How Do Free Spins At An Online Casino Work?

by Karen Todd

Free spins are a popular type of bonus at online casinos. As the name implies, a free spin grants you to play without spending any money. Most online casinos implement this feature to increase their casino's popularity by attracting new and existing players.

You can win with free spins, and losing is irrelevant because you did not wager any money. Free spins significantly increase players' chances of winning without jeopardizing their finances and money management. It adds to the excitement of online casinos for their users.

With the rise of popularity of the casino industry in Sweden, most online casinos offer different casino promotions. Before getting lured by these bonuses, they also come with T&Cs (terms and conditions) unless otherwise stated.

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Start reading this article, and let's look at how these free spins at online casinos work!

Benefits of Free Spins

Benefits of Free Spins
Benefits of Free Spins

Apart from the fact that you do not have to pay to play, it's accessible to many since this is a feature that many online casinos offer. The number of free spins given differs from one online casino to another. Additionally, the requirements for obtaining these free spins vary.

Free spins allow you to win real money, and most of the time, obtaining free spins is as simple as registering once. It improves the user's finances without the usual high risk associated with gambling.

Types of Free Spins

No Deposit Spins

An initial deposit is not required to pay for this type of spin. All you have to do is register to receive the free spins.

Deposit Spins

The player must deposit to qualify for the free spins. The online casinos require a minimum deposit for players to receive free spins, and users can receive free spins on each deposit they make.

In-play Spins

In-play spins are bonuses that a user receives while playing. A player can earn free spins by aligning three or more symbols on their reels. This feature provides the player with an additional opportunity to win.

Promotion Spins

Online casinos can run a promotion that offers free spins. It is typically done for marketing purposes to acquire new users.

Betting Requirements

Just like what's mentioned above, free spins come with terms. Most online casino bonuses have betting requirements before you can withdraw your winnings from using rewards.

Casino bonuses and free spins wagering requirements are the conditions tied to using the bonuses and free spins. There is a certain amount of wins you have to bet before you can collect your bonus money.

For example, the betting requirement is 20 times. That just means you have to bet your bonuses 20 times before you can claim the money.

How To Claim Free Spins?

There are different types of free spins, such as no-deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. With a no-deposit bonus, you do not have to deposit money initially to claim free spins.

It is the same as welcome bonuses. When you choose an online casino, you can check their offers before signing up. Remember to read the T&Cs first.

You can collect free spins after registration by using codes and vouchers. Take note; however, if you are already a player, you cannot claim these free spins once again.

Limitations Of Free Spins

Online casinos give away a lot of free spins to draw in new customers. But, bear in mind that you will only receive a portion of free spins after signing up.

When it is not a no-deposit bonus, expect to have terms and conditions before using these free spins.

To avoid disappointments, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions before signing up. So that when you begin depositing money, you will not expect many bonuses.

Two T&Cs mentioned above are the deposit bonus and the wagering requirements. Those two are a great example of the limitation of free spins without spending any money.


Free spins are a great deal for most gamblers. However, you have to be risky and financially ready if you desire to get a lot!

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