Visual Stimulation: 5 Things That Attracts Men to Women

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, thus, the mind reacts to what the eyes see, and what the body can feel, or perceive. Though beauty is the primary reason men get attracted to women, it is never the only thing: there are still other factors. This is very visible now that online presence is fast gaining momentum; today, people get easily stimulated by the visual image of the opposite sex, their charisma, beliefs, or logic, most of them you can get when on an adult cam.

Visual Stimulation: 5 Things That Attracts Men to Women

Visual Stimulation: 5 Things That Attracts Men to Women
Visual Stimulation: 5 Things That Attracts Men to Women

In this article, we will be listing five known factors that attract men to women, with special emphasis on online presence. But note: the list we have made below is not all that is when it comes to this topic, as the complexity of attraction in both genders is very versatile. Below, they are stated thus:


Yes, this is the most popular amongst them. We would have added "young and beautiful," but most of the time men don't consider the age of the woman in question. While some men like them young and beautiful, others prefer the older version of a woman hence, age is just a number. Even as the media tend to associate beauty with being young, many men still get sexually stimulated by an older but beautiful woman with a well-endowed body physique.

Individual Charisma

A man's hard voice can be his best charisma, in most cases, his erotic temperament which is usually visible in an adult cam situation has the propensity to influence a woman's sense of judgment on the type of man she needs. Some other individual charisma include the way he smiles, talks, the way he walks, reacts to a joke, and most of the time the way he makes sexual advances like striping in front of the cam in naughty circumstances can activate a powerful attractive force in a woman.


Scientifically, people of like minds have higher chances of being attracted to each other, even on an adult cam. This is why adults with similar philosophies, ideologies, and principles easily get attracted to like minds. In a scientific research report, it was proven that brain count plays an important role in choosing a mate. According to Jason Keagy, men with better problem-solving skills are more likely to attract females with like minds. This is why as a girl, you are likely to get wooed by men with similar professions, religions, or hobbies.

Intimate Conversation

Women who want to get into a relationship are always advised not to be too straight with a conversation with men especially when they are online. According to a GQ article by Sophia Benoit, men are most likely to initiate an intimate conversation while chatting with women. She further advised the female folks to always set the stage for such dirty talks, but not to get entirely filthy. The goal here is to let the woman understand that you can also play along with their naughty game. When this is done right, women easily get turned on with such men.

Sense of Style

Though you can't get this on an adult cam scenario, but man's sense of style is one of the biggest sexual stimulators in women. This is why the number of times a man gets wooed on social media depends on how nice, kinky their dressing looks on their profile picture. Psychologically, women are more likely to view a man's social media profile page six seconds after they have viewed their profile picture. Though some women are easily attracted to erotic profile pictures, having a good fashion sense has always increased the chances of men being attracted to women.

The Psychology of Attraction

Being attracted to the opposite sex is an individual thing; different individuals with different traits. While Psychologists in McMaster University Canada believe that a woman's tone increases when she is flirting with a man she is attracted to, others believe that the same change in tone in a female voice can be a strong attractive future to a man. In another stance, a study by MITCogNet had found out that speaking into your crush's left ear stimulates their "accuracy of recall," hence, increase the chances of being attractive to them by 6%, even on an adult cam situation.


It is important to note that there is no "holy grail" to the exact thing or method that attracts men to women or triggers that psychological attractive magnet in both genders. The thing is, the concept of universal attraction is a complex niche: one can barely get their hands around it, It even gets more complicated in an adult cam situation. Nevertheless, there are countless studies on the science of attraction, and the results kept proving the complexity of that concept - attraction. But in all you do, you must not fake it, always be yourself.

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