How to Get Free Laptop for Students 2023

by Karen Todd

How to Get Free Laptop for Students 2023 - You probably have heard about people trying to figure out a way of how to get free laptop for students 2023. Is such a way possible? Yes, if you know the right way to turn.

There are actually countless government programs or social charities that provide computers or laptops to those who need it. If you are a student and you need the device badly, it doesn’t hurt knowing some of the ways to get yourself a freebie.

How to Get Free Laptop for Students 2023

How to Get Free Laptop for Students 2023
How to Get Free Laptop for Students 2023

The Importance of a Computer

Let’s face it, we live in the modern era where everything is controlled by technology. To say that you don’t need a computer at all is an understatement.

Somehow, you will need it at some points – even though you probably say that it is not crucial now. Whether you are studying, trying to manage your finance, managing your schedules, or simply take notes of the classes, all of these things require you to have a mobile device. Not only practical, but it is also a necessary.

How To Get A Free Laptop Without Doing Anything

Whereas the majority of us are lucky enough to be able to afford one, many of us aren’t that lucky. In most cases, they may be shunned from a better job opportunity or they can’t really take their learning potential to the highest level simply because they don’t have the computer.

But it is also a good thing that there are some government and social program where free laptops are available for free, especially for students. Some programs may provide you with a completely free item while the others may provide you with super cheap item. It means that you will have to buy the laptops but in a very low price – much lower than the standard pricing.

Getting the Free Laptops - App Link

How to Get Free Laptop for Students 2023: App Link
How to Get Free Laptop for Students 2023: App Link

When you want to know how to get free laptop for students 2023, you should start from the local area. Yes, you should start from your neighborhood because such a program actually exists although you have never heard of it. Here are the things that you can do:

  • Contact Department of Social and Health Service. No, they aren’t the one providing the free laptops but they can help you get connected to the non profit organizations as well as local programs. They will show you the right direction as well as suggesting the right program.
  • You should visit so you can get the access to the government assistance and program
  • You can also visit www.DisasterAssistance,gov if you have been affected by the recent national disaster or hurricanes. In the event that you have lost a laptop during the disaster and you can’t afford a new one, this would be the right place to go

How To Get A Free Laptop From The Government

There are also other alternatives for how to get free laptop for students 2023. Besides reaching out to government and their programs, you can also ask around, especially from the employer or school.

Some companies DO provide assistance programs for their employees and their children. The assistance can be in various forms, such as grants, financial help, and even a free laptop.

You may want to check your parents’ company for information. It is becoming a common thing for employees to provide many assistance programs for their employees, so it never hurts to try.

Some schools provide free laptops for their students. Mind you, though, that the mechanism and policies can be different from one school to another.

Some schools may provide a completely free laptop, while some only LEND the laptops to students, especially the ones who come from weak financial background.

Some schools may provide super cheap laptops and students can repay the money in stages, so they won’t be directly asked for money and to repay the laptop right away.

Place to Offer Free Laptops

There are also other alternatives for knowing how to get free laptop for students 2023.Besides the programs mentioned above, there are also other places where you can get free laptops. These organizations have their own regulations and mechanism, such as:

  • CTAC or Computer Technology Assistance Corps. This is a program that provides refurbished computers, helping not only libraries and schools but also low income families and students coming from the families.
  • They accept computers and laptops donations and then refurbish them. If you have received government help such as cash assistance, food stamps, or Medicare, you are likely considered qualified for the program.
  • If you don’t get the assistance, you can still buy the computers in very low price. Computers cost $60 while laptops are around $100.
  • Computers with Causes. This program provides free computers to organizations and individuals. However, their screening process is quite difficult and the application can be strict. They will surely check whether you really need the free computers or not.
  • Everyone On. This is a program from a non profit organization providing free computers to low income families. Besides the free computers, they also provide low cost internet coverage and service.
  • They are operating in 48 different states and also District of Columbia
  • Craiglist. This is probably the option that you don’t see coming. After all, people know it as a type of a marketplace, not for free giveaway.
  • However, not many people know that you can actually find the free section in it, and it applies to every city where you can find it.
  • Simply check the free section for the free laptops. Who knows? Maybe you are lucky.
  • There are always people who want to get rid of their old computers or laptops simply because they have purchased a new one or they want to upgrade to a better system.
  • Mind you, though, that you may get a damaged one or one with not-very-good condition. But then again, it is a freebie. If you have a friend with tech skills, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to help.
  • Freecycle. It is basically a network consisting of business and also people wanting to give free things to those who need them.
  • You can check whether anyone is providing free laptops. Or even better, if you are a member, you can always post the listing ‘Wanted’ explaining what you need and why you need it. Those who have read your posting may likely contact you and provide you with the thing you want! This is a program that can be found globally so it doesn’t hurt to check – maybe there is a working branch or chapter close to you.

Grants For Laptops For College Students 2023

Of course, those lists are still many and long – you can expect many programs to provide free giveaway to help you. Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse, for instance, is about lists of non profit recyclers and refurbishers all over America that can provide the help that you want.

You can find 80 different locations where help is provided for free. For instance, Electronic Access Foundation is willing to provide completely working computers to the needy communities. You can reach out to them in the event that you need a help too.

Or you can try the On It Foundation which provides free computer training, computers, and also internet to families with low income. However, those families should have a student in public school grade K-12 receiving free lunch.

In the end, there are many sources that you can try if you are looking for a help. But then again, the decision is yours to make. Now that you already know about how to get free laptop for students 2023, what are you going to do?

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