Paypal Test Credit Card Numbers 2023

Paypal Testing Credit Card

by Karen Todd

Paypal Test Credit Card Numbers 2023 (paypal testing credit card) - PayPal is an online payment system that operates worldwide and serves millions of customers daily. It replaces cash, money orders, and checks as a method of payment. The financing company helps many commercial businesses; online merchants, auction websites, and other online purchasing apps.

Businesses that use the company’s service will suggest their customers to pay through PayPal since it is faster and secured. When business is going to launch this payment method to its customers, it has to test whether the method works perfectly. To do that, PayPal test credit cardis used within a sandbox environment for mock transaction that does not involve real money.

Paypal Test Credit Card Numbers 2023

Before learning more about PayPal test credit card, it will be good to know why this company is a top option for merchants.

Paypal Testing Credit Card 2023


As PayPal is a well-known payment system, customers will feel more at ease when making purchase at online merchants. It also assures customers that their account information will not be disclosed to the merchants.

Payment Policy

Payment policy for using the company’s service is very convenient for merchants. There are no registration and monthly subscription fees required. Merchants only pay when a transaction occurs and that fee will be deducted from the transaction. Business’ customers have the options of making payment through their debit or credit cards.

Easy Setting Up

It is very easy to set up and customize the PayPal section on the merchant sites. There are many codes available to use in the internet. Merchant only needs to copy and paste those codes according to their preference then get going with their business. As mentioned, they can usePayPal test credit card before launching this payment method.

Working Globally

One of the biggest features of PayPal is that it caters international transactions. It helps converting currency. It means that merchants can offer their services or goods to wider audiences.

Keeping up Records

If they want to summarize all of the transactions for certain purposes, merchant only needs to access their PayPal account. There will be an organized list of payments made and received as well as history. The records are downloadable. Merchant can either download records of certain period or every transaction that has occurred since the beginning.

Options for Multiple Accounts

Paypal Test Credit Card Numbers 2023: Options for Multiple Accounts
Paypal Test Credit Card Numbers 2023: Options for Multiple Accounts

PayPal enables one person to have more than one account. The accounts can be created for various purposes, depending on customer’s needs. Each account that falls under different category will follow distinctive sets of rules.

If merchant decides to include PayPal as a method of payment in their business, they usually conduct a simulation to test whether it will work in real life. This simulation is done within an environment called PayPal Sandbox. It mimics real life transactions so merchant will understand how to conduct transactions through their real accounts in the future. Here are the steps to create Sandbox account.

1. Access

2. Click “Log into Dashboard”

3. Enter email address and password

4. Go to “Accounts” under “Sandbox”

5. Select “Create Account” and enter required information such as: country, email address, password, PayPal balance, verified bank account, and so on

6. In “Account Type” bar merchant has to choose “Business”

7. Select “Create Account”

To utilize PayPal test credit card in the Sandbox, merchant must configure and update their Business account to Pro. After upgrading their Business account, there is another set up to enable the mock account receiving payment from PayPal Sandbox credit card. Follow these simple steps.

• Access

• Click “Log into Dashboard”

• Enter email address and password

• Go to “Accounts” under “Sandbox”

• Select expand symbol beside Business account

• Select “Profile” and “Account Details” popup will emerge on the screen

• Go to “Settings”

• Turn on “PayPal Credit”

• PayPal test credit card is finally able to be used

Getting Test Credit Card Numbers for Use on PayPal Sandbox

As stated previously, PayPal test credit cardis needed to be used in sandbox environment to simulate real transaction activities. However, there are some cases when PayPal test credit card declined by the site. It is a regular case when the test card number is obtained from third party sites.

If you have PayPal account, you can actually get official PayPal test credit card for simulation purpose. Here are the steps on getting test credit card numbers for use on PayPal Sandbox.

1. Access through desktop browser

2. On top right corner, click “Log into Dashboard”

3. Log into PayPal account by providing existing credentials, email address and password

4. Page will immediately be directed to “Dashboard”

5. Select “Account” under “Sandbox”

6. There will be a list of business and personal emails

7. Click on any business email

8. There will appear two options under sender address, “Profile” and “Notification”

9. Select “Profile” and “Account Details” popup will appear

10. Go to “Setting” then turn on Payment Review and Negative Testing

11. Go to “Funding” to see Sandbox account details like account and routing number, PayPal test credit card numbers, type of credit card, and its expiration date

Accessing third party website can also be done if you do not want to go through the lengthy steps. There are many options for credit card numbers generating websites. However, there are some test credit card numbers which have been blacklisted as fraudulent due to excessive usage. So, if you want to avoid this situation, just follow the steps.

When testing payment, merchant usually wants to see it from their customer’s side. Here are the steps to do it.

1. Log into existing PayPal account

2. Establish a payment

3. Enter email address and password for customer’s account

4. Conduct payment

5. Go to sandbox site to review payment that has just been conducted

It is definitely wise to go through this testing to ensure customer’s comfort and safety when conducting payment for your services or goods. Customer who enjoys the buying experience tends to return or spread out your business to their circle. Hopefully this simple tutorial to getPayPal test credit card and using it is going to help you immensely in the future.

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