slow networks. It is important to note that there are other complete features if you subscribe to the different payment plans.

For a premium user, it is possible to download files at the highest speed of your internet connection. If the speed is slow, then the problem is definitely with your ISP. With premium membership there is no such thing as a slow internet connection. You should not worry, you can use a download manager which splits downloads into multiple streams for a faster download

4. - Url

With you can download torrents safely. Any content is available for download. Sometimes you are prompted to leave your Pc on while downloading slow materials. With your information will be retrieved by starting your computer using this software.

If your Internet Service Provider has blocked you, you do not need to worry. Zbigz is the ultimate solution for such a scenario. You can be able to access the restricted sites without having your location and IP address noticed. Since your actual IP address is usually hidden using the HTTPS protocol, your connection to Zbigz remains unknown.You can be able to surf the blocked websites incognito. Access to your information by hackers is also protected.

No configuration is needed, and you have to install nothing. You can use your browser to access the site and download torrent files anonymously. All you have to do is upload torrent file from your computer or paste the link to your torrent and download.

Zbigz has the music and video streaming feature whereby you can download playlists, and you do not need to download media files completely. This site develops leech websites for torrent. You can use another downloader to download zipped files.

List of 1337x proxy servers and mirrors

When you encounter problems downloading torrent files, you can choose among the above options. Despite there being many files to get, having the files unable to be downloaded makes the source useless. You can find the list for the solutions to your problems when you access 1337x and mirror sites. To get a higher chance of obtaining the websites use VPN.

However, the sites cannot work due to high tech government intervention. You can still use other options that are among the best 1337x proxy 2023.

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