What Song is this? 8 Ways to Identify Songs Online

by Karen Todd

Many a time, you come across or remember a particular song you have listened to some years back or a new song that you like, which you think could make your playlist look so amazing. But the herculean task you always encounter is how to know the details of the song.

Sometimes when you listen to a new song from a friend's mobile phone, what comes to your mind is "what song is this." You may quickly ask the friend that is playing the song the name of the song, but in a scenario where you do not have the opportunity, you might be curious in your search to know the details of the song. If you are fond of streaming different music websites, you may often be captivated by some of the music played on the website.

Summary of Best Ways to Identify Songs Online

The table below summarizes the features of the methods of identifying songs online.

Song Identifying MethodsFeatures
  1. Song Search
  1. It can help you identify an unknown song.
  2. You can identify songs through their lyrics.
  1. AHA Music
  1. It identifies songs by searching with part of the song.
  2. It gives necessary information about the identified song.
  3. The tool is to identify songs with high accuracy.
  1. Midomi
  1. It uses Flash Player.
  2. Users can sing or hum to identify songs.
  1. MusiXmatch
  1. It supports only Windows 8.1 OS.
  2. It has the Music ID feature.
  3. You need to record the song you want to identify.
  1. AudioTag
  1. It has millions of songs in its database.
  2. It can identify songs in different file formats.
  1. It supports the vast majority of devices.
  2. It works both in online and offline mode.
Google Assistant
  1. It can identify old songs effortlessly.
  2. It uses a microphone to record the song to be identified.
  3. The steps to using the tool are straightforward to follow.
  1. It helps in identifying old songs.
  2. It gives the details of the songs you want to identify.

What Song is this? 8 Ways to Identify Songs Online

What Song is this? 8 Ways to Identify Songs Online
What Song is this? 8 Ways to Identify Songs Online

Some of the songs may be full tracks while others may be a part of the song. Knowing the details of a song that you love so much at times might be a great task because of the eagerness in your heart to add it to your daily playlist. The joy that comes with getting the details of the songs overshadows the herculean job of searching endlessly for the details. Today, I will be telling you the eight fastest ways you may use to identify songs online out of the many possible ways.

Song Search

Song Search is an amazing platform to identify songs using the lyrics of the song. You can get the details of the song you have listened to by writing down the lyrics and searching for the song through this tool. It is one of the best and fastest ways of identifying an unknown song. If you cannot pick the right lyrics from the song, you may ask a friend to listen to the song and compare the lyrics with yours. Sometimes, some people experience difficulty picking the lyrics or wordings in some songs like R 'n' B, Reggae, etc. One of the surest ways to overcome this challenge is to actively listen to the song and get the details on the Song Search platform.

2. AHA Music - App Link

AHA Music
AHA Music

If you have always been looking for a web browser to identify a song, AHA Music may best suit you. This is a Browser', Song Finder. It is easy to use. You can know details about a particular song by sending a part or all of the song's recording to this fantastic platform. It will subsequently identify the song along with Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and other stream links. This web-based platform gives all the information you need about the identified song. It also gives you the identity of the songs with great accuracy.

3. Midomi - App Link


Midomi is a web-based tool that is used to recognize songs. The platform is free of cost and identifies songs quicker and without any ruffles. It is easy to use because other applications are not needed except the Flash Player. The Flash Player is a device that allows the microphone on your computer to identify a particular song. Just hit the "Sing or Hum" icon. Then click the Allow button when you are moved to give to midomi your camera and microphone access. You can either sing or make a low continuous sound and even play the music if you've succeeded in recording it, and midomi will try to identify the music.

4. MusiXmatch - App Link


MusiXmatch is a song identifying platform designed to identify a lot of songs. The desktop version of MusiXmatch can only support the Windows 8.1 operating system. The amazing song identifying tool is quite comparable to Shazam in the impression that it is bought via the Windows Store. It originally aims to locate and match lyrics to your song tracks located on your computer. MusiXmatch has an excellent Music ID feature, which is an excellent identification trait. Gracenote controls it. To help those who are not familiar with Gracenote, it has a substantial collection of songs and videos. They are also connected to metadata that provides information about other data. When you click anywhere on the app, you will be directed to finding the Music ID function. Then you can choose the Music ID from the top menu and then hit the "Tap to Start" icon, that is, the microphone icon, to begin recording the song for identification. Then you have the music you are looking for.

5. AudioTag

The AudioTag will greatly benefit people who find it difficult to download and install apps to recognize songs. It is well adapted to meet their needs and to give a better choice. AudioTag has successfully helped to recognize one and a half million queries so far. Though AudioTag only has about two million tracks in their collections, this cannot be compared with Gracenote's collection that is employed by MusiXmatch. One of the unique qualities about AudioTag is that it offers different means in identifying a song, which can be done by uploading a little portion of the song or a complete or explicitly stating the web link to the song in MP3, OGG, AMR, FLAC, WAV, MP4, FLV, and so on. It also offers a good choice of song identification for people whose device does not use a microphone and has been denied authorization to install other apps such as Shazam and MusiXmatch.

6. Shazam - App Link


Apple Inc. is the company that recently bought and owned Shazam. It is a wonderful app particularly used to recognize and give complete data about music. It is readily accessible to Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, watchOS, and tvOS users. It can be used to recognize music online on these devices without any hassle. Offline mode is obtainable on Shazam. The first step to identify any music on Shazam is to open the app on your device. The second step is to tap the "Touch to Shazam." Thirdly, be certain that your device's microphone is rightly placed closer to the speaker in which the song is playing.

7. Google Assistant - App Link

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Google Assistant can be used to recognize old songs or any music playing close to you. It can also be used in your smartphone to identify the songs. These simple steps give you information on how to use Google Assistant to recognize songs. Firstly, hit the 'Microphone' icon that can be found with the Google search bar. Secondly, move the microphone closer to your device so that Google Assistant will start listening to the song. Then tap the "What's this song?" option when it appears. Thirdly, Google Assistant will hear the music closely and begin to identify it. This might take some seconds. The details of the music will be revealed to you by Google Assistant.

8. Siri - App Link

What Song is this? 8 Ways to Identify Songs Online: Siri
What Song is this? 8 Ways to Identify Songs Online: Siri

Siri is very similar to Google Assistant in its operation. To some people, they preferSiri to Google Assistant.Siri assists you to recognize music that is playing close to you or old songs. It is also of great importance intexting, calling, playing songs, setting alarms, etc. The following steps will be helpful to useSiri to identify songs. Firstly, place the microphone of your device close to the song that is playing. Then ask questions like "Name that tune" Now, Siri will display the identity and other relevant information about the song. It will also relay the links through which you can find the song.

Wrap Up

When you remember any of the old songs you enjoyed listening to while growing up, you need not worry because you can quickly identify them. Either a friend of yours or close relative is playing a song near you, and you desire to know the details, all you need to do is use any of these means to recognize that music online. Please read through the features and methods of operating the song identifying tool to identify your favorite songs without hassles. Don't forget to share the content with friends and family that love listening to songs.

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