5 Great New Movies Coming Soon To Netflix

Where would we all have been this year if it weren't for Netflix to entertain us? We don't mean to show any disrespect to Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or any of the other streaming services that have done their bit to get us through the last few months by saying that.

We just feel that Netflix is the 'OG' of the streaming business and still has a very strong range of movies and original productions. Just when it feels like you've seen everything the service has to offer and binged your way through your last box set, something new turns up. So long as you're willing to vary your usual tastes every now and then, you'll never be bored.

We're rapidly coming toward the close of 2021, and most of us will be happy to see the back of it. We just hope that 2021 won't give us more of the same. In between now and then, though, there's still plenty of great content headed our way from Netflix. We could talk for hours about the new (and old) TV series that are becoming available for streaming in the next few months, but instead, we're going to focus on movies. Movies don't require quite as much of a time investment as TV box sets do, and don't frustrate you by leaving you on a cliff hanger, either!

5 Great New Movies Coming Soon To Netflix

If you're looking for some perfect 'night in' entertainment, here are five promising-looking Netflix films that should provide you with it in the weeks and months ahead.

5 Great New Movies Coming Soon To Netflix
5 Great New Movies Coming Soon To Netflix

A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting (Goes Live October 14th)

We love Halloween as much as the next person does. There have been more than ten "Halloween" movies made in the past, and the franchise has gone on to find success in other fields of media. There's even an official "Halloween" online slots game available at many online slots websites such as MoneyReels.com. We have no idea why people would want to be scared half to death while they're spinning the reels of an online slots game, but apparently, they do. The horror genre is, in fact, very popular at online slots websites, but we digress. Why are we talking about "Halloween" so much? Because this is a very similar story, but set in a modern age. The film is an adaptation of a book by Joe Ballarini and tells the story of a babysitter saddled with a very strange child to look after on Halloween night. That makes it the perfect choice for a terrifying Halloween night of your own.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Goes Live October 16th)

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Goes Live October 16th) - VanityFair
The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Goes Live October 16th) - VanityFair

Here's one for those of you who enjoy dramatic re-tellings of real-life events. Way back in 1968 - a lifetime ago for most of us - the Democratic National Convention was followed by a series of violent riots. Somehow, this shocking event has been mostly forgotten by history. Aaron Sorkin's political drama looks to redress the balance by putting it back in the national consciousness. This movie is so well thought of that even the Wall Street Journal saw fit to pass comment on it, and they approve of it. As is implied by the title, the movie deals with the trial of those believed to be the riots' instigators. The all-star cast includes Joseph Gordon Levitt and Eddie Redmayne. Although the film is available at some movie theaters, the lack of movie theaters open at the moment means that the best (and safest) place to watch it is from the comfort of your own home on Netflix.

Rebecca (Goes Live October 21st)

While the trend for rebooting and remaking films seems to (thankfully) be going out of fashion after way too many years of lazy film-making, there are still exceptions. We don't mind those exceptions when they're done well, and "Rebecca" fits that category. Very few people are likely to have seen the original version of the movie, which was made by Alfred Hitchock in 1940. Only Hitchcock would consider making a film that tries to blend romance with the psychological thriller genre, but he had some excellent source material to help him in the shape of Daphne du Maurier. Armie Hammer and Lily James sparkle in the lead roles of a newly married couple, but the shadow of Rebecca, Hammer's first wife (now deceased), looms large over both of them.

Cadaver (Goes Live October 22nd)

You can probably tell by the title alone that this is a horror movie. We'll start our description off by warning you that this isn't a good choice if you hate watching films with subtitles. It's been made by a Norwegian film crew, and all the dialogue is in Norwegian. If you ask us, that just means you'll concentrate harder on what's going on and therefore absorb more of the horror. The premise sounds fairly pedestrian - a couple is invited to a charity dinner and a show at a theater. This isn't any normal theater, though, and when the lights are turned down low, members of the audience begin to disappear. Where are they going? Why's everyone wearing masks? You'll have to watch it and find out. "Creepy" doesn't even begin to do "Cadaver" justice.

The Life Ahead (Goes Live November 13th)

There's one very simple reason why we believe this film deserves your attention. Legendary actor Sophia Loren was so moved by the script she decided to come out of retirement to star in it at the age of 86. It probably helps that Edoardo Ponti, the movie's director, is her son - but her son has directed movies before and never been able to persuade his mother to appear in them, so there has to be something special about this one. This is a dark, gritty narrative about a holocaust survivor who adopts a young boy after catching him trying to steal from her. The title has been slightly amended from the novel "The Life Before Us" by Romain Gary, upon which the movie is based. We don't want to give much more away than that, but suffice to say that watching this film will be an emotional experience.

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