Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2023

by Karen Todd

World of warcraft is an online multiplayer game established in November 23rd 2004, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, designed by Jeff Kaplan, Tom Chilton, Rob Pardo.

This game being more than a decade old, standing the test of time is known to be one of the best MMORPG games with a player count of about 10 million as of 2009, a hundred million registered accounts as of 2014. As of 2017, it had a gross revenue of $9.23 billion, which made it one of the highest earning game franchise of all time.

List of Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2023

With its best of its attributes, there are also a variety of other similar games possessing similar attributes. If you are out there looking for a more similar game as world of warcraft you can play in 2023, below is an accumulated list of world of warcraft alternatives.

1. Tera - Game Link

Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2023: Tera
Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2023: Tera

Tera, being a short for The Exiled Realm of Arborea is an online multiplayer game, developed by Bluehole studio was released in South Korea on 25 January, 2011, in Europe on 3rd may 2012 and in North America on 1 may 2012. Published by En Masse Entertainment, Gameforge, Naver, NHN entertainment, tera has some MMORPG features such as player versus player action, crafting, questing etc. it possesses a Non-target battle system where an enemy is being located with a cursor other than clicking or tabbing.

This game depicts two beings called Arun and Shara who are both titans of a great unimaginable power. As both fell into deep sleep, the Exiled Realm of Arborea began to take its place around them. It is known that both bodies of this unimaginable powerful titans, forms the two continents from which TERA emerges. Into existence came the dreams of both titans, as a result of this dream, emerged the first twelve god-like occupants of TERA not too long before the war amongst them occurred. The mortals and gods forged by Arun and Shara fought themselves, leaving most of the gods eliminated, diminished or imprisoned.

Platforms in support of this game are; playstation 4, xbox one, Microsoft windows

2. Warframe - Game Link


Warframe is an action packed game developed and published by Digital Extremes, directed by Steve Sinclair and Scot McGregor, produced by Dave Kudirka and Pat Kudirka. This game has a third-person online multiplayer feature and is supported by platforms such as Microsoft windows, playstation 4, xbox one, Nintendo switch.

Warframe, being an action game has features of RPG, shooters and stealth games. In this game, players are allowed to customize their Tenno (warriors of blade and gun: masters of the wareframe armor) character, providing these characters with armor units which enhances the character's special abilities. Players are required to complete mission staged in the solar system to acquire game progress and certain rewards that comes with completing these missions.

Warframe is a free to play and doesn't require pay to win elements, it is possible to acquire all warframe equipments and weapons in-game as a player progresses from one mission to anither.

3. Path of Exile - Game Link

Path of Exile
Path of Exile

Path of Exile, developed and published by Grinding Gear Games is another free-to-play action packed game, released for Microsoft windows on 23rd October 2013, xbox one on 24th august 2017 and playstation 4 on 26th march 2019.

In this game, a player gets to control a character, battling monsters and completing missions to gain in-game experience points, gems and equipments. This game has a re-playability in stages and isolated maps to allow players freely explore. Players get to choose from six classes to play as, these classes includes; Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar and Witch.

4. Blade and Soul - Game Link

Blade and Soul
Blade and Soul

Blade and soul is also an action packed Korean fantasy game, developed by Team Bloodlust (NCsoft Developer Division, Netmarble Neo and NC interctive), Published by NC soft. Released first in Korea in 30th june, 2012. Japan, 20th may, 2014. Europe, 19th January, 2016.

In this game, players are allowed to create characters to explore and complete quests. The game also has a feature called downed mechanic which allows a player recover from almost from the brink of death. At initial stage, players in this game are allowed to begin with player-versus environment and later in the game are exposed to player-versus-player combat.

This game provides a high level of customization system, a player is being placed with the choice of getting to customize his or her characters, including; hair styles, facial structures, eye color, height, facial markings and make up, height and body physique.

5. Rift - Game Link

Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2023: Rift
Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2023: Rift

Rift usually known as Planes of Telara and Heroes of Telara, is a fantansy online role playing game with a multiplayer feature. Rift was developed and published by Trion Worlds, first released in March 1st, 2011.

In this game, Rifts are areas of elemental instability, through which monsters intrude the land of Telara. It then becomes the duty of the players to defeat these monsters and close the rift. If these rifts remain unattended to, large portions of the map are likely conquered by these invading monsters, causing casualties on that portion of the map. As a result of dealing with theses monsters and sealing the rift, players are rewarded with abilities such as healing, buffing other players and fixing damages.

Characters in this game gets to chose between five different callings; warrior, rogue, cleric, primalist or mage. Each of these callings except the primalist, on starting the game, has an access to eight different souls, primalist has an access to only six souls. Players are allowed to purchase an addition of two souls. Players are allowed to customize their characters as a result of this soul system.

6. the Elder Scrolls Online - Game Link

the Elder Scrolls Online
the Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online, being an online role playing game was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, published by Bethesda Softworks. This game being a part of The Elder Scroll Series was released for Microsoft Windows and OS X in April 2014, playstation 4 and Xbox one in June 9, 2015.

This game, consist of random events, quests and free roaming exploration. The game was not designed to support a single-player offline mode, the developers of this game promised plenty of contents designed to satisfy players who prefers playing solo.

Different races are presented before the player to play as, some of these races includes; Humans, Elvish Races, Bestial Races. Players are required to choose from these six classes on creating their characters: Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, Warden and Necromancer. Different attributes such as spells, attacks and passive effects are given to these classes. Aside these attributes given to different classes, other character choices are available, the character created by the player has the choice of becoming either a werewolf or a vampire.

The player is also exposed to seven different crafting skills, such as blacksmithing, alchemy, clothier, woodworking, provisioning, jewelry crafting and enchanting.

7. Black Desert Online - Game Link

Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online

Black desert online is a Korean fantasy online role playing game with a multi player feature. Designed by a Korean company called Pearl Abyss and published by Pearl Abyss, GameOn, Red Fox Games, Kakao games and released for Microsoft windows in 2015. Black desert also released a mobile version in Asia in 2019. This game exists in various platforms such as Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft windows. The game has a free-to-play feature in some parts of the world and a buy-to-play feature in other editions.

The black desert online combat system is action packed, having navigation features similar to those in third-person shooters. This game being noted for advanced player character customization offers other features such as in-game trading, housing, fishing, farming, castle battles and siege events.

This game has a unique feature such as worldwide weather systems which influences user gameplay experience. The introduction of weather precipitations such as temporary fog helps player launch a surprise attack on enemies. With its dynamic day and night cycle, some non-player characters tend to be unavailable as they return to their homes during the night.

8. Neverwinter - Game Link


Neverwinter being free-to-play online game with a multiplayer feature was developed by cryptic studios, released by Perfect World Entertainment for Microsoft Windows in 2003, for Xbox One in 2015 and Playstation 4 in 2016.

The award winning Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG is designed to allow players choose characters from a variety character classes, testing skills against different enemies, enemies such as dragons, demons and other players.

Players of different characters, gets to freely explore and defend cities from the forgotten realms of dungeons and dragons. This game depicts action combat, interesting stories and classic role playing to make its user experience interesting.

Which of This World of Warcraft Alternatives Would You Play?

The above listed games are all unique in their own ways, with special characters and features similar to world of warcraft. If you are done playing world of warcraft and it left you with no choice other than becoming a die-hard fan and craving for more similar gaming experience, I will strongly recommend the above list of games as they do have a lot in common.

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