Free Chegg Account You Should Use in 2023

by Karen Todd

A good educational background is essential for every individual. Not only will such individual be useful for him/herself, but the individual will also be helpful to society. Education is the process of acquiring, skills, morals, belief, and any other necessary knowledge that makes one live a better life.

Why a Need for a Chegg Account for Free in 2023

Education impacts life, changes the way of thinking and improve productivity in every human being that acquires it. It is one of the best ways to overcome personal and social problems.

Education, however, have two major forms; formal and informal. Whichever way one chooses to acquire knowledge, two things are usually involved in educating an individual. It is either reading or learning directly from someone; these are the resources for education. Chegg provides both resources to anyone who is ready and has a passion for learning. With a account, you can have access to unlimited materials to learn your favorite course. You can either rent a book or purchase it if you can afford it.

Why a Need for a Chegg Account for Free in 2023
Why a Need for a Chegg Account for Free in 2023

If the materials are not sufficient for the knowledge you seek, there are on-demand tutors to explain better and in a human way. One of the best features of tutoring is that you have the privilege of picking your tutor. You can also choose the time that is convenient for your tutorial sessions. All of these are the tip of the iceberg; there are lots more to enjoy in learning when you join Signing up on is free and easy, but the services that you will receive will later require payment. Below is a detailed guide on how to open a free account in few minutes:

How to open a free account

The official page to open a account is here; any other pages you might find are not legit. Open a web browser and visit the link provided above, this takes you directly to the registration page. Provide a valid email because it will later be used for verifications, and might also use it to pass across important information to you in the future. Also, provide a password that you will remember. You can write your password somewhere safe, just in case of necessity. Proceed to click the ‘Create Account’ button. Your account will be created, open your mailbox, and look for verification message, follow the link in the email to verify your account.

Note that you can use your Facebook or Google account to sign up, here is how:

1. Click on either of the social buttons.

2. A new window will load and take you to the login page of whichever social media you clicked in step 1.

3. Provide login details for the social media you selected in step 1.

4. You will be told to confirm that you want to share some information with, review the information, and confirm if you going to let have access to such information.

5. Once you continue, the window will close, and you will be redirected to Check account page.

You have successfully registered a account; you now have the privilege to subscribe to resources.

Chegg Subscriptions

CheggSubscriptions has only two modes of subscriptions; the long term and the short term. Short Subscription (Monthly)

The short-term subscription gives you access to all unlimited resources but only for 30 days. You can repeat the subscription. During the 30 days you will be able to:

• Pick a topic of interest

• Explore books relating to the topic

• Rent informative books from

• Have access to tutors

• Explore hundreds of samples and explanation concerning your topic

• Explore hundreds of questions and answers relating to the topic monthly subscription costs US$14.95. Long Term Subscription (yearly)

The long-term subscription gives you access to unlimited resources for 365 days. During the 365 days, you can do everything done on the monthly subscription. Advantage of the yearly subscription is that you will have more time to go deep in your topic of interest. And you will be able to select more than one topic of interest. Long Term Subscription also saves money. The math is simple; US$14.95 for 12 months will cost you roughly $US180. But the discount on the annual payment is less than 50% of the estimated cost. Long Term Subscription costs 75.95%. And you get to choose your tutorial sessions.

Ways to get free Chegg Study Account

There are ways you can get study account or have access to some resources for free;

1. Chegg Trial Account

This is the best and legitimate way to gain access to Chegg study account. wants to let new users have a taste of its service. So if you are new users, you will be given a free 7 days access to all resources after activating your account. The 7-days trial account lets you enjoy all the premium features such as taking tutorial sessions, renting books, and so on. Follow the process explained in the registration section earlier. Now is the time to do that your assignment or learn new things with

2. Chegg Multiple Trial Account hacks

Don’t freak out; you are not going to perform the actual hack; you will only be exploiting the generosity of free trial. The simple idea behind this process is to get as many trial accounts as you can get from The primary mode of identification uses is the email. But similar details can also be discovered during routings put in place to find duplicate registrations. To bypass the recognition, you will need two tools; disposable email generator and fake name/details generator.

Disposable Email Generator

The function of the tools is to generate multiple disposable email addresses. When this tool is coupled with email forwarders, they can perform miracles. Two good examples of disposable email generators are Temp Mail and Throwaway Mail. With these tools, you can open an email account that will be available for a short time. But in case you might later need it for some verifications, you can forward it to a standard email account such as Gmail. Note that the forwarding process will continue even after the temporary email account has expired.

Fake People Generator

For the fake people generator tool, use Google to search for the keyword ‘fake people generator,’ you will find plenty of them. Precisely, you can use Fake Person generator. Put in the parameters of fake identities you want to generate; this may be gender, location, and so on. Generate the identity and copy the details.

Now head over to website and follow the registration process as highlighted earlier. Avoid using social registration mode. For each account you registered you will get 7-days trial, you can always register another account for another 7-days trial.

3. TextSheet Trick

This method is a bit cunny but simple if you know the idea behind it. TextSheet was an online study website similar to, but instead of providing definite resources like, it only caters for answers to questions. TextSheet scrapes similar study websites and extracts relevant answers to the questions asked. Unfortunately, TextSheet has been shut down due to some piracy violation issues. There are alternatives that can perform exact function, such as; Slader, studylib and CourseHero. To start:

1. Frame your question and search for it using search engines like Google.

2. From the search results look for any information that originates from

3. Copy the link on the result and use another tab to navigate to any of the provided alternatives. Note that you might have to register an account with any of the alternatives.

4. Log in and ask the same question again, but include the link you copied earlier.

5. All answers provided in the Q&A section of will be pulled, and you can have access to them all.

Now let us reverse a little bit to know how this works. If you have followed the links generated in the search result, you would have been met with a restriction. You will be forced to register an account or log in. Good for you if you don’t have a account before; because you will be given a 7-days free trial and you can have access to what you came for. But if you have an account and you log in, you must have active subscription before you can access such information.

You should note that this method is only effective for questions and answers. You cannot use this method to pull other resources such as textbooks, and it is not effective to get tutors as well.

4. Free account giveaways

There are people with a large heart. Some users around the world may just deliberately make subscription and share the login details on the web. In an ordinary sense, this is legitimate. But doesn’t allow it; it does not pay them to be sharing an account with many others. So if authorities later found out that multiple users are sharing one account, such account may be blocked.

On some rare cases, the shared account may be hacked, and partaking in sharing such account is a crime. If you are caught with such an account, you will be implicated. And it might be tough to vindicate yourself. Hacking may be a normal daily activity in some countries, but it is a crime in advanced countries like the United States. It is a punishable crime under cybercrime laws. The risk doesn’t worth it, but there are times you will be in dire need of resources.

There are many places you can meet people to give you free login details; Reddit discussion forums is an example.

5. Chegg Account Generators

With the advancement of computer programming and AIs, super-guessing is possible. The virtue of all website residing on the internet, which is interconnected makes it possible to guess password based on some patterns in the username. Furthermore, many internet users have the habit of using the same username on multiple websites, and as you might guess; the same password. AI-based account generators capitalize on these weaknesses and exploit them.

Though this method is effective, it involves a lot of trial and error. You might have to generate a lot of account details before you find one that works. The reason for this is that it easy to find usernames, but generating the password is almost-random. The method works for many applications and websites with user database; is not an exception. If you get lucky, you will have full access to resources.

Chegg alternatives

Chegg alternatives
Chegg alternatives

In case of necessity, you might need alternatives to, here are the best alternatives worth checking out;

• CrazyForStudy; the name of the websites implies what it does. The site knows some people are really crazy for study, but they have limited resources. CrazyForStudy will go to any length to bring educational resources (textbook solutions) closer to anyone who needs it at zero cost.

• Humbot; do not be swayed by the name, Humbot is a platform designed to provide instant answers to any question asked. Humans answer the questions.

• BookFinder; this may seem a long-catch, but textbooks are your best resource when you are seeking a body of knowledge. BookFinder will help you find any textbook, and also find out its price, source, etc.

• Homiee; is a website specifically designed to help students. Fellow students provide help and solutions, and performance is rewarded with ranks and points. So the ranking encourages students to provide more solutions.

• Bibliotech; Bibliotech is similar to BookFinder. It is an app that scrapes the web, bookstores, etc. for requested textbooks.

Conclusion of Free Chegg Account You Should Use

Studying has a price tag, but there are situations where one is passionate about learning new things but can’t afford the cost to pursue it. You already have the free means of accessing resources. However, if you are not comfortable with the methods provided, you can always use one of alternatives, which have also been provided.

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