Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2019
Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2019

Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2019

Virtual Data Room replaces the conventional and physical strong process to create more efficiency and easy access. So, what is VDR actually? In simple term, it is repository data with limited and restricted access to only authorized account for exploring. Mostly, this tool comes in handy to handle due diligence process during business merger and acquisition.

Bidder can investigate and assess the document related to business from online access in virtual data room. It is quite similar to cloud storage, but providers only give permission to specific interested party. The best virtual data room service providers 2018 has useful information to support customers who want to rely on this kind of service.

List of the Best Virtual Data Room Service Providers 2018


Virtual data room combines technology and service business into single product. In this field, the service is important to fulfill what clients expect. One of top providers for virtual data room is iDeals. The company started this business since 2008 then gained trustworthy and popularity due to ultimate service and high quality product.

This provider has VDR for many areas, such as finance, biotechnology, law firm, fundraising, investment, life science, and real estate. Clients can share document privately and securely using technology from iDeals.

One thing that makes this provider at the top choice is its flexibility to adjust with any demand and stay in touch with clients every time. However, it has limited trial for 30 days and you need to paid full subscription after the end of trial period.

Merrill Datasite

Another option in the list of best virtual data room service providers 2018 is Merrill Datasite. The company focuses in finance and investment fields to accommodate high-budget transaction. The services include VDR alongside its security for both parties. The advantage side of Merrill Datasite is its experience with enterprise transaction.

Merrill handles information management effectively to ensure confidentially data and information. Clients do not need to build their own database and repository system. To use this service, you can try demo mode, not trial.

Unfortunately, the prices are quite higher because it's mainly handling complex system and information. But don’t worry as this VDR provider is the best and most trustworthy one.

You may want to know what provider that Fortune 100 use for virtual data room. There are many providers in market, but Intralinks Dealspace has reputation to manage complex system from big enterprise. The company provides three products related to VDR. Client may extend to get further advanced mode if the basic option is not enough.

Intralinks Dealspace has 20-year experience in this business. Well, clients require different handling to fulfill what they expected. To perform VDR well, the tool is systematically integrated to let employees focus on the core business. Deal and transaction will be very secure with zero possibility leakage. For the cons, you have to pay high price for such advanced and excellent tool.


Another choice for the best virtual data room service providers 2018 is Ansarada. If you want simple and easy access software, Ansarada gives such tool. The company has core business to support transaction related to merger and acquisition process.

It works for small to large-scale business. With the focus service, Ansarada is capable to deliver niche market with excellent support. On the other hand, you might need different software if your request cannot be fulfilled by Ansarada.

RR Donnelley

You will recognize RR Donnelly easily because the top company in wide areas such as technology, healthcare, and communication. For virtual data room, this company gives ultimate service to ensure the safe and secure negotiation. Instead of relying from other companies, RR Donnelley creates Venue as business entity to handle virtual platform data.

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The main focus is M&A deal in order to run smoothly from beginning until the transaction is done. Despite of excellent tool, there is limited feature from Venue to accommodate different deal and transaction besides M&A. The venue is not deliberately independent from RR Donnelley, which only exists to support their own then extend to other service.


Flexibility is the essential key in virtual data room business. Firmex provides tool to handle the deal and transaction for small to large-scale enterprise. Clients come from various business areas, such as banking, financial institution, private company, personal business deal, energy and mining company, and law firm.

Moreover, Firmex also gains reputation in pharmaceutical sectors to manage and secure the shared information between clients and interested parties.

The platform uses software with many features that takes time to learn. Client can control the view option to make sure the information is opened by authorized person.

VDR creates collaborative room for employees, employers, and related parties that involve in transaction and deal activity. However, with new tech and advanced feature, Firmex might not be suitable for particular people.


Most VDR vendors produce secure platform and virtual environment to support merger and acquisition deal. In VDR industry, this is the core business for almost every provider. However, Brainloop is different because the products and platform are capable to support deal-making activity, regardless its purpose. Furthermore, clients can use Brainloop for whatever they want and need.

In addition, Brainloop is one-in-all platform with wide range tools. As VDR, you can see this platform as software for every deal and activity that relies on virtual and safe environment. You are able to share data for specific account without worrying about safety issue. With complex features, it is not good option for beginners. It might be the drawback of this platform.

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Cloud computing industry started to gain its momentum today. The company can set platform to let employees work together anytime and anywhere. One of providers in cloud business is Box. Besides, the company also has service and product in VDR field. As a matter of fact, Box expands in VDR business because they provide similar service with other VDR vendors.

Well, Box has flexibility to handle personal project and small-scale deal. This platform has user-friendly interface with simple feature that everyone can do. VDR service is available only for paid plan and it's completely different from free option. However, Box is not essentially for complex transaction and large-scale business.

SmartRoom VDR

If you need the best virtual data room service providers 2018, SmartRoom VDR is good choice. The company uses cloud-based platform with intuitive and simple interface, including nine languages and advanced search. This platform can do projects such as M&A deals, fundraising, hosting and sharing document, confidential negotiation, legal settlement, medical analysis, and post-merger integration.

SmartRoom has project manager and customer service to support anything that clients want. But remember, the price is varied and it might be higher depending on what feature that you choose.


Watchdox is a service to share secure data and document. The system uses encryption to ensure security and safety access. Other features are expiration, remote access, document tracking, watermark, and integrated with smartphone.

For your information, Watchdox is easy to access through smartphone, particularly Blackberry. You can use it to manage personal document, small project, or additional functionality in large enterprise. Unfortunately, it is small app or platform that's not suitable for complex and highly sensitive transaction.

Each VDR provider has similarities and differences in term of legal and secure virtual environment. Provider gives platform to fulfill what clients want then develop and extend it if the basic service is not enough. You can choose vendors based on the type of project, the deal complexity, enterprise size, and pricing.

From the list of best virtual data room service providers 2018 above, you should choose the most suitable one that's capable to fulfill your needs and preference.

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