How to Get Free Apple Music 2019 even After Trial Period
How to Get Free Apple Music 2019 even After Trial Period

How to Get Free Apple Music 2019 even After Trial Period

Do you want to know how to get free Apple Music 2019? If you are into music so much and you want to get the access to the unlimited music collection, it seems logical to subscribe to the service. However, keep in mind that everything has its own positive, as well as negative, effects.

When you subscribe to this service, you need to be ready to spend the extra money on the daily basis. It’s because you need to pay for the monthly subscription to retain your direct access to the collections.

However, a lot of people say that you can actually get the service without having to pay for anything – which means that it is free. Is such thing correct? Will you be able to do so legally?

Understanding Apple Music Service

What is Apple Music, anyway? And why should there be any fuss about how to get free Apple Music 2019? It is basically a service for music streaming, similar to Pandora, Spotify, and others. And if you have been using Apple, you know that all of their services require subscription, which means that you will have to spend extra money to get the access.

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Some people are trying to get the free service without having to pay – simply to test the water. They would sign up for the free trial service so they can at least enjoy the 30 days of free charge. However, you should know that when your subscription is expired or canceled, you access to the music will be terminated. You won’t able to access your favorite playlists anymore.

You see, Apple Music has the so-called Digital Rights Management (DRM) which is a feature that most record labels require. The DRM concept is actually to ‘rent’ the music – not ‘selling it for ownership.’ This is the reason why your music won’t be available anymore after the subscription is over – your ‘rent’ period is over so you have no rights to access the collections anymore. Let’s say that you have subscribed for more than 2 years and you decide to stop the service, then that’s it. Your years of collections will be wiped off in minutes only.

How to get apple music free trial again

How to get apple music free trial again
How to get apple music free trial again

Besides this annoying feature, be prepared to deal with territory limitation too. For instance, you can use Xbox games in America but they will be useless when you are going to Asia. Or Pandora is great in America, but you can’t find their service in Europe. The same thing also happens to DRM with its Ecosystem feature. You can only use Apple Music in Apple devices – not with Amazon Echo, Fitbit Ionic, or other non Apple stuff. The idea is to make Apple devices exclusive – you can only enjoy the specific service on the specific Apple items. It is meant to improve closed Apple ecosystem.

Free Access to Apple Music

If you want to know how to get free Apple Music 2019 without doing anything illegal, you should consider having a free trial. Just like other premium services, Apple Music will give you a chance of free trial period (which lasts for 30 days) to see how it works for you. In the event that you don’t really like the service or you feel that it’s just not the right one for you, you can always cancel the subscription without having to pay anything. Not a bad offer, is it?

If you are looking for a free service, simply subscribe to the service. Fill in the information required and voila! Your free trial period will start. Just remember to cancel it off within 24 hours before the free trial period is over or you will be automatically charged for the next month’s subscription. The stages are pretty simple, really – just follow the directions and you should be fine.

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However, it seems that Apple is trying to attract more and more people to subscribe to their service, which leads them to extend the free trial service. If you have tried the free service before and then you cancelled it, it is likely that they would ‘invite’ you to have a free trial again. This time, the free trial period doesn’t only last to 30 days.

They may offer the free trial period for months – 3 months are likely, but then again, it depends on them. They may offer different periods to different users. It seems that Apple is trying to convince the users, who have previously tried the trial service but not going further with the subscription, to have another go at the app. They are probably wishing that the result will be different this time.

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So, how do you get such a free offer, anyway? Unfortunately, you can’t really sign up for this. You will have to get some kind of an invitation in your email. Apple has sent emails of invitations to those who are considered potential to be their next subscribers.

In fact, they have been doing it for six months, so if you haven’t got the email, then you are out of luck. It means that you can’t really get the free trial service. The only way for you to enjoy the free service is to get the email from Apple. If you don’t get the email, well....maybe you should look for another alternative app.

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Some hacks on the net claim that as long as you know how to get free Apple Music 2019, you can still enjoy the free offer even after the trial period is over. Free here means that you either don’t have to pay anything or you aren’t restricted to anything (whether it is the device or such thing alike).

In this case, if you are performing the next steps, you should be able to access the songs (in Apple Music) through other devices, such as Fitbit Iconic. Yes, you would be able to listen to songs without using the iPhone. Moreover, you are also able to share your playlists with others – even if they aren’t subscribed to Apple Music or even if they don’t have any Apple devices! Free here means that you can access your music, burn them for the CD, or put them in your mp3 player without restrictions.

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In the next steps, you will need Apple Music Converter which will turn your songs into a free one and convert them into plain files. The steps will remove any DRM restrictions, allowing your device to be free. So, how do you manage it?

  • You need to download and install the converter first. In this example, it uses Sidify Apple Music app converter, but feel free to use any converter that you like. If you google it, you only need to type in ‘the best converter of Apple Music to mp3’ and you will be given the list of available apps.
  • You should see + icon which is located on the top left area. It will automatically load the songs
  • You will see a gear button – located on the right side top area – so you can access the settings section. View the options, including output format. It should be set as mp3. However, feel free to set it to any format that you like.
  • Click on the button ‘Convert’ so your conversion will start. If you have set the destination folder, the converted result should be available there.
  • If it is done, voila! Your free songs are available. And you don’t even need your Apple device to access it.

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