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With the boom of online shopping, E-Commerce websites often request information from users. These details are on your credit cards. Such as, card number, security code CVV, and cardholder name, address,...

Most of the websites use the security code on your card to verify that you are not a scammer. Some websites further use address verification system to match the cardholder’s

What is Credit Card ZIP Code Generator?

What is Credit Card ZIP Code Generator?
What is Credit Card ZIP Code Generator?

Credit card zip generator is to generate zip codes. Zip code is very important for credit card validations. Charging a credit card online requires zip code for verification purposes. Most of the time bank checks only the card details you entered to verify that it is you. Sometimes they also match your zip code to verify the real owner is using it. You have to provide your card details and the zip code of your billing address to proceed.

It is very important for you to enter the correct zip code. Otherwise transaction will get canceled. If you provide wrong zip code, then the bank will block the credit card usage. There are many other uses of zip code generator also which we will discuss later on.

You can generate accurate zip codes with these tools. They will help you in not getting blocked due to the address verification system.

How to find the good Credit Card ZIP Code Generator Apps?

There are many tools which can perform this generation. Some of these tools are not free. But we are only going to talk about the tools which are free in this discussion. Who does not like free credit cards with stuff related generator? These tools are very easy to apply. A few button clicks and that's it. Some recommended card zip code generator applications as below

Find it at your credit card provider

Due to scammers and hackers, people are afraid. Who wouldn't ?. To deal with this issue, people try to use virtual or fake credit cards. These fake credit cards won’t work on online payments. They should be only used to get free trials.

The information entered during the payment time should be real 100%. As it is checked by the bank. Otherwise your payment will get canceled. Your IP address may get blocked.

Find it at your credit card provider
Find it at your credit card provider

Now you know you just can’t use fake credit cards online. But, the privacy risk with using the real credit cards are for real. Your real personal information may get leaked during the process. After that, anyone can misuse your Credit Cards.

To deal with this security issue, virtual credit cards are used. This is just like real credit cards. But the virtual number is just a linked to the real one. They can be discarded easily at finger clicks. They can also be discarded and renewed on a schedule. Let's say every 3 days. These are linked to real credit cards which are issued by the bank. You must have a real credit card before using Virtual Credit Cards. Unlike real credit cards, you can limit the usage of these cards. You can also specify them to be renewed after a number of times of usage.

These cards are like a mask to your real credit cards. Even if your information gets leaked no one will be able to use your Virtual Credit Cards due to the limited number of usage. Information on Virtual Credit Cards is processed just like a real one during the time of the payment.

Virtual Credit Card has all the details like the real credit card. It has the card number, security code, and zip code. It is necessary for you to hold a real bank credit card or bank account to use this. Not every bank provides this facility. You have to consult with your bank if they provide this service or not. You can also use a digital wallet as an alternative.

PayPal Developer Application

PayPal also provides a tool to generate fake credit card details. Along with it, it also generates Zip code which you can use. But this is used by developers to test their apps or websites. They use this tool to generate fake credit card details which they use to test their payment system. You can’t use these credit cards as they are fake credit cards. Follow below steps to use this generator.

1. Open PayPal developer website

2. Sign into your PayPal account using the registered email address and password

3. Open your dashboard

4. Select Mock from the menu

5. Select Credit card generator

6. Click on Generate CC and your fake CC will be generated

Remember that you can not use these fake credit cards for real payments. These are just to test your websites and apps.


This tool is different from the tools we discussed before. Instead of generating fake credit card it only generates Postal code. For verification purpose, you can not use these tools. It is also for a testing purpose. You can use this tool to test your apps and website but can’t use in real websites. The generated postal code from this tool is limited to the North American Region. Below are the steps to use this website.

1. Open Random list website.

2. Click on “Random Address” in the menu.

3. You can select the number of addresses you want to generate.

4. Click Enter on your keyboard.

5. A list of randomly generated addresses will be generated with their postal code.

6. Now you can use the address generated and also zip code generated with it.


This tool works just like PayPal Developer. It is used to generate Fake Credit Card info with zip code. You can’t use this to do shopping online but you can use it to test your websites or apps. Follow below steps to use this free zip generator online.

1. Open Get New Identity website

2. Select “Credit Card Number”

3. You will get a list of credit card numbers. These will be arranged according to the issuer. You can use these cards to test your website payment procedure.

4. You can refresh the page to get more credit cards if you need.

5. You will get the zip code, credit card number and security code generated.


This tool is a very powerful tool which can generate random information about a person. This also can’t be used for real transactions. This tool is simple to use compared to other tools and also give more information about a random person. But, like other tools, it is also used for the testing purpose by the developers. This tool is a powerful tool as it can generate the address of a lot of regions. Follow below steps to use this address generator.

1. Open Address Generator website.

2. Choose the region.

3. Click on “Random address”.

4. Detailed information of a random person will come up.

This generator can generate fake data of a random person. It will generate the address of the person, postal code, fake name and also fake credit card number. This is the reason why this is the most powerful tool if you want to test your websites or apps. This data can’t be used for real transaction purposes.

These tools are often used by developer and may have very little usage to real users. But knowing how to use them may come handy in future.

Now why Credit Card ZIP Code Generator?

Now why Credit Card ZIP Code Generator?
Now why Credit Card ZIP Code Generator?

Address verification is very important for banks to stop fraudulent activities. This also helps online merchants to stop any fake transactions. This process also protects the credit card users from scammers. They can’t use your card even if they have got card information. You can visit this great app to understand how CC Generator with Zip Code works.

When a user enters the information of his credit card onto a site, the provider checks it. After which it is matched in the database. If the data doesn’t match in the database then the card gets blocked. After this your card can’t be used for future purchases until you contact your provider. This helps the user from getting scammed by the scammers.

Thus, you have to be careful while filling the information during transaction time. It can get blocked if you enter wrong information. Knowing postal code becomes important in such situations. This can get your card blocked if you enter wrong information. You have to enter the numerical part of your postal code only during a transaction. Even if your postal code contains both alphabets and numbers, only the numeric part is important for the transaction.

Credit card ZIP Code generator tools are not useful in real-world situations. But, you can use them to test your websites and apps where the real money is not used to test your payment system. In those cases, knowing how to use zip code generators will come in handy and make your work easier.

Most of the generators we talked about work in a similar way. You can use any of the above discussed zip code generators to generate zip codes. But remember that all these tools don’t generate real information. All the information generated by these tools is random and can’t be used in real life scenario. You can use them to test your websites and app payment system to make sure it is working perfectly.

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